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About us

The Project Terre di Cannabis was born to give value to the Italian Excellencies that have always distinguished themselves in the World. The Italian land, from North to South, has always given us excellent fruits. As well as wine, fruit, vegetables... Cannabis Light is one of the excellence of Made in Italy. If you want to buy Cannabis Light online, quickly and safely, you are in the right place. Our Hemp is of Certified Premium Quality, offered at a low cost, cultivated with passion, care and Tradition.

Tris di Sapori 6g

A unique collection to flavor the whole range of cannabis: Perla's unique terpenes, the exclusive flavor of Popolo and the refined taste of Volare. A mix that combines the passion for cannabis with the guarantee of a quality product of Made in Italy excellence. The pleasure of being able to choose between the classic taste of the White Widow, or the relaxation of Ak-47 or the flavor of the Haze.