First cannabis vending machine in Greece

Cannabis: the first vending machine opens in Greece

The idea came in 2018. Exactly one year before this March 2019. Our brand has always focused on light, organic and "premium quality" hemp -based products and the Greek market has been able to welcome our requests. The local collaboration with Hempoil , one of the leading Greek companies in the sector, did the rest. Terre 24h has been installed in the center of Athens and is available to everyone.


Why a Cannabis vending machine in the center of Athens?

To keep up with the times and be able to reach the greatest number of customers, at any time of the day. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. The collaboration between Hempoil and Terre di Cannabis aims to conquer the legal cannabis market in Greece. Thanks to a synergy of intent and the best quality of the products.

Terre 24h is the top of the range among vending machines, a leader in the sale of cannabis-based products (with the active ingredient THC within the legal limits ), and capable of managing a greater number of customers than the "classic supplier".

Terre 24h is suitable for people who don't like queuing and don't want to wait. Or perhaps for a matter of privacy: to purchase Cannabis light in a completely anonymous way. Terre 24h is equipped with a digital display that specifies each correct version of the various products, to guarantee maximum quality and the right balance between performance.

Terre 24h, the marijuana vending machine, offers a pleasant purchasing experience: better sales, satisfaction as the main requirement, confidentiality, loyalty and the right price. Terre 24h does not sell narcotic substances but only products permitted by law .


Cannabis and Greece: today

The Greek island is one of the European countries where the cannabis light market is rapidly evolving. Greek civil society and politics have long been engaged in a lively discussion on the issue. Also due to the financial crisis situation which has caused a significant economic decline.

What are the solutions to get out of the crisis? Which market sectors should be developed?

On June 30, 2017, the Greek Prime Minister announced the legalization of the import and therapeutic use of Marijuana. In Greece it is also legal to grow cannabis for industrial uses. The strong expansion of this market is generating significant development opportunities for the Greek economy.

New related industries, new jobs, new economic developments. For the country. And for the people. Large-scale hemp cultivation could create a strong economic return.


Cannabis and Greece: yesterday

The history and traces of Cannabis in Greece are thousands of years old. The first testimonies are to be referred to Herodotus , father of Western historiography, who lived in Greece in the 5th century BC; in his " Stories " he tells us about the habits and customs of the Shiite people, a nomadic population of Caucasian Asia. In particular it describes a purification ceremony performed after the burial of a king:

[…] They raise three poles, inclined towards each other, and spread felt blankets over them, which they join together as tightly as possible. Then, in a vase placed in the center of the poles and blankets, they place stones red-hot from the fire. […]

The Shiites therefore take the seed of this hemp and, having entered under the covers, throw it on the stones red-hot in the fire. Then the seed releases an odorous smoke and produces such steam that no Greek stove could do the same; inebriated by this sauna, the Shiites shout with joy."

The first mentions of therapeutic cannabis are attributed to Dioscorides , an ancient Greek doctor and botanist who lived between 40 and 90 AD and was active mainly in Rome. Author of “ De Materia Medica ”, a series of volumes on the use of medicinal and botanical plants. Cannabis is described meticulously

“Kannabis is a very useful plant in this life for the twisting of very strong cords, it has leaves like ashes, of bad smell, long empty stems, a round seed which is eaten reducing sexual activity, but squeezing it when it is green makes good for the pain of the ears."


Cannabis lands in Greece

TerrediCannabis has been involved in Greece for some time. For personal and human matters, first of all Greece is our second home. We love Greece. For the very close relationship between the two peoples. Since ancient times, when Romans and Greeks brought trade and culture to the Mediterranean.

A close relationship between two nations, which reminds us of stories of very deep personal friendships. For this and other reasons we have developed various collaborations with companies, distributors and commercial partners.

For us it is not just an economic question. In fact, we have committed to investing part of the proceeds in Greece, especially in social projects. Our presence in the Hellenic Peninsula, which has now lasted for several years, has rightfully launched us as the largest light marijuana company.

This is thanks to the close synergy with Hempoil by Christos Botsis, with whom we have several projects in common and with whom we share future strategies and ideas.

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