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Diesel weed | 20g. | CBD Flowers

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Diesel is distinguished by its strong sativa heritage, giving it vitality and an energizing effect.

20-gram package

CBD: 20% THC:0.02%

Diesel weed | 20g. | CBD Flowers
Diesel weed | 20g. | CBD Flowers

Diesel: Sweet and Fruity Aroma from the Mountains of Northern Italy

Diesel, cultivated in the lush mountains of Northern Italy, is renowned for its sweet and fruity aroma, with noticeable citrus notes and a subtle hint of gasoline, reminiscent of its name. This aromatic profile invites a lively and refreshing sensory experience.

A green energy boost

Predominantly energetic, this strain invigorates body and mind, providing a boost of energy that stimulates creativity and physical activity. It is ideal for those seeking help to tackle busy days or to enhance concentration during creative tasks.

  • Sweet fruity

  • Energetic

  • Mountain


How does the aroma of Diesel compare to other fruity strains?

Diesel combines an intense fruity sweetness with a distinctive gasoline note, making it unique in the realm of fruity strains, which are often characterized by more one-dimensional profiles.

What are the benefits of the energizing effects of Diesel?

The energizing effects of Diesel make it perfect for daytime use, helping to maintain high concentration and creativity without the energy drops typical of other strains.

How does the mountainous climate of Northern Italy affect the quality of Diesel?

The cool climate and significant temperature fluctuations contribute to the intensification of terpene and cannabinoid production, enriching the aromatic profile and enhancing the energizing effects of Diesel.

How is the quality of Diesel cultivated in Northern Italy ensured?

Through sustainable cultivation practices and meticulous attention to plant well-being, we ensure that each Diesel flower is not only of superior quality but also an authentic expression of its unique growing environment.