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Pearl (AK-47) | 2g. – Top quality light marijuana

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    Our AK-47 is a CBD gem, and it contains a lot of it. In addition to a percentage of active ingredient of 20%, these flowers have a terpene profile which fully enhances their analgesic effect.

    Pearl (AK-47) | 2g. – Top quality light marijuana
    Pearl (AK-47) | 2g. – Top quality light marijuana

    Pearl: the cannabis sativa that welcomes well-being

    Thislegal marijuanacomes from the famous AK-47, a sativa-dominant variety and winner of countless Cannabis Cups. A herb that is imprinted in the memory of anyone who smokes it. It was therefore quite a challenge for our master hemp grower, who as always, however, demonstrated his great talent. Seeing is believing.

    In addition to being very good, Perla has many beneficial properties and a long-lasting, broad-spectrum effect. With hishigh CBD contentit promises to unwind, relax and relieve you of pain and can also promote the production of melatonin. If consumed in the evening it will therefore prepare you for a healthy and deep sleep.

    Added to this is the delicious terpene profile, carefully selected to counteract inflammation, pain and muscle tension. Terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene are in fact natural analgesics and give Perla spicy and woody notes. Humulene on the other hand, in addition to being anti-inflammatory, adds a fresh touch of hops.

    So if you are between the rock of tension and the hard place of insomnia and pain, Perla holds out her hand and takes you far away.

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    High quality is not the result of chance

    We are good at what we do because we do it with passion and seriousness.

    • We grow our ownhemp flowersin an organic way, in one of the most pristine areas of Abruzzo. We are well aware of how much we owe the earth and we try to take care of it. In fact, our crops enter into a harmonious symbiosis with the environment: they increase soil fertility, offer shelter to pollinating insects and require minimal quantities of water.

    • Our light hemp grows without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers and does not contain heavy metals.

    • Quality and safety are our main goal. We therefore entrust the analysis of our hemp inflorescences to third-party laboratories that have the most modern equipment.

    • We have streamlined and shortened our production chain and now we control it completely. This way we are able to apply our very high quality standards to every single step.

    Like all other natural products we offer, Perla has a percentage ofLower THC at 0.2%. You can therefore enjoy all itsbeneficial effectswithout any worries.

    What is the best way to consume CBD flowers?

    Therevaporization, far. While this method of intake may take some getting used to, it offers so many benefits that it would be foolish not to consider it.

    First, it frees you from the pernicious burning with its harmful effect on the nose, throat and lungs. Next, it allows you tofully appreciatethe tantalizing and multifaceted flavor of our inflorescenceslight cannabis.

    With a vaporizer it is not necessary to mix tobacco with your legal hemp, which you can therefore enjoy naturally. Add to this the possibility of setting the temperature to fully enhance its terpene profile and you should no longer have any doubts.

    The high terpinolene content suggests vaping them between180 and 190 degrees. However, let's not forget that vaping is above all a journey to discover taste and smell, exquisitely subjective senses. The best advice we can give you is therefore to experiment.

    We advise those who are attached to their joints to avoid tobacco and make filters that really filter.

    If, however, you are not interested in smoking or vaping, you should know that legal weed can be an excellent base for delicious and relaxing herbal teas. Maybe combined with a slice of donut made with cannabutter.

    Buy CBD online: easy, safe and legal

    In addition to being EU certified, our CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC and are within legal limits. Therefore, on the one hand they arelegal in Italyand inEurope. On the other hand, they have no psychotropic or side effects. You can then order and consume them with peace of mind.

    In our CBD shop we have many other varieties of light cannabis in various formats, CBD oil in three different concentrations, a selection of cannabis seeds and excellent CBD hashish. There's something for all tastes.

    How much does it cost and how do you order?

    When you purchase one of our products you do so at an ethical price. A price built around respect for the environment and fair labor compensation.

    Perla is available in a 2 gram package for 10.90 euros. If you really liked it and wanted to stock up on it, know that with XL you can buy it for 2.40 euros per gram.

    Whichever format you choose, you can then choose between three payment methods: credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery (only in Italy).

    As soon as you pay, the delivery starts, which in three words is reliable, discreet and fast – in Italy we will be with you in no more than two days.