Become a reseller of the best Italian cannabis light

All the ways to sell CBD with Cannabis Lands

Here's how we can help you make money with legal cannabis sativa:

  • Authorized reseller : you purchase our CBD flowers inside the Terre packaging at an excellent price and resell them in your store
  • White label : buy top quality inflorescences from us and build your own exclusive brand of legal weed
  • Affiliation marketing : do you have an interesting blog or space? Do you believe in our products and want to make them known to those who follow you? Know that it can be a great way to monetize

Legales Cannabis in Ihrem Geschäft verkaufen

Legales Cannabis in Ihrem Geschäft verkaufen

Legales Cannabis in Ihrem Geschäft verkaufen

Packaging and formats:

Our products are available in all the above packages*.

If any of these products are not suitable, we can provide exclusive and unique products for your brand!

*based on the minimum order quantities we can provide packaging of different shapes, sizes and exclusive materials.

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You can choose between:

  • Medium level flowers

-Typically a greenhouse cultivation

-Perfect for high volume projects

  • Premium level flowers

-Selected buds of medium/large size.

-Perfect for a higher quality offering and always coming from recent harvests!

  • Special cannabis flowers

-For those looking for the WOW factor!!

-We have access to some of the most exclusive strains in the world.

-Let us know what you are looking for and our team always available 7 days a week will guide you in choosing the right formula to start your business.

Jetzt CBD Händler in Deutschland werden

Legales Cannabis in Ihrem Geschäft verkaufen

Jetzt CBD Händler in Deutschland werden


  • No minimum quantities are required
  • If you don't have a graphic designer, our team will provide you with a complete brand identity
  • We can offer a large catalog of CBD flowers and hashish in different prices and qualities
  • 10 days fast delivery service
  • B2B direct line to help you finalize your order
  • Possibility to customize your packaging in shape and materials


  • At Terre di Cannabis, we strive to brand all of your cannabis-related products in line with your identity.
  • We design and produce each product with professionalism and punctuality.
  • We provide the best and most appropriate products and packaging to meet your goals.
  • We'll help you choose the right cannabis strain and ideal design to fit your budget.
  • We understand the importance of strengthening your brand presence and, consequently, your identity.

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Become a reseller of legal hemp: the advantages of being our reseller

When talking about the sale of legal cannabis sativa you need to make sure you are moving within the sphere of legality and quality, because the world is full of bad weed.

Here's what we've been guaranteeing to our and our resellers for years:

  • Legal security – ours legal marijuana it's really legal and there will never be any jokes. The THC content will always be within the limits permitted by law
  • 100% Italian quality - we grow the plants for our light cannabis inflorescences in a natural and organic way. We have abolished the use of chemical additives and heavy metals
  • High quality standards – we have our legal cannabis tested by third-party laboratories to ensure maximum transparency
  • A direct relationship – we will have a direct relationship, without intermediaries.
  • Best price on the market – our supply chain is short. It therefore allows us to offer a superior quality product at an ethical, accessible and unbeatable price. And we'll give you 30% of your first purchase as a good omen.
  • Very high profit margins – with our prices, your profit margins will range from a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 70%,
  • No minimum quantities – we want you to have the freedom to build your business as you see fit.
  • Cash on delivery (only for Italy) – you pay when we deliver the raw material to you.
  • Excellent sales assistance – you can always count on us.

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Selling light marijuana can be an exciting bet. A good idea to expand your business or a creative way to start a new one.

Selling light marijuana: who might be interested?

You might be interested if you are looking for work. Or if you are a tobacconist who wants to expand your business with a legal weed vending machine. Working with hemp flowers might also be for you if you have a tea room with an outdoor space. If you have a natural products shop and are looking for quality light hemp-based products. And why not, even if you are a student or a worker looking for extra income.

Legal weed employs everyone, whether you have a small business or aspire to become a CBD wholesaler .

Selling legal weed: how does it work?

To develop genetics from scratch and start trading light cannabis inflorescences or CBD-based products, a very long bureaucratic process is required. In fact, it is necessary for plants and final products to pass numerous tests.

The tests will measure several elements, including:

  • THC levels , which must be less than 0.2%
  • the actual percentage of active ingredients
  • the possible presence of chemical additives

Only after having passed all the tests will it be possible to register a genetic in the European Registry and therefore sell it legally.

The entire process can take up to two years to wait, but with us you can start as early as tomorrow.

Unlike medical cannabis, the sale of which is strictly regulated, non-psychoactive cannabinoid-based products can in fact be sold without a licence.

We assure you of the best quality light cannabis inflorescences, completely legal in Italy and Europe.

      CBD and CBG products: here's what we offer you

      All our products come from the cannabis crops we have in Abruzzo.

      Our inflorescences are inspired by the best sativa and indica hemp strains. We have CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) light cannabis varieties available in different percentages. We know you know what they are, but a little summary is always good.

      They are two cannabinoids without psychotropic effects, so they are both legal. They have many therapeutic properties and in particular are known for their relaxing, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

      Non-psychoactive cannabinoids are one of the discoveries of the last decade. Light cannabis is successfully making its way into a rapidly expanding market.

      CBD has acquired great credibility in recent years, especially thanks to the growing number of scientific studies demonstrating the properties of CBD and other active ingredients of hemp sativa. There are even CBD-based medications that are regularly on the market.

      In hemp there is the future, including that of your next business. You just have to believe in it and use a little imagination.

      You can also contact us on WhatsApp for messages only: +393489216655 or write us an email at

      We will find a thousand and one ways to collaborate!