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White Widow | 20g

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    White Widow (20g) by Terre di Cannabis: A legal and fruity-fresh cannabis pleasure, ideal for relaxing body and mind.

    White Widow | 20g
    White Widow | 20g

    White Widow – The legal weed for every occasion

    To create these cannabis flowers we were inspired by the iconic White Widow, for many synonymous with marijuana.

    To relax body and mind even on the worst days. It is a gem that you can treat yourself to in the morning, the ideal strain to use as a healthy substitute for tobacco.

    • Sparore

    • Effect

    • Concentration


    100% Legal

    Like all light marijuana varieties produced by Terre di Cannabis, White Widow is also grown in compliance with law 242/16. With a THC content of 0.2% it is in fact free of any psychoactive or doping effect. It is therefore a product that can be purchased safely and legally within the entire EU area, including through online shops.

    Shipping and Payment Methods

    Our 100% made in Italy organic inflorescences can be purchased conveniently on our website or via WhatsApp. Terre di Cannabis places great attention on discretion and speed. In Italy we deliver in just 24/48 hours, abroad in 5-7 working days. To guarantee maximum privacy protection, the product will be delivered to you in an anonymous package. Your safety is very important to us and our payment methods are safe and guaranteed. You can choose the method you prefer between credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. (Only in Italy)

    What is the best way to take cannabis inflorescences?

    “Filter, paper and lighter”, some might answer. Sure, smoking weed is a possibility. Foravoid combustionHowever, which is extremely harmful to the lungs, an excellent alternative is thevaporization. It makes harmful and pestilential tobacco superfluous and allows us to fully enhance the complex flavors of our inflorescences.

    In fact, each variety has a profileterpenicdifferent and each terpene can be tasted at a precise temperature. A good vaporizer gives precisely this possibility. If you are new to vaping, an overview of choosing the right temperature may be helpful. Even for vaporization, however, the best teacher remains exercise.