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Dorado | 3g Primero CBD Hashish

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    Legal hashish, rich in CBD and with an intense flavour

    Dorado | 3g Primero CBD Hashish
    Dorado | 3g Primero CBD Hashish

    Primero, the light hashish that goes down hard with stress

    Primero is our first legal hashish: high CBD content, many beneficial effects, zero psychotropic effects.

    When nerves and muscles get tangled up in a big ball of stress and tension, Primero gets in there and unravels it.

    Primero: goodbye to stress and pain

    Primero is obtained from the first beating, which is carried out by hand with very fine mesh sieves - so as not to lose even a trichome.

    This is not a negligible detail, because if it is true that there can be many hits, the purity of the smoke is inversely proportional to their quantity. Primero is therefore a better quality smoke by definition, a true first-fruit.

    This variety of legal hashish also excels when we move on to the active ingredients. Meanwhile, Primero is chock-full of cannabidiol (CBD). In addition, its terpene profile has been selected to strengthen its analgesic, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect. In fact, it is rich in humulene, cedrene, limonene and linalool.

    Humulene and linalool deal with inflammation and pain. Cedrene and limonene, on the other hand, are relaxing and keep anxiety and stress at bay. These terpenes also contribute to the natural and not without sweetness aroma of this strain.

    Primero therefore knows how to counteract pain - menstrual, joint or muscular - reduce anxiety and tension and, within certain limits, promote sleep. The high CBD content results in a powerful and long-lasting effect and it would therefore not be unreasonable to save this hash for the evening.

    That said, if your heart and brain are competing to see who runs fastest, your joints creak with every step and you're in the grip of stress, Primero will get you out of trouble – no matter how high the sun is.

    • Spicy herbal

    • relaxed

    • Sunny


    Primero is fresh and natural, but is it also legal?

    Of course yes! The THC level is in fact always less than 0.2%. Primero therefore does not have a narcotic effect and is legal in Italy and Europe. The same applies to all other products.

    On our website you will also find legal CBD and CBG cannabis, excellent CBD oils and hemp seeds. Take a look, who knows, maybe soon you too will find yourself with your hands full of resin and a smile on your face.

    There is a reason why our hashish is as good as bread: here are three

    • We grow the plants from which we extract Primero in the wild heart of Abruzzo; in harmony with the environment. Ours is organic agriculture: we do not use fertilizers, chemical additives or herbicides. On the contrary, we have bet on plants that are naturally resistant to parasites, which require little water and make the environment more habitable for many different species.
    • For qualitative analyses, we rely on external laboratories, well-equipped and highly experienced professionals.
    • Our supply chain has been pruned well and is how we wanted it: short, linear and managed entirely by us.

    A few words about hashish

    Hashish is a concentrate of trichomes, those lint that cover the buds and welcome the active ingredients - terpenes and cannabinoids. In short, the best of the plant in a creamy and malleable block.

    Hashish production is an ancient art, whose roots date back to Arabia more than a thousand years ago. Over the centuries it has spread mainly in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. In Europe it only began to establish itself towards the end of the nineteenth century, although Boccaccio already praised it, albeit superficially.

    It is therefore easy to imagine how rich and multifaceted hashish production can be. Nonetheless, two main methods can be identified:

    • Hand rubbing: the most widespread technique in India and Nepal. The buds, still attached to the cannabis plants, are rubbed to loosen the resin.
    • Dry sieving: the typical method in North Africa and the Middle East. The dried cannabis inflorescences are beaten on a sieve – the so-called threshing. The powder thus obtained is pressed into soft and fragrant blocks. Primero is produced like this.

    Our hashish: price, payment and shipping

    Our short supply chain, in addition to guaranteeing very high quality, allows us to significantly reduce production costs. Thus we can offer our products at affordable and at the same time ethical prices, rooted in respect for the environment and for work.

    For payment you have three options: credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery (only in Italy).

    Once you have decided how to pay, delivery starts which is fast, discreet and reliable.