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Cannabis and prohibition: what they never told you

You should know that when it comes to cannabis, we always try to be politically correct, but instead there is a lot to say. Here's what we'll see in this article :

  • Cannabis and prohibitionism
  • Marijuana legalization: what would happen
  • Defeating illegality with marijuana
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Cannabis and prohibitionism

Finally the UN commission dedicated to narcotics has voted to remove marijuana from the list of the most dangerous drugs in the world, a list which for clarity, contains drugs such as heroin, cocaine and other synthetic substances.

This is a very important decision, which has a great symbolic impact on all EU countries for decisions regarding the guidelines to be adopted with drugs.

It is a decision that has been expected for some time and which finally makes the blinders of those who persist in wanting to identify a natural substance like cannabis as a drug fall away.

Prohibition has its roots in the United States of the 70s , which had as its priority to prevent the potential of hemp, as a sustainable and even better fuel than oil, from spreading, putting the oil market in crisis.

Hence a great work of inculturation to demonize marijuana , which still has important consequences, not only in the United States, where today, after about fifty years, cannabis is legal in many countries, but also throughout Europe.

In Italy the situation is very particular, on the one hand there is a strong Catholic culture, on the other a massive presence of mafia and crime which has a monopoly on cannabis . If it became legal, part of the monopoly would collapse. What are they waiting for?

The prohibitionist culture only ferments ignorance and misinformation , which certainly does not help direct the choices of young people. In countries where cannabis is legal, the consumption of other substances has significantly decreased , not to mention the possibility of those who use it for therapeutic purposes being able to obtain it without having to jump through hoops.

Prohibitionism is also inconsistency in the moment in which it is allowed to use truly dangerous substances such as alcohol and tobacco.

All public opinion and part of the political class are finally becoming aware of all this, also thanks to the spread of light weed in Italy, in the form of inflorescences, extracts or CBD oil.

It is hoped that the UN's gesture will lead to concrete and immediate decisions, which would also have a positive impact on the economic level of the country at a time that is not exactly flourishing.

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Marijuana legalization: what would happen

If cannabis were legal, the cannabis consumer would finally feel free, as he rightly should.

More than 300 thousand jobs would be created to manage the entire production chain, which is extremely broad: from the research groups involved in testing new hybrids to the agricultural supply chain and distribution.

There would be adequate information on the product and everyone would know that under the influence of cannabis it is possible to do everything you normally do, apart from perhaps driving, but those are truly very personal choices. Under the influence of alcohol not only is it not possible to drive but sometimes it also becomes impossible to communicate because one of the effects of alcohol is to stimulate aggression and uncontrollable impulses. Not to mention the long-term side effects that alcohol causes on the body.

Furthermore, varieties based on synthetic cannabinoids would be avoided, the real THC content of the inflorescences could be monitored and control over the quality of the product.

By buying on the black market, consumers find themselves taking all the toxic substances present in cannabis to pump it up instead of having the guarantee of taking an organic and natural product.

If marijuana were legal it would be possible to control and certify the THC content and all the active ingredients present in cannabis, as happens with light weed. Finally, some studies by different economists have shown that with the gains obtained from legalization, there would be a great revival of the country's economy.

The State could obtain several billion whether it decided for a monopoly, a less advantageous choice, or if it adopted the Dutch model, which envisages leaving private individuals the possibility of growing and selling cannabis with income taxes.

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Defeating illegality with marijuana

The equation is simple: a cannabis consumer who cannot buy it legally is forced to turn to the illegal market, effectively financing it even if he doesn't want to.

One could argue that it is possible to choose to give up and not buy but it would be a paradox: giving up the effects of THC, which help many people fight depression , mood swings and other ailments because it is illegal, but having the possibility to buy alcohol without any problem although it can be extremely dangerous both in the short and long term.

If marijuana were legal, the money of every cannabis consumer would fill the state coffers and not those of the black market, which would suddenly find itself weaker and in difficulty without the substantial income deriving from the business.

At that point, the black market would find itself crowded out and weakened, while the specialized police forces and the courts would be able to save significantly in energy and resources, to combat the trade of other substances, which are truly dangerous and lethal and put a truly substantial brake on the illegality.

Let's just think about drug tests , they are expensive and are absolutely wasted if used massively to check harmless cannabis users stopped perhaps for a marijuana leaf in their pocket.

Other substances are the real enemies, enough ignorance, enough prohibitionism.

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