Cannabis light proposte al posto del tabacco

High quality cannabis light

Could this be a way to quit smoking?

Light marijuana is a great way to say goodbye to cigarettes . More and more people decide to give up tobacco and, while some replace it with substitutes of all kinds , others make a drastic choice and stop using ashtrays and lighters altogether.

Quitting is hard. So hard that we should look for an ally , something that helps us keep the package away without driving us crazy. Those who stop smoking often gain excessive weight because - in order not to smoke - they shift their attention to food; switching from one vice to another is completely useless and will undermine all the efforts you are making to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Smoking is bad for you, but eating constantly is certainly not a cure-all!

To stop smoking you have to deal with yourself and understand if you really want to keep smoking out of your life . If the answer is yes, that will be the beginning of a new era. It means that you are ready to start a new life as a non-smoker, without regrets. It won't be easy , that's for sure, but - if you have the willpower - you will make it. If, however, you can't free yourself from the idea of ​​necessarily having to smoke something, then give a cigarette substitute a try.

Lately, to try to quit, many smokers are turning to e-cigs . Vaping can help, but you have to treat it exactly like a pack of cigarettes: e-cigarette liquids contain nicotine, and overdoing it could only make your desire to smoke worse.

Our advice is to replace light cannabis with tobacco, reducing the frequency with which you - usually - smoke cigarettes. If you really need to smoke, it's always better to use high-quality legal weed than ounces of tobacco.

High quality legal weed: what are we talking about?

Light cannabis is obtained from the female inflorescences of weakened sativa hemp , i.e. grass deprived of THC, the active ingredient that makes it psychoactive. The cannabis sativa from which legal weed is obtained is carefully selected to produce inflorescences rich in CBD, cannabidiol , an active ingredient known for its beneficial and non-psychoactive effects.

Light cannabis inflorescences

In order not to violate legal obligations, light cannabis must contain less than 0.2% THC ; below this threshold, in fact, the molecule has no narcotic effects and leaves the whole scene to CBD, capable of beneficial effects on the body and mind. CBD has a strong muscle relaxant effect and its intake eases tension in the body without clouding the mind.

Light cannabis has been legal in Italy since December 2016, thanks to a law that aimed to regulate its use in the agri-food sector. Until the 1960s, tons of industrial hemp were produced in Italy, making the country one of the main exporters of hemp fiber together with the Soviet Union. Sixty-eight changed everything: to try to stem the youth rebellion, some symbols of the "flower children" were attacked: cannabis was at the top of the list and, in a short time, it went from a precious raw material to a very dangerous drug. The law wanted to restore dignity to a plant that had been mistreated for too long, despite its many beneficial qualities.

Where can I find high quality light cannabis?

The legalization of cannabis gave rise to the light marijuana business. Starting from July 2018, the date the law came into force, dozens and dozens of cannabis shops have opened their doors in every city: the products available in these shops range from actual inflorescences to CBD oil and crystals, up to food products such as flour, seeds and hemp-based preparations.

Pack of cannabis light and inflorescences

Access to cannabis light is free. It can be grown and sold without particular authorizations, unlike therapeutic cannabis , for which stricter regulations apply due to the high quantity of THC contained in it. Cannabis sativa is the only variety of cannabis that can be used to produce light marijuana.

It is not possible to choose any variety belonging to the genetic one, because the law requires that the choice falls on the varieties contained in the Official Seed Catalog of the European Community. Among the 67 species of cannabis present, there are 8 Italian varieties. They are the only ones that can be cultivated in the national territory, in compliance with law 242/2016, which prohibits the importation and hybridization of light marijuana plants.

Terre di Cannabis was born in 2018 and in just over a year it went from three to ten hectares of land , creating a network of farmers throughout Italy. Professional farmers and growers were involved in the creation of the group, but also ordinary people who decided to change their lives, trusting in the potential of this plant. There are some aspects that characterize Terre di Cannabis; it is those measures that allow us to bring to the market cannabis inflorescences of the highest level , beautiful to look at, good to smoke and rich in beneficial properties .

After harvesting, we select the best buds, which are delivered to the dryer, where they are transformed into the best light cannabis inflorescences around. Ours is not a massive production: each Terre Di Cannabis plant carries within itself an extraordinary story of men and women, made of effort and pride.

How to recognize good quality light cannabis?

Not all marijuana is the same, but to distinguish good quality buds from poor ones, you need to know the characteristics of the plant. The first aspect to keep under control is the percentage of active ingredient contained . According to Italian law, light cannabis can contain a percentage of CBD between 1 and 20-22%: the quantity of active ingredient developed by the plant varies based on the cultivation method and the care with which the plant has been treated. The best inflorescences have a CBD percentage of at least 4% ; below this quantity the effects of the substance are imperceptible.

Light cannabis seedling in the vegetative phase

Finding out the amount of active ingredient contained in the plant is easy. By law, in fact, light cannabis must be sold in sealed packages, which report the percentage of active ingredients present inside, as well as information on the place and date of packaging. Once you've discovered how potent your herb is, it's time to evaluate its organoleptic characteristics. Let's talk about:

  • perfume: the fragrance emanating from the best plants will be very intense and with an excellent aroma;
  • colour: good quality light hemp has a bright color which indicates the freshness of the product, since a dull and dull color shows an incorrect drying process;

Before purchasing legal hemp, especially on the Internet, it is advisable to research the manufacturer. Like food, light marijuana is also better if grown without the use of chemical agents or pesticides in general. Especially if you're using legal weed to quit smoking, you don't want to encounter a substance that's more harmful than cigarettes.

The best cannabis strains to say goodbye to cigarettes

According to a study completed in 2018 by University College of London , CBD can help you quit smoking . Researchers have tried to understand what CBD causes in smokers trying to quit smoking and found that this substance limits the neurocognitive processes that make the brain crave tobacco. Below, a selection of strains rich in CBD , which could help you in the most difficult undertaking.


Cold of the Sirente

Cold of the siren

Special taste, icy touch

An unmistakable fragrance for this variety of Cannabis grown indoors with the most effective technologies and the fundamental experience of our master hemp growers. The largest indoor greenhouse in Abruzzo to guarantee the best cannabis light inflorescences with a high concentration of CBD , an experience with a classic taste but with an intense flavor like the winter breeze. Unique like our mountains, strong like our tenacity and gentle like the perceived sensation: Winter Limited Edition, a wonderful journey to discover the best indoor grown cannabis.

Opulent Reserve

Opulent cannabis light reserve

Spicy hints, oriental scent

Ancient and timeless, Riserva Opulenta is the first of our light cannabis varieties. Riserva Opulenta grows in our Cannabis Fields in Castelvecchio, Abruzzo, at 490 meters above sea level. It has a taste that resembles us and belongs to us. Its aroma is earthy, consistent, with spicy hints. It represents our "ecotype" and therefore a way to express our identity in the world. Rich in CBD , the strongest and most sought-after inflorescence that we have managed to grow. The appearance is that of a bouquet of flowers with a scent reminiscent of the East. 

Holy Green

Santa green marijuana light

Fruity taste, sweet aftertaste

Directly from our Cannabis Fields in Brindisi in Puglia . Santa Verde is a quality of light marijuana with 10% CBD and THC within the limits permitted by law. Santa Verde Cannabis flowers are born and grow at sea level. Our Premium Quality Cannabis "Santa" was born when our master hemp grower adapted his Indica skills to the Hemp we were growing. It has a fruity, sweet but at the same time natural character that closely resembles the classic Critical Mass . This variety has created a new generation of inflorescences and this makes us even more proud of the work we are doing with Terre di Cannabis. 

A short guide that explains some alternatives to tobacco use:

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