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How to eliminate the pungent smell of cannabis

The smell of marijuana is noticeable, that's for sure. For some it is a pleasant aroma , for others it is not. At a certain point, heavy smokers even stop feeling it.

The question, however, changes a lot if we talk about the smell generated by a joint, the one released from a fair amount of dried marijuana or the - much more intense - smell of flowering marijuana plants. If you decide to grow a cannabis plant indoors, at some point you will have to ask yourself the question of how to hide the smell of cannabis .

There are many ways to disguise the presence of fresh or dried cannabis in your home, you just need to be careful and choose the right method. However, discretion is the first step: make sure you do not attract attention and do not attract the attention of your neighbors.

  1. Why does cannabis smell so intense?
  2. How to hide the smell of a joint
  3. Eliminate odors from cannabis cultivation

light cannabis Why does cannabis smell so intense?

A weed smoker can be recognized by the intense trail he leaves in his wake. Each cannabis strain has a different smell and taste: OG Kush smells of citrus, earth, petrol and spices; the aroma of Cheese is similar to that of mature cheese and Blue Dream has a characteristic fragrance reminiscent of berries.

Cannabis bud in outdoor cultivation

What causes the cannabis odor of each strain? As with all other plant species, the aroma of cannabis also comes from terpenes , aromatic compounds present in fruit or vegetables. These are hydrocarbons found in the volatile oils of plants that are responsible for their odor, flavor and color .

Combined with THC or cannabinoids, they give marijuana its specific effects, characteristic odor and taste. These volatile molecules evaporate easily until they reach the nasal cavities.

But why do terpenes make us feel more attracted to some strains rather than others? This aspect has a scientific explanation: while some attract insects, others help ensure that the plant defends itself from its potential predators.

Not all cannabis strains have the same terpenes and therefore not all of them attract us in the same way. Each has its own and irresistible fragrance that pushes us to consume it.

How to hide the smell of a joint?

Marijuana smoke gives off a characteristic odor and, sometimes, you have to make sure that it is not perceived by other people.

For example, if you share the house with your parents and do not want to share this habit, you will need to understand how to avoid filling the entire house with smoke , given that the aroma also passes through the doors. Some people like to smoke while enjoying a break from their busy schedules and need to cover the smell before dealing with other people.

Others have avid friends who can't stop smoking even for short car journeys.

Combustion generates smoke. You cannot hope to smoke and not produce it; rather, you need to find a way to cover the pungent odor that remains in a room after smoking.

If you want to definitively abandon the path of combustion, you can buy a vaporizer and move on to the other side. However, if you are really fond of lighters and ashtrays, you need to study some tricks.

The largest cannabis cultivation in Italy

If you smoke weed in a room with good ventilation, the weed smell will fade more easily. The most traditional method is to smoke under a kitchen hood or under the fireplace : the cannabis smoke will be released directly into the open air.

You can also use a fan or smoke out of a window. Watch out for the neighbors, though! And also pay attention to the direction of the wind: if you smoke against the wind, you will find the whole room full of smoke.

However, if you have not been far-sighted and need to remedy damage that has already been done, air fresheners are the ideal products to cover unpleasant odors. Buy an air freshener with your favorite fragrance, and spray it around the room after you finish smoking.

You can also use incense or scented candles, free your imagination and enjoy exotic and irresistible aromas that will 100% cover the smell of weed.

However, if you need to remove the smell of cannabis from your car, things get more complicated. Certainly leaving the car with the windows down all night can help, but not everyone has a garden or garage ventilated enough to do so. The second option is always air fresheners .

There are special ones for cars and those could prove to be an excellent ally. If deodorants don't work either, you'll need to opt for a more drastic solution. There are special products which, by binding directly to the molecules of bad odors, remove them completely. If the smell persists, the last resort is to completely wash the upholstery. With that you will feel like you have a brand new car!

Eliminate odors from cannabis cultivation

Growing cannabis indoors and keeping the operation hidden can be particularly complicated. If you grow indoors in a condominium or if you have intrusive neighbors, you will need to take the necessary precautions. Here are three tips that are not too cheap, but will certainly save the rest of your investment .

Cannabis buds

So-called scrubbers are carbon filters , whose air filtering method is suitable for most indoor cultivations. This is a device to be connected to the exhaust of the grow room ventilation system , to remove everything that comes out of the pipe.

It works thanks to activated carbon, and may be able to absorb and capture the molecules present in the air and responsible for the odor. Through the carbon filter it will remove any type of odor without any risk of dispersion.

However, it is necessary that the place where you grow is equipped with a real ventilation system , which continuously sucks in and pushes the air out.

There are different types of carbon filters, depending on the price range. Considering that they are the necessary tool to save your cultivation from prying eyes, it would be wise not to skimp on quality.

All carbon filters have a reasonable lifespan and good absorption capacity, but the better quality ones guarantee a more certain success of the operation.


It seems like a very dangerous thing, but it isn't. It is a device that electrically charges the molecules of the air and makes them capable of neutralizing all the others . In our case, they will eliminate all the molecules that generate the pungent odor of cannabis.

Ionizers are completely safe . Indeed, according to some studies, breathing ionized air can have beneficial effects on health. However, they should not be placed directly inside the growing area, but outside it .

In the grow room they would eliminate odors, but they would also significantly reduce the aromas and flavors of the buds . The pro of this tool is that it does not necessarily require the presence of a ventilation system, therefore it is particularly suitable for those who need to hide a couple of plants in a particularly small space, even if it is not as effective as an activated carbon filter.


HEPA filters work by trapping molecules larger than 0.3 microns. This allows you to eliminate dust, allergens and other pollutants present in the air. They can also be used to filter the smell given off by Cannabis, especially if equipped with activated carbon.

They can prove particularly valuable as a supplementary filter, but alone they are barely enough. Usually the filter is equipped with an internal fan that can suck in air and remove odors.

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