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How we work with legal cannabis

In this article we will tell you how to dry cannabis, one of the most important processes in the entire process. We will tell you about our personal experience through a short interview with our cultivation manager.

Drying cannabis

Controlled drying always gives good results.

Our experience in the cultivation of Cannabis in Italy comes from very far away and is hidden among the secrets that our "elders" have handed down to us, unique experiences at the service of the best CBD inflorescences on the market. Our Master Hemp Grower coordinates the entire work chain by assiduously controlling the production processes, each with standard and certified principles. One of these phases is drying, we talked about it with the manager Gennaro to whom we asked:

What is your personal experience related to cannabis cultivation?

“The premise is that I am an enthusiast and supporter of this plant, ever since I discovered its many benefits, through the scientific testimonies that I discovered out of my personal curiosity. I wanted to find out more and I did some research, especially through the doctors I knew and some patient stories that I discovered during my personal research.

Every new thing I learned was an emotion: knowing that through this plant you could build a house, feed yourself, cure yourself or prevent common pathologies is a sort of revolution, at least from my point of view.

Curiosity towards this plant led me to participate in various events, including the Canna-Fest in Prague where, in addition to continuing my research, I met some people who changed my life. And this collaborative journey began. I put my experience at the service of Terre Di Cannabis and the company trusted me: this is how this adventure in the world of legal hemp inflorescences began.”

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How does the hemp drying process work?

Our light Cannabis plants, uprooted from the field, are hung upside down for cycles of pre-established periods in an aseptic structure, without any type of external contact, especially with organic substances that could change their characteristics; all this takes place in a structure that we have built specifically, dark, constantly ventilated and with a temperature that varies, depending on the species, between 15° and 22° C. Humidity is also another fundamental parameter, it is under our control and is calibrated between 40% and 60%.

Drying of cannabis

How do you proceed after having a dried product?

In the second phase each plant is taken over by one of our operators who selects and cuts the best inflorescences manually, this operation is very delicate and at the same time fundamental to obtain good results. Then the Cannabis flowers are "passed" inside a machine which carries out the first mechanical "trimming" , subsequently they arrive at another operator who carries out a manual "trimming", which is much more precise and specific for each inflorescence .

Once this level of production is finished, the flowers are placed on horizontal (breathable) shelves where another controlled drying takes place, we check some very important parameters daily such as the percentage of dehydration and any attacks by atmospheric agents that could damage the inflorescences . Thanks to constant monitoring, this season we haven't had any major problems, in fact everything went smoothly. But we know this is the case because we are attentive to all these processes.

Why use technological equipment? Is there a difference with manual work?

The company has put us in the best conditions, we have the best technological equipment on the market at our disposal, we also have other tools specially patented by our research laboratory. However, manual skill remains a fundamental and essential factor, so we alternate technical instruments with the expert hands of our collaborators.

Cannabis seeds

We do small refresher courses with a guy who lived in the States, collaborating on various farms and acquiring great expertise in "trimming". Experience and reliability of technologies and continuous training are the basis of our work team.

How are the inflorescences treated?

Our legal hemp inflorescences are 100% organic, we know that during the natural cycle of the plant various compounds are produced and developed, including terpenes , which are not only the natural defense of Cannabis but above all the main characteristics in terms of smell and flavour. The location is fundamental, in our case also the temperature, given that we are in the mountains and there is a lot of temperature variation at night: it is at that moment that the resins and essential oils of the plant develop, this when it is still in the field.

Even in the drying phase you have to be very careful because the biological components of the plant could be reduced or even vanish, it's all a question of anticipating the times, and in this modestly, we are number one.

Our conversation with Gennaro is about to come to an end and as he takes my arm to accompany me to the exit he confides in me.

“In the end it's all a question of love , I couldn't say this before and maybe it wouldn't have been understood but I assure you that in the end it's all a question of love. And we put in a lot of it ."

Cannabis light

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