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How can I sell light cannabis in my place

In this article we tell you how to sell CBD-based products in your shop and how to increase the profits of your business. The Covid-19 crisis has brought the economy to its knees on a large, but also on a small scale, solutions must be found to increase profits, and diversifying your offer could be a winning solution.

Read the whole article to find out how to increase your company's earnings. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. The post Covid-19 economic recovery
  2. Cannabis light to relax
  3. Sell ​​light cannabis in the shop
  4. Certified products guaranteed earnings

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The post Covid-19 economic recovery

Online shopping has completely changed the way we shop, putting the future of shops, bookshops and small neighborhood shops at risk. The low prices offered by the large digital shopping giants make retail stores uncompetitive, as they cannot afford discounts of that type. Online shopping, in fact, works thanks to the large numbers that characterize it, and it is precisely the large numbers that allow Amazon, Zalando and their partners to sell products at such discounted prices.

Today, small shopkeepers have to invent all kinds of things to survive and are forced to carry out continuous research, which allows them to offer accurate selections of products and absolute novelties, necessary to defeat customers' temptation to turn to the online market.

Offering a wide selection of products is the key to resisting the 2.0 market.

In addition to this, there are many ways to retain customers and convince them not to turn to anyone other than their trusted shopkeeper. Any examples? Loyalty cards, home deliveries, free products, dedicated advice and small gadgets can help you keep your most loyal customers close. If people love going to your store because they trust you, appreciate your selection and - even more - your way of doing things, they will hardly give in to the lure of online shopping.

Cannabis light to relax

There is one benefit of cannabis that, more than many others, could bring it to the forefront among ordinary people: its ability to relax body and mind , facilitating rest and easing stress . All this is thanks to cannabidiol (CBD), a metabolite of cannabis that is highly assimilable by the body. Unlike THC, responsible for the effects of traditional cannabis, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects and does not influence brain faculties or lucidity in any way.

But how is it possible that marijuana has all these abilities? The active ingredients of cannabis have effects on the human body because they interact with the endocannabinoid system, the set of cannabinoid receptors present in our body. The endocannabinoid system activates spontaneously in conditions of well-being and pleasure, stimulating the immune system and monitoring homeostasis, the body's ability to remain in biochemical balance.

The human body produces substances called endocannabinoids in a completely natural way - the "human" equivalents of the active ingredients of cannabis - which contribute to regulating the normal functions of the immune system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

Regular cannabis users report that CBD effectively counteracts depression , anxiety and insomnia , promoting relaxation and rest . It also helps fight stress by acting mainly on its symptoms, counteracts the feeling of nausea and the effects of serious pathologies such as atherosclerosis, pathologies of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, muscular problems, post-traumatic stress disorders, epilepsy and attacks of panic.

It also represents a valid adjuvant in the treatment of chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders, thus establishing itself as one of the most precious allies present in nature for humans.

Cannabis light

Selling light cannabis in the shop

Did you know that selling cannabis in your business is legal under Italian law? With law 242 of 2016 on legal hemp and hemp-based products, Parliament has chosen to legalize the sale of light cannabis in Italy for purposes other than recreational use. According to the provisions of the law, it is possible to sell light cannabis for collecting or scientific research purposes only, while recreational use is prohibited. Recreational use means the consumption of inflorescences for purposes other than therapeutic ones, through combustion or vaporization of dried buds.

Light marijuana can be sold as a product only if it complies with legal limits: it must be grown in Italy from only seeds authorized by the EU and the dried inflorescences must contain a quantity of THC lower than 0.2%. However, there are no limits to the quantity of CBD allowed.

Selling light cannabis in your shop can be a really excellent idea to expand your offering , diversify your clientele and offer a new, modern and cutting-edge product, useful for treating many ailments that would require the use of medicines.

There are some categories of shops that, more than others, are suitable for hosting light cannabis on their shelves. If you run a grocery store - and spices, teas and herbal teas are your forte - cannabis will be perfectly integrated into your offering. Light cannabis inflorescences can be used just like herbal tea, to induce sleep and promote relaxation. Cannabis can also be combined with lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile to enhance its effects.

Law 242 of 2016 not only legalized light cannabis, but also hemp-derived products: we are talking about hemp seed flour and oil, hemp milk, and all their - infinite - derivatives. Offering customers a selection of hemp-based products will surprise them, also because they are real superfoods : hemp oil and flour contain large quantities of OMEGA3 and OMEGA6 fats, essential for keeping cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol, and many antioxidants, which fight cellular aging and promote their regeneration.

Who can sell light cannabis? Anyone, just have a business. No special authorizations or licenses are needed, since cannabis is not a monopoly product and can be sold freely. It is important to make sure that the THC content is as permitted; in addition to this you will need to find reliable suppliers, choose the product and start with this new adventure.

Cannabis light

Certified products guaranteed earnings

The world of light cannabis has become crowded: between 2016 and 2018 the hectares cultivated with cannabis went from 400 to 4000 , with a continuous flourishing of farms and companies dedicated to the cultivation of light cannabis. Selling light cannabis on premises is a good idea, but you need to know how to choose your suppliers to make sure you don't run into risks.

Since June 2019, light cannabis can only be sold if it is declared free of doping efficacy: the shop owner must ensure that the THC content inside the inflorescences respects the legal limits and that the information on the product packaging is truthful , readable and complete.

Each package must contain the indications of the place where the tests on the substance were carried out, as well as the quantity of active ingredient present inside. The packages must be sold intact and sealed; only in this way - during a possible police check - will it be possible to easily prove that the offending substance is light cannabis and not marijuana purchased on the black market.

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