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How to choose the best grinder

Everything you need to know before buying a weed grinder

In this article we will highlight the characteristics of grass grinders, called grinders, their characteristics, peculiarities and uses. Specifically we will talk about:

  1. How many types of grinders are there?
  2. How does a grinder work?
  3. Manufacturing materials and techniques

The cannabis grinder is an indispensable tool for all smokers, both for old school ones who would never say goodbye to papers and filters, and for those who have already converted to vaporization and have long since abandoned the classic cannabis smoking kit. grass. Moving from the world of combustion to that of vaping greatly changes the smoker's habits and changes the impact that smoking has on health, but - first of all - it changes the tools you need to smoke.

The vaporizer sweeps away papers and filters in an instant, makes lighters and ashtrays disappear, but not him: the grinder remains the faithful companion of all weed smokers. In fact, cannabis must also be chopped when using a vaporizer , just as if you were about to make a joint.

This operation serves to uniformly expose the herb to the heat source and to mix it easily during vaporization, precisely to prevent it from burning and releasing the same harmful substances that the combustion of cannabis would have generated.

The grinder market is a very intricate jungle, made of screens, teeth, filters and cranks, aluminium, metal, plastic and wood, assembled into tools designed to bring out the best from your weed. Let's see together what the most popular types of grinders are, how they are used and their technical characteristics.

How many types of grinders are there?

The choice of grinder is often dictated by aesthetic or economic factors, especially among inexperienced smokers, who are attracted by shapes and colors rather than by the technical specifications of each herb grinder and purchase the grinder without taking their needs into account.

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It is clear from the name that its main task is to chop grass. However, a good grinder can become a tool for accumulating pollen and - in the long run - a good ally for saving money , while with grinders made of poor quality material you even risk altering the flavor of the weed, ruining the experience and the evening. . It all depends on the type of needs you have and the type of weed you smoke. An avid smoker, who chooses only high-quality resinous buds, will need a metal grinder equipped with a filter and a compartment to collect pollen during grinding. Those who love smoking outdoors will need small and light grinders, unlike the couch smoker, who will instead have to use the best grinders around, cylindrical in shape and weighing considerably.

Light cannabis mix

Of course, you can live without a grinder, but those who smoke for passion know well that chopped herb burns more easily and makes the puff better, because it is consumed together with tobacco. Furthermore, choosing a good grinder allows you not to violate rule No. 1 of the serious smoker: never waste kief , that is, the set of small particles, resins and residues that accumulate on the bottom and walls of the grinder. Kief is a super concentrate of cannabinoids and terpenes that can be collected through a small spatula - often supplied with good quality grinders - to be used inside vaporizers , joints or bongs. The kief effect is usually quite intense and, without using the grinder, goes to waste.

How does a grinder work?

A grinder is a cylindrical object made up of two complementary halves with small teeth . By rotating the two halves in opposite directions, the teeth will grind what is contained inside. The operation is elementary, it is a grinder, nothing more and nothing less. However, over the years, the grinder industry has evolved, and highly sought-after models have been added to this rudimentary version, with additional functions and components. Some grinders are equipped with multiple floors, additional levels through which to pass the grass and pollen, which will collect in a lower compartment.

3-piece grinders have a compartment designed to collect the herb after it has been chopped , passing it through small holes; this type of tool does not allow you to collect kief, but it is much more convenient than 2-piece grinders. The 4-piece grinders, on the other hand, are the best manual grinders around: in fact, they have both the compartment to collect the chopped herb and the one to collect kief and pollen, usually closed by a sieve.

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As we were saying, technology has also reached the world of grinders and, for the laziest or for those who grind large quantities of grass, electric grass grinders have been invented. These are devices of variable sizes, which can even become very small, which chop the grass effectively and without too much noise. The operation of electric grinders is similar to that of a blender: you insert the herb into the appropriate housing and then close it with the other piece of the appliance. You activate the grinder with a button and, in a short time, you have finely chopped grass ready to be used. There are also crank grinders , not too different from 3 or 4 tier grinders, but equipped with a practical crank that allows you to chop the herb easily, without needing to rotate the two halves.

Grinder and materials

In addition to the shape and number of components, grinders are also distinguished by the material they are made of . The cheapest and most popular grinders are those made of acrylic material, i.e. plastic . They are made up of 2 or 3 parts and can also have a compartment for kief. They are not sophisticated devices, but many smokers are fond of them, because they are light and easy to use. They are a bit problematic to clean because - being made of plastic - they cannot be subjected to very intense heat and their teeth - made of plastic like the rest of the appliance - become dull easily.

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Then there are wooden grinders , beautiful, but very ineffective. They are made up of 2 parts, the lid and the actual herb grinder, equipped with metal nails which are not very suitable for chopping very compact buds. After prolonged use they can jam and become difficult to use and never have the kief container.

Finally, we'll talk to you about metal grinders , among the most efficient grinders of all: they have very sharp metal teeth, capable of shredding even the hardest and most compact buds, they rarely jam and are very simple to clean. Usually these are aluminum grinders - comfortable and light to take outside the home - or steel, which cost much more than their acrylic counterparts, but guarantee unparalleled quality and durability.

Santa Cruz grinder

Imagination and technique are unstoppable and today you can even find gold and silver grinders on the market. Some grinders are small works of art, especially the wooden ones which - despite their low efficiency - are sometimes inlaid with finesse and skill. If you are looking for a stylish product, we recommend a category of herb grinders with a very refined appearance, produced with an ecological supply chain and made of soapstone, a natural stone with iridescent veins that heats up with body heat.

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