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How to choose the right vaporizer for you


In this article we will explain how to choose the device best suited to your personal needs, specifically we will talk about:

  1. How vaporization was born
  2. How vaporization works
  3. Types of vaporizers on the market
  4. Choose the ideal device
  5. Review DaVinci Micro Explorer combined with our Box XL

Vaporizing light marijuana is the future. It is now clear that smoking is bad for us and for those around us, and not taking precautions in a moment of great awareness like this would be truly irresponsible.

Also because there is a valid alternative to tobacco for taking light marijuana. Vaporizers have helped save our lungs, instruments that generate a considerable amount of heat through a small resistance.

By subjecting the marijuana to this heat source, the vaporizer allows the essential oils and active ingredients of the substance that has been inserted inside it in the form of vapor to be extracted. This vapor completely replaces the smoke released by a joint, but does not contain the harmful substances typical of combustion, such as tar, naphthalene, toluene, benzene and other substances poisonous to the body.

You may be wondering how this is possible. It's still about weed and heat, but what makes smoking and vaping marijuana so different? The answer is one: temperature control .

Burning a bud of weed can generate heat up to 1000 degrees , while in vaporization the temperature never exceeds 180-200 degrees . In this way, in addition to not producing harmful substances, the cannabinoids are extracted without burning them , thanks to the setting of the correct temperature for the extraction of a specific active ingredient, always much lower than the heat peaks reached by combustion.

Weed vaporizer

How did vaporization originate?

The practice of vaporizing medicinal plants seems to date back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Herodotus , in the book "The History of Herodotus", cites the experience of vaporization among the Scythians, who placed hemp seeds on incandescent stones and then inhaled the vapor that was released.

However, actual vaporization was born 1400 years ago in Afghanistan, by a member of the Safavid dynasty, who invented the so-called "Hookah", a rudimentary but very efficient water pipe. It is the ancestor of the "hookah", still used today in every part of the world.

As for modern vaporization, however, it is common ground that the inventor of the vaporizer is grower Frank William Wood , better known as “Eagle Bill Amato”. Eagle Bill is famous for being the guru of medical marijuana and created the cannabis vaporizer in the 1970s to encourage a safer method of consuming the plant.

This is the famous Shake and Vape , made up of a glass tube that ends up in a large "cup", which must be heated after being filled with weed.

cannabis seeds

This tool worked well, but the use of an open flame made its use risky. At this point many companies began to invest in vaping, dedicating themselves to refining the functioning of these devices.

The turning point came in 1996, when Storz Bickel - today a leader in the sector - launched the Volcano, a very powerful desktop vaporizer, equipped with a balloon in which the vapor accumulates.

This is a large appliance that needs to be connected to an electrical outlet to work. However, Volcano can only be used at home and this, together with the price of around 800 dollars, has denied it the possibility of becoming a mass product.

Despite this, however, it is one of the most famous and desired vaporizers in the world and by some it is even considered the best vaporizer on the market.

How does vaporization work?

We are surrounded by plants that have beneficial effects on our body. Sometimes we use them without even realizing the process that allows us to extract the essential oils they contain.

Take, for example, coffee: we infuse the powder obtained from the beans in very hot water, which allows the aroma of the plant to be released. The same happens with tea and chamomile.

Other plants, however, are used through the extraction of essential oils or through combustion, as also happens with incense.

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Often the active ingredients contained in essential oils have very positive effects on our body , but burning them sometimes cancels out these effects due to the harmful substances that are generated with combustion.

Vaporization , on the other hand, allows you to correctly extract all the cannabinoids, without burning or wasting them. This process also allows other elements to be extracted, such as flavonoids , which have very positive effects on the body, especially from an anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory point of view.

And CBD liquid

Types of vaporizers

There are many types of vaporizers, but - beyond their appearance - they are divided into two categories, distinguished based on their heating methods: conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers.

What changes is the process of heating the grass. In conduction vaporizers the herb comes into direct contact with the resistance, while in convection vaporizers the herb is heated through a flow of hot air and never comes into contact with the heating source.

Conduction vaporizers are cheaper than convection ones, but if the ground cannabis is not exposed to heat evenly, the correctness of vaporization could be at risk.

This type of device exposes the user to the risk of slight combustion, which is totally absent in convection vaporizers, which in fact have much higher prices.

Choose the ideal device for your needs

To choose a vaporizer suited to your needs, you need to take a series of variables into consideration.

As we saw with Storz Bickel's Volcano, a high-quality vaporizer can cost up to several hundred dollars, but this does not mean that you should give up good vaporization if you decide to spend much less.

Prices vary greatly and range between $50 for battery-powered vape pens and $700-800 for a high-quality desktop vaporizer. Defining your budget will certainly narrow the field and make choosing your vaporizer easier.

A second very important aspect to define is the type of use you intend to make of it . If you want to vaporize outside the home , because you like to do it in company or because you use cannabis for therapeutic purposes, you will certainly have to orient yourself towards the best portable, compact vaporizers with considerable battery life.

If, however, you already know that you will only use the vaporizer at home, it will be better to purchase a desktop vaporizer , which will certainly guarantee good vaporization and a memorable experience, but which needs to be connected to an electrical outlet to work.

Another very important variable is the type of substance you are going to vaporize . In fact, if you intend to vaporize only herb or only extracts you will have to choose a suitable device. For example, if you only want to smoke dry herbs you will have to look towards a herb vaporizer, which cannot always be used to vaporize extracts or wax.

You must be very careful when purchasing, because some devices only allow the vaporization of dry herbs, others work with different substances and are also equipped with accessories suitable for smoking them, while still others require the use of accessories not included.

Cannabis XL

Davinci Miqro explorer + Tin Xl

After having explained to you a little about how the world of vaping works, we want to talk to you about a product that we found very interesting, both for its quality and its price. We tried DaVinci MIQRO a few days ago and were blown away by the vapor and convenience of this device, which we used with our XL Cannabis Land Kit .

Davinci MIQRO is the fourth model launched by the manufacturing company, which maintains all the characteristics of its predecessors, combining them with truly small dimensions and long battery life. With 80 mm in length and approximately 100 grams of weight, it easily fits into the palm of the hand and guarantees discretion and elegance even outside the home. Small, however, does not mean not very powerful: DaVinci MIQRO is a high-performance device, made with high-quality materials and advanced technologies compared to other vaporizers.

The most characterizing aspect of Davinci MIQRO is its multiple heating system : it is possible to easily switch from manual temperature control to heating with Smath Path or to intense heating mode.

Let's see together the different MIQRO heating modes:

  • The precision control allows you to freely set the temperature. This is an ideal function for expert vapers, who know what they want from their weed and also know how to get it, while it is less recommended when it comes to beginners, who would risk moving on terrain that is still too complex for them.
  • Smart Paths are warm-up configurations that increase the temperature gradually over the course of the session. 4 Smart Paths are available, from 176°C to 188°C for the lower end and from 210°C to 222°C for the upper end. Lower settings provide intense aromas and bolder effects, while higher settings are better for enjoying herbs with full-bodied flavors. Smart Paths are perfect for beginner vapers.
  • Intense heating, on the other hand, allows you to quickly heat the resistance and maintain the maximum temperature until the button is released.

 If there is one aspect that makes DaVinci vaporizers better than all those of the competitors, it is the attention to taste and the methods of extraction of essential oils . The various temperature setting systems allow you to adjust the intensity of the aroma, but that's not all.

The bowl, air path, terminal and furnace of the Davinci MIQRO are made of inert zirconia ceramic , a material of the highest level, which ensures safety and quality of the steam.

In fact, it is not just a question of intensity and taste, but you must choose vaporizers that produce vapor in a healthy way, thanks to quality materials.

In addition to this, MIQRO also features an adjustable furnace , which allows you to choose the degree of power for each session, changing the size of the vaporizer chamber by up to 50%. This makes it easy to adjust the strength of each session , further improving control of the vaping experience.

Another point in favor of MIQRO is the ease of use . Although it comes with many features, it is intuitive and easy to use. It features 3 buttons and a matrix display and everything can be adjusted from there. The device heats up in just 30 seconds for the lowest range, so you can start a session at any time without having to wait.

The standby mode quickly cools the vaporizer so you don't waste herb or battery, and after two minutes of non-use, MIQRO turns itself off, making the whole experience super easy.

We used MIQRO with our XL Box of Silver Haze 18, a freshness-saving package , equipped with a humidity regulator to keep the inflorescences at their best.

Silver Haze is renowned for its pungent, sweetish and slightly spicy aromas. Notes of Skunk are appreciated accompanied by earthier fragrances of Haze, with reminiscences of Afghan genetics, inherited from Northern Lights. Both the flavor and the scent are fantastic.

When smoking, you appreciate its particularly sweet fragrance, one of the most appreciated by the cannabis community. Our XL Tin is perfect for those who vape out of habit, because it can be filled with customized weights, from 10 to 60 grams that will never let you run out.

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