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How to dispose of THC: the whole truth

In 2020, testing positive for cannabis after a drug test should not be a problem, but unfortunately in Italy and many other countries, the levels of THC detected can make a difference. And create problems.

Is it really possible to eliminate traces of THC before a drug test? We will find out with this article in which we will see:


  1. Drug test
  2. How to dispose of THC
  3. Does CBD remain in the blood/urine?

Drug test

Drug testing is often a practice required by employers before hiring and in many cases it is repeated at regular intervals to ascertain any possible cannabis use .

Obviously also other truly dangerous substances such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines but also doping substances used in the world of sport.

There are different types of drug tests , specific to detect traces of THC in our body:

Urine test: 

this is the most common detection method.

The sample you provide contains THC COOH , a sub-molecule of THC which is broken down by our liver and retained in our fat cells .

THC COOH remains in these cells for a long time and, even if in minimal quantities, is continuously released into the body until it disappears.

This is why it happens that even if you have not smoked in the previous days, traces of THC persist in the urine and sometimes THC levels even increase despite the abstinence regime followed in the days before the test.

With this test it is possible to detect traces of THC up to 5-10 days before consumption if you are a sporadic consumer, up to 90 days if you are a regular consumer.

Saliva test :

it is rarely used, mostly in road checks.

With this type of test, it is possible to detect traces of THC only if the intake was very recent.

Once 24 hours have passed, THC will no longer be detectable in your saliva and it is therefore almost impossible for the test to come back positive.

Hair Test: 

with this test the hair follicles are analyzed within which traces of THC can remain for several months because they enter deep into the hair bulb.

Usually a hair sample of about three and a half centimeters is used, so that despite monthly hair growth, traces of THC can be traced even if taken three months earlier.

This drug test can detect THC levels up to 90 days before the test day.

It is the preferred test of employers , used especially in state jobs (police, railways, etc) but also among pilots, vehicle drivers and of course athletes.

Blood analysis: 

a large consumption of cannabis does not correspond to a massive presence of THC in the blood, because this cannabinoid does not bind well with blood cells.

Traces of THC disappear from the blood approximately 12 hours after the last intake.

THC analysis chemical laboratory

How to dispose of THC

We analyzed the types of tests and saw that various factors determine the results of a drug test: the type of test, when we smoked, whether cannabis consumption is habitual.

However, our physical build also makes a difference; specifically, fat mass plays an important role. In fact, as we have seen, the molecules broken down in the form of THC COOH are positioned precisely in the fat cells.

It follows that the most effective method to lower THC levels is to do lots of physical activity and drink lots of water regularly, so as to avoid the accumulation of fats.

It is important to do this regularly and not just in the days before the test. In fact, remember that if you drink a lot of water shortly before a drug test, your urine tests may be distorted due to excessive dilution .

If, however, we suddenly start doing physical activity like crazy a few days before the test, we even risk raising the levels of THC present in the urine.

There are several alleged antidotes on the market, which promise to erase traces of THC: shampoos, drinks, etc. It is better to be wary, also because even if they work, they could be detected and make the situation worse.

There are even those who recommend taking creatinine to falsify tests, but it is dangerous for the body and for our kidneys.

So: regular physical activity, lots of fruit and vegetables, especially apples and fennel because they help cleanse yourself of toxins , water, herbal teas and infusions every day.

If you have the time and the possibility, take a preventive drug test at home so as to delay the actual date if necessary. You can easily buy it at the pharmacy.

light cannabis

Does CBD remain in the blood or urine?

The  cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabigerol (CBG), the cannabinoids at the base of cannabis light, do not have any psychoactive effect.

They are therefore not included among narcotic substances and within drug tests, whatever type they are, there are no reagents designed to detect them.

However, it must be said that containing 0.2% THC as required by current law, it is not impossible that it can be detected if we have consumed a lot of light cannabis in the days preceding the test.

There are many cases in which, despite an important intake, the tests are negative.

Consuming light marijuana is currently the safest thing to do, buying it on our site. which guarantees the purchase of certified inflorescences, grown in a natural and organic way, is the same.

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