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How to find the best cannabis seeds

Sergio Endrigo also sang it " make the seed you need the fruit..." who knew well how the biological cycle of a living organism had the shape of a circular staircase. In which each step certifies the next one. If we have decided to grow Cannabis, we know how important the starting point will be: the seed. The choice of the seed and its genetic potential is synonymous with high quality cannabis, not only for the desired final product but also for the cultivation choices we will make: indoor/outdoor; feminized/auto-flowering etc...Let's do some order, specifically we will see:

  1. Cannabis genetics
  2. Certified and guaranteed seeds
  3. Feminized seeds
  4. Our seeds

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Genetics of Cannabis

We know that several studies have divided Cannabis into three different categories: sativa, indica and ruderalis (even if other studies make references only to indica and sativa) and each of them has different characteristics and properties. In addition to external appearance and properties, the two plants differ in a multitude of variables. The geographical origins, the size, the flowering times, and the genetics themselves.

If today we can talk about cannabis with full knowledge of the facts, it is also thanks to the pioneering studies of the French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck . At the end of the eighteenth century, he realized that the two plants were different in conformation and resin production. And he imposed today's distinction between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa.

However, it should be specified that with the second definition Lamarck indicated what today we would call cannabis light: cannabis with a very low level of THC.

Later, thanks to the remarkable adaptability of cannabis varieties and man's zeal, they spread throughout the world. In the early days they came from areas of the planet with different distribution and environmental characteristics.


Certified and guaranteed seeds

Even if you are an expert grower, even if someone older than you has handed down secrets to you, even if you are an expert farmer, the result of your cultivation will always depend on the quality of the seed . If you have poor quality marijuana seeds available, controlled soil, food and variables will be useless to the obsession. Your harvest will be poor! The first thing when you want a top crop is to choose a reliable seed bank . A company that gives you the right guarantees so that the seed will yield a good yield. Top-notch genetics are the best place to start.

All seeds have limitations, almost always contained in their own DNA . But buying in a certified way still offers you the guarantee of completing the harvest. A guaranteed seed will allow you to fully exploit and maximize both the quantity of the harvest but above all the quality of your flowers . To learn, to experiment and cultivate without limits of any kind. Even those who are entering this world for the first time should start from excellent quality seeds, a poor seed can be highly demotivating.

In fact, many times we think, due to lack of experience, that we are the first and only responsible for a possible failure. Many times, giving up on "cultivating" this hobby, we must instead keep in mind: with good starting genetics you can obtain good harvest experiences.

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Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds, as the word itself suggests, are used to produce only female plants. In nature, cannabis can be both female and male, it is a process determined by the X and Y chromosomes. Feminization is a process that stimulates female plants to obtain the male pollen necessary for seed production. In fact, 99% of a plant with two X chromosomes will transform into a female.

Every grower knows well that to have a good harvest he must know how to recognize female and male plants. Male plants must be found as soon as possible and removed from females. If this did not happen, the males could pollinate the female plants and "ruin" the harvest. Female plants would only produce seeds at that point.

TerrediCannabis feminized hemp seeds prevent this from happening. 99.99% of our seeds will guarantee you a female plant and a harvest worthy of the name. In fact, feminized seeds give an almost total guarantee of having a female Cannabis plant, the one that produces "buds".

If you have reached this point, it means that you are looking for genetics suitable for obtaining buds with excellent yields. You can therefore rely on this site. All without having to constantly check the sex of your plants, because our seeds are certified and guaranteed.


Our seeds

Buying seeds is simple. If you're keen to give it a try, take a look at the wide range of cannabis seeds . Ours is one of the most specialized websites, where you can find a great variety of products.

Products sold as adult collectibles, please check your countries laws before purchasing. Germinating cannabis seeds is still illegal in many countries.


Variety of medium but robust structure with large and strong lateral branches.

0712 / Amabile has a very high percentage of Cannabidiol, with ratios between 1: 1 and 1: 2 THC: CBD. Pleasant on the nose, with fruity touches and a pleasant aftertaste. For an intense, pleasant and extremely relaxing experience.


Excellent quality Sativa variety, with a majestic structure and capable of generating a very productive harvest. 0218 / Cedra is a genetic that develops robust branches full of compact, fragrant and terpene-rich flowers. Plant with a fresh citrus smell, with nuances of haze and an intense flavor. The Trichomes and Terpenes present offer a journey into the paradise of taste.


Self-flowering variety that develops large trunk and branches. Delicate but penetrating aroma. Early begins to flower when the plant reaches ideal height and size. Genetics with high CBD content, for immediate relaxation and unrepeatable pleasure


Genetics that develop an easy-to-grow strain, suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. Soave has a medium structure with many ramifications, a very intense fruity smell and a sweet flavour. Hybrid quality with high Cannabidiol content for moments when you need to disconnect.

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