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Eliminate THC paranoia by vaping CBD

In this article we tell you how you can defeat THC paranoia without saying goodbye to cannabis completely. How you do it? Our readers know the answer. Obviously, using CBD and cannabis light ! As you know, we are very active on social media and love talking to our followers.

Many of you write to us to compliment us, to ask questions or to tell us interesting stories about your way of using cannabis light . We also get a lot of advice on how to improve our cannabis and are open to constructive criticism and interesting "tips".

THC can play tricks on you. Some people cannot tolerate the effects of the active ingredient of cannabis and, after taking it, complain of almost immediate anxiety attacks . Others may take it for years without any consequences. Still others, after decades without problems, suddenly begin to feel the pinch, manifesting crises of anxiety and paranoia.

Often the simplest solution is to quit. Once the tooth is removed, the pain is removed. You say goodbye to THC and, in a flash, the paranoia disappears too. However, not everyone is willing to abandon cannabis: using marijuana can become a routine, a moment of daily relaxation to which the body and mind can easily get used to.

Light cannabis inflorescence

The story of Agata

It was on Facebook that we met Agata, a young Italian living abroad. Agata is from Milan, she moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago for study reasons and has never returned to Italy. An Erasmus in Amsterdam, for a twenty-year-old cannabis lover, can be a godsend. With a plane ticket you gain one of the liveliest cities in Europe, you say goodbye forever to checkpoint anxiety, weed bought under the counter, nosy neighbors and dangerous pushers.

In Amsterdam, the consumption and sale of marijuana has been legal for decades; cannabis can be sold in coffee shops, but cannot be consumed in public places or places open to the public. Coffee shops are the only ones that can regularly sell marijuana, which however cannot be purchased on the black market. Buying cannabis from a street pusher in Amsterdam, in fact, is exactly like doing it in Italy.

Agata arrives in Amsterdam in 2015 on a beautiful winter day. Leave your bags at the hotel and set out to discover the red light district, the city district also famous for its coffee shops. Her first approach to the city was fantastic: smoking in freedom seemed like a dream to her , she could choose from a thousand different varieties of cannabis and hashish, have a snack with a space cake or go to bed with a cannabis-based herbal tea.

A very happy girl with her hands raised and her back turned in the middle of an illuminated city

In a short time, spring had invaded the city parks and - with the first flowers - groups of young people had arrived, guitars, songs and obviously lots and lots of grass . Agata found herself experiencing situations that in Parco Sempione would have only been a dream and she was very happy about it. So far, so good.

We had a long conversion on Facebook, but at this point we still hadn't understood what Agata wanted to tell us. She began by talking about how CBD had changed her life , allowing her to start smoking again after a long time. What happened to Agata during her 5 Dutch years?

Everything was going smoothly, but - at a certain point - the grass stopped giving her that feeling of lightness and relaxation that it had always given her. The joints had suddenly become a source of anxiety and stress , resulting in an intense and long-lasting state of paranoia.

Weed paranoia

Not everyone experiences weed paranoia. A study by Freeman et al indicates that some users are particularly exposed than others. Weed paranoia tends to be triggered by negative emotions and abnormal experiences . In other words, if you smoke weed and start to feel fearful, or hear the trees whispering your name, you should be on the lookout for a possible paranoid episode .

Individuals who are naturally neurotic, prone to mistrust, or suspicious without good reason are also more likely to experience weed paranoia. To get around this, smoking weed with people you trust can be a good one.

Timothy Leary, as is well known, said that the effects of a trip are determined by set - preparation , i.e. the mental state of an individual, setting - organization , i.e. the circumstances in which the substance is taken , and drug, therefore the properties of the substance itself. We've talked about preparation and organization, but what about the substance?

Light cannabis field in Abruzzo

Paranoia is characterized by delusions of persecution, unjustified jealousy or the feeling of never being safe . Where rational thinking can lead a person to see situations as pure coincidence, paranoia will make them experience them as constructed and intentional. During the paranoid state, some people are afraid of being harmed by other people.

In extreme circumstances, these irrational fears or fixations can become the daily reality of the habitual consumer. This is exactly what happened to Agata. Thanks to anxiety about upcoming exams, homesickness and a bit of seasonal malaise, the girl suddenly started feeling sick after just two hits of grass.

Just two puffs, when before she was used to spending all her study breaks in a coffee shop. After a short time Agata decides to stop using marijuana forever. He couldn't take it anymore. Every time he got close to cannabis it was a disaster.

Enough THC

In 2017 Agata hangs up her filters and papers and says goodbye forever to marijuana and its effects. He tells us that he suffered greatly from the separation from his great passion but their relationship had now come to an end. The anxiety and paranoia were gone in the blink of an eye, but Agata's body needed to reset and start again without that daily dose of THC that he had been used to for years.

After about a year off from weed, Agata returns to Italy for the summer holidays and discovers something incredible. A few days ago, the law legalizing light cannabis, a type of weakened herb that is completely free of THC, came into force. However, light cannabis contains a lot of CBD, a good active ingredient capable of relaxing the body and mind, reducing stress and promoting rest.

It seemed like a sign: he had been missing from Italy for months and two days before his return did Parliament legalize light cannabis? It was worth a try. Agata wrote to us that she called a friend and went to discover the brand new light cannabis shops in the center with her. For an Italian who fled to Amsterdam the scenario was incredible: weed already packaged in doses and ready to be smoked, just like its illegal sister.

CBD was needed to give Agata back her great passion. The girl writes to us that she bought a selection of light cannabis and tried it almost immediately. Packing that joint was taking her back to a time when the joint was the perfect filler for every downtime.

Agata's surprise was enormous when she realized she was feeling great despite having just smoked a whole joint. It's all thanks to CBD!

A short animated guide on THC paranoia and anxiety

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