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The 5 best documentaries on cannabis

In this article we will tell you about the 5 best documentaries on hemp, with a small exclusive surprise: we will show you one in full!! If you are a true cannabis lover you won't be able to help but get to the end of the article, it is too important to know which are the most important films on the subject.

In these moments, in which we are forced to stay at home, putting into practice the famous advice #Istayathome, we must necessarily find alternatives to boredom and fear. What's better than a movie about cannabis. If you then want to enjoy the vision with one of our products, you will only have doubts about the choice, because our store is stocked with all products from the "CBD world": inflorescences, vaporizers, grinders, edibles, e-liquid, CBD oil . A true paradise for cannabis lovers.

But let's get to the films. Since the beginning of its history, cinema has given space, at least in some scenes, to marijuana ! As time passed, the first films and documentaries dedicated to the topic also arrived.

Cannabis is becoming more and more popular in countries around the world, as laws are changing and more people understand its benefits. Much of this change has been documented over the past 10 years, and some authors have taken it upon themselves to educate people about different aspects of cannabis, including health, politics, agriculture, and even land and environmental issues.

1-Cannabis lands

Directed by G.Marcon (2019)

Exclusively, just for Terre's friends: we present the entire film to you.


When Jacopo left Abruzzo he was young and could not tolerate that land of so many silences and no opportunities. But in his travels around the world, between successes and failures, he developed a crazy idea: to transform Abruzzo into the largest hemp field in the world. Madness, in fact, because cannabis is surrounded by suspicion and preconceptions, even today when it has come back into fashion thanks to the spread of "cannabis light", a therapeutic product used in medicine all over the world.

So, together with his lifelong friends, he formed a team of people who, like him, believed in that dream. People like Luca and Fabrizio, two boys who live in Acciano, a semi-abandoned village at the foot of the Sirente that is still trying to heal its wounds from the earthquake. Two Abruzzo people who chose to stay while everyone else was leaving: some to Pescara, some to Bologna, some to Germany. Not them, they were left to struggle daily with the absence of work and hope. Then there are people like the Neapolitans Gennaro and Zio Peppe, travelers of life looking for a new place to stop; there is Antonio the handyman, a family friend of Jacopo, and finally Nino, the only real farmer of the group, who at the age of seventy started growing cannabis because "we did '68 but we didn't smoke joints , but now that I know that this herb can cure someone I immediately accepted.” They are all ordinary people looking for something and their are life stories that sprout together with those green plants with richly scented flowers. Stories of research, of redemption, of never-ending battles to find work.

Jacopo knows that the area in which he was born is difficult, like the people who live there. A place that has suffered massive depopulation since the 1950s and where job opportunities are scarce. But at the same time he knows that he will also have to fight against prejudice about cannabis. And the weapons to fight against these hardships are the same ones that have been handed down in agriculture for millennia: commitment, dedication and patience. Only in this way can the earth open up. Then, people will open up with her.

Thus the adventure of Jacopo and his companions takes off, expanding the size of the company and creating new opportunities, to the point of attracting immigrant workers who are also fighting a battle against prejudice. And continuing, day after day, to chase the dream of transforming Abruzzo into a green and rich land, where silence is just a restful break between hard days of work.

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2- Our Hemp

Director: Filippo and Francesco Grecchi (2019)


Canapa Nostra is a cry of the people who want truth and justice, it is the troubled and exciting story of a forbidden plant that has accompanied man throughout his entire evolutionary history.
The documentary is divided into three chapters:

– “The history of cannabis”, which traces the main stages of the agricultural, industrial and legal history of this plant, from prehistory to prohibitionism, focusing in particular on our country.
– “Therapeutic Cannabis”, a clarifying journey made up of direct testimonies, for an in-depth analysis of cannabinoid-based therapeutics and the obstacles encountered by those who want to treat themselves with cannabis.
– “The return of hemp”, the final chapter of a journey that is still open, narrates the story of the cannabis light phenomenon and illustrates the potential of cannabis in the industrial and food sectors, between the return of an ancient tradition and the new discoveries that are being made of this plant a resource at the center of global attention, not only for its therapeutic properties.


3- The culture high

Directed by Brett Harvey (2014)


This documentary features the opinions of many industry experts, including doctors, scientists and celebrities from the cannabis world. "The Culture High" highlights the truth behind individual marijuana-related topics and the point of view of those who support and hinder the legalization process. It is a very important film from an informative point of view, because it examines different aspects related to Cannabis, and it does so on different levels. Thanks to this analysis on different levels, the "cannabis situation" is taken into consideration in the broadest possible way, offering a complete picture of the current situation. Created by the same author as "The Union: The business behind getting high".


4-Weed the people

Directed by Abby Epstein (2018)


Named after a 2-day celebration in Oregon following the legalization of recreational marijuana, this documentary investigates the prohibition of medical marijuana. The main goal of this film is to share the stories of some parents who have given medical marijuana to children with life-threatening illnesses and the difficulties they faced while doing so. A beautiful story, courageous and useful.


Cannabis seeds

5- Super high me

Directed by Michael Blieden (2007)


Determined to discover the real effects of marijuana on the human body and mind, comedian (and user of the year) Doug Benson documents his personal experience of deprivation for 30 days, followed by 30 days of abuse. Along the lines of the well-known Super Size Me, the documentary also wants to offer its contribution to the debate, and related scandals, on the use of weed for medical and curative purposes that has been raging in California for some years.


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