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The best cannabis strains in the world

Five weed strains that won't be forgotten

If you have what it takes, it takes a moment to become an icon! It happens to musicians, actors, models and stylists, writers, photographers and - of course - it also happens to marijuana. There are many cannabis strains in circulation, but only a few have earned a place in the Olympus of TOP strains, those awarded during the cannabis cup and coveted by cannabis consumers around the world.

How do you become the best marijuana in the world?

Having a good pedigree gives you a good chance of success, but not the certainty of top-notch offspring. Likewise, using good cannabis genetics does not guarantee a 100% top harvest. Once you have chosen the strain to grow, a series of factors emerge that can influence the THC content of the buds.

The main factors that influence the potency of a weed bud are mainly environmental: growing location (for example, indoor or outdoor), growing medium (for example, soil or hydroponics), light source, temperature, humidity and dioxide levels carbonic.

There are numerous cannabis growing techniques that can help boost the THC content within your buds, but they all have advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want to take advantage of the advantages of a light with a UVB spectrum you have two possibilities: you can grow in mountainous areas close to the equator or you can choose LED lights with UVB emission. However, both options are not "zero cost", since LED lights have a large impact on the bill and growing on a mountain requires a lot of effort!

The potency of a plant is also influenced by its genetics. This, in fact, contains all the information about the plant: the quantity of THC and CBD that it is capable of producing, the smells and flavors it releases, its growth behavior, etc. Cannabis expresses traits inherited from parents, just as happens in humans. Stable genetics allow you to obtain predictable characteristics passed down from its parents, while less stable genetics can give rise to plants with unpredictable characteristics, very often difficult to manage.

The 5 best cannabis strains in the world


According to experts, Super Silver Haze is the best sativa in the world. She is an award-winning beauty queen: she has won the Cannabis Cup three years in a row . Super Silver Haze is an 80% sativa hybrid and is known for its very high THC content. Its aroma is also very particular, and the flavor is sweet and not invasive.

Being an 80% sativa hybrid, Super Silver Haze allows you to perform various activities better and, thanks to its stimulating and energizing effect, it generates euphoria and manages to relieve anxiety . It is a perfect genetic for both recreational smokers and those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Super Silver Haze is a legend in the cannabis world. It was created by legendary breeder Neville Schoenmaker , a Cannabis breeder known for founding the first Cannabis seed bank in Holland in the early 1980s, called "The Seed Bank of Holland" .


OG Kush is an extremely potent medical strain , famous for its appearance, distinctive aroma and psychoactive effects. It is a predominantly Sativa hybrid with a small amount of Indica. OG Kush is a very popular strain of cannabis in Southern California and can be found in most medical clubs around Los Angeles. OG Kush is not a traditional Kush – it has no genetic link to plants from Mount Kush in Afghanistan – and is known for its effects, loved by casual smokers and those who like to stay active during the day.

The plant is also famous for its fresh scent of pine and lemon and for the appearance of its mature flowers, which are large , very compact and acid green in colour . It has a complete high , very cerebral but at the same time physical, which makes it one of the favorite strains for all types of smokers.


Sour Diesel is a hybrid of Diesel and Northern Lights , two very famous varieties, of which it has retained all the best characteristics. Known in the United States as one of the most famous Sativa strains of all time, Sour Diesel possesses unprecedented potency , making it a great classic among Cannabis hybrids.

Sour Diesel is a phenomenal plant, characterized by a sour, diesel scent and a spicy, citrusy flavour . It is perfect for novice growers , as it is particularly resistant to pests and over-fertilization.

It generates a powerful cerebral high and those who try it for the first time should expect intense, mental effects and a constant flow of ideas and thoughts. It is widely used for medical purposes , thanks to its intense and long-lasting effects that can help a wide range of symptoms , including stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle tension and migraines. Sour Diesel tends to reach 1-1.3 meters in height, with a flowering period of 10 weeks, and can offer yields of 450-600g/m2.


White Widow is an exceptional plant: it is easy to grow , it is very resistant , it has an unforgettable aroma and top-notch effects . What makes it even more fascinating is the mystery surrounding its origins: the most accredited hypothesis is that it comes from the cross between a pure Sativa , native to Brazil, and an Indian Indica hybrid . It has undergone careful genetic selection and today it is probably the best cannabis variety that has ever existed.

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid, so it has intense cerebral effects that come on very quickly. White Widow is perfect for those who love to reflect or for those who need to be motivated, thanks to its ability to lift enthusiasm and mood . In addition to the effect, the aroma and flavor are also noteworthy: the balsamic aroma of pine is immediately noticeable, followed by fresh, citrus notes .

Medical marijuana users appreciate its exceptional effectiveness in treating anxiety, stress, pain and depression .

White Widow, like most super-selected hybrids, is also very easy to grow , thanks to its strong resistance to parasites and mold. In indoor cultivation it reaches one meter in height, while outdoors it can even double that size.


Gorilla Glue is an herb with an amazing reputation and a somewhat checkered history .

It was created almost by accident by Josey Wales , co-founder of GG Strains in 2012. One of Wales' plants became hermaphroditic and pollinated the other specimens in the cultivation; Wales wanted to throw everything away and start over, while his friend and partner Lone Watie decided to save four specimens and bring them home. One of these four plants showed better characteristics than the other three. The two then decided to cross that miracle plant with a Chocolate Diesel .

This is how Gorilla Glue #4 was born, named after a prestigious brand of glues and adhesives, due to its very sticky resin. GG#4 won the Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles in 2014, the Cannabis Cup in Michigan in 2014 and the World Cannabis Cup in 2015.

In August 2017, GG Strains was sued by the Gorilla Glue Company alleging trademark infringement and lowering of its value, unfair competition and cybersquatting. Since 2017, to avoid a legal battle, Gorilla Glue strains #4, #1 and #5 changed their names to GG#4, GG#1 and GG#5.

There are many versions, such as Royal Queen Seeds and Royal Gorilla , the name under which GG#4 is marketed outside the USA.

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