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The most productive cannabis strains

The goal of cultivation is not always common to all growers. There are those who start cultivating to obtain a top quality harvest and focus little on yield, there are those who do it to obtain a large quantity of inflorescences and those who do it without thinking too much about the result. However, when growing cannabis the main objective remains to get the most out of your plants .

There are many ways to do this during the growth phases, but choosing genetics that are bred to produce as much bud as possible is the best way to start.

Indoor and outdoor: what changes in yield?

Growing outdoors is the most natural method for producing marijuana, like any other plant species. Cannabis is one of the oldest crops that man has ever cultivated, still widespread today. Growing cannabis outdoors only requires a few seeds and an appropriate location. Depending on the climate, plants require more or less attention, as nature itself will take care of their development. This method saves time and money , if done correctly. Indoor , on the other hand, is not based on natural cultivation principles, but on scientific methods . Over the years, this alternative has evolved enormously and both technological and cultural progress now allows excellent results to be achieved. To grow your cannabis indoors you will inevitably have to invest money , but the reward will be delicious compact buds.

But what changes between the two methods in the quantity of the harvest? Growing outdoors allows you to obtain potentially gigantic harvests , since the plants do not encounter any type of growth limit and receive light uniformly every day. This leads the plant to strengthen and grow: the larger the size of the plant, the larger its flowers will be and consequently also your crops. Growing indoors forces you to move within a defined development range, since the plant can only occupy the space that the grower has made available to it , but it allows you to keep all the plant's development parameters under control , unlike outdoors. , where nature can sometimes play tricks.

The most productive genetics

Here is our top ten of the ten highest yielding cannabis genetics.

  1. Purple Chem

Purple Chem is a champion: it has very powerful effects, an attractive appearance and an unprecedented yield. It has very rich DNA, composed of Chemdawg and pre-98 Bubba Kush genetics. It tends to occupy all the space available, therefore - especially indoors - it is advisable to fold it early, to keep the heights below 2m. Its yield is around 500-700 g/m².

Outdoors it exceeds 2m in height and can produce up to 500g per plant.

  1. Industrial Plant

Industrial Plant is a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa strain and is probably the highest producing version of the legendary Northern Lights. It is a great classic, known for its very spicy flavor and for its extremely relaxing and euphoric effects.

In just 45-50 days it produces huge, elongated buds of excellent quality. The leaf-flower ratio is 10-20%, so the buds are born (almost) ready to be dried. However, what characterizes it remains its impressive yield: in indoor cultivation the plants reach one meter in height, while outdoors it can exceed 2m and produce yields of over 1kg.

  1. Critical Kush

Critical Kush has very noble origins: it comes from the cross between OG Kush, one of the most popular strains in the United States, and Critical. Being a hybrid she has retained all the best qualities of her parents and can produce a large amount of pine-tasting buds.

It flowers in 50-60 days and does so in a very exuberant manner. It does not grow excessively, just like Critical, of which it retains the appearance and structure, but develops numerous branches and produces a gigantic main cola. The Kush genetics give the buds a rather fascinating appearance, thanks to its resin crystals and its powerful sedative effect. It has a very low CBD content (1-2%), but its THC levels can exceed 20%. For this reason, it is recommended for experienced consumers.

  1. Big Bud

Big Bud comes from an ancient genetic, the Green Bud Machine, of which it retains the aromas and effects. It is a blend of Afghan and Skunk#1 and has an aroma that is very reminiscent of hashish. It is a herb with a sublime flavor, with full-bodied and pungent fragrances. It is an indica-dominant genetic and gives the consumer very relaxing body effects.

It is one of the varieties that is most suitable for the novice grower, since it has a high resistance to the most various forms of stress which do not significantly affect production yields. Big Bud is easy to grow and tolerates beginner's mistakes quite well. It flowers in a maximum of 60 days and maintains a rather small size, never exceeding one meter in height. Despite this, it can produce up to 600g/m².

  1. Moby Dick

Moby Dick comes from a very lucky genetic mix: it is a hybrid of Haze and White Widow, very resinous and characterized by the typical green color. It has a low CBD and high THC content, but the Sativa dominance makes it very pleasant for the consumer. It causes a combined physical and mental effect: initially it induces a very stimulating and clear-headed cerebral high, followed by very relaxing body effects. It has very persistent hints of earth, pine and wood.

Outdoors it can grow up to 3 meters in height in the warmest areas, which is why indoors it is best to prune it early to obtain maximum yields. It takes 9-10 weeks to complete flowering and produces an average of 600g/m².

  1. Brian Berry Cough

Brian Berry Cough is a premium indica-sativa hybrid, named after a man with ALS. It comes from Strawberry Cough, Romulan and Cindy 99 genetics.

Plants can reach 2 meters indoors and 3m outdoors in a dry, hot climate, so it is recommended to bend Brian Berry Cough's branches early to control their size. Yields can be incredibly high, ready after just 8-9 weeks of flowering.

  1. Critical Mass

This fine blend of Afghani and Skunk genetics could only be our first name. It is a very interesting Indica cannabis strain, both from the grower's and consumer's point of view. It is an extremely productive plant, which flowers quickly, and this is why it is so loved by growers. When smoked, however, it is appreciated for its rather pungent earthy flavor and its prolonged relaxing and intoxicating effects.

Its yields are crazy: the most experienced growers in the south can obtain up to 1kg per plant. The buds of Critical Mass are very large and their size, however, exposes them to the risk of mold. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to humidity and - in case of emergency - take action very quickly.

Indoors the Critical buds take on a compact structure. The plant flowers in about 50 days and responds very well to the SOG technique. Similarly, outdoors and in southern and warm climate zones, Critical Mass can become a true marijuana bush. With a minimum input of fertilizers and little care, this plant can produce up to 700gr/m².

  1. Monster

Monster is a cross between a G13 Hashplant and an exotic sativa-dominant hybrid from South America, of which it retains the genetic heritage. It is a plant characterized by fast and widespread growth; if it is not contained in the right way, the Monster takes up all the space available to it. It has a very pungent odor and a pleasant and euphoric effect, thanks to the not excessive THC content.

The Monster does not disappoint expectations either indoors or outdoors. It is very productive and its buds show a strong resistance to mold. Outdoors it can reach 4m in height and is said to yield yields of up to 3kg in Mediterranean areas.

  1. Power Plant

Power Plant is a sativa-dominant hybrid with South African origins, famous for its high productivity and the cerebral effects of its buds. When it was launched on the market in 1997, it caused a huge sensation: never before had a sativa produced such extraordinary buds. Power Plant has a pungent earthy flavor and a powerful effect on the mind.

It is a widely used herb for two reasons: it flowers in 8 weeks and remains below 2m indoors and outdoors, with yields of up to 600g/m² indoors and up to 500-600g per plant outdoors in warm weather conditions.

  1. BigFoot

The Big Foot is a little mystery: we are certain of its existence - like the legendary creature from which it takes its name, but we don't know where it comes from. It is a perfectly balanced hybrid of indica-sativa, with a fruity and sweet aroma that causes prolonged relaxing effects.

When not folded it can easily exceed 2 meters in height. Flowering is fast and does not exceed 7-9 weeks, but you must be careful to remove the larger leaves to ensure that the buds are evenly exposed to the light. In indoor cultivation, and outdoors in very hot climates, it normally produces 500-600 g/m².

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