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Terre di Cannabis is much more than a company: it is a family made up of people who love cannabis , appreciate its benefits and want to be the bearers of change. We promote the cultivation and use of light cannabis and hemp-based products .

Nature has provided man with many resources, many of which are ignored. Hemp is a very important resource, the use of which was the flagship of our country until the early sixties. Until that moment, Italy was the second largest producer of industrial hemp in the world, after the Soviet Union, and was the largest supplier of fiber for the production of the uniforms of the English navy. Until that moment, cannabis was tolerated in Italy , also because there was no law prohibiting it. It was even smoked as a replacement for tobacco, which was more expensive than weed at the time, but when – in the 1960s and 1960s – it became the symbol of rebellious youth, the government felt the need for a crackdown. Thus it was included in the list of psychotropic substances and was eliminated whenever it was used.

Why deprive ourselves of what exists in nature? There is no valid answer to this question!

This is why Terre di Cannabis was born: to make the most of what mother nature has given us , starting from the earth, from that land that we love and have great respect for.

Lands of Cannabis: a bit of history

The company was founded in 2018 and in just over a year it managed ten hectares of land across the entire national territory , creating a network that goes from Abruzzo to Emilia-Romagna , up to Veneto and Puglia . and Tuscany . We are always looking for people ready to join our family, professional farmers and growers, but also ordinary people who want to change their lives, people who, like us, trust in cannabis and who believe in the potential of this plant .

Day after day, we have involved more than thirty families in our network , who work the land and take care of our precious Cannabis crops, and allow us - together with our experts and researchers - to bring cannabis inflorescences of very high level .

We are a group of professionals linked by respect for the environment, traditions, cultural and human heritage, with a particular eye to the territory that surrounds us and hosts us, to nature and eco-sustainable development.

Growers dedicate great care to the growth of our plants, taking care of each phase carefully. After harvesting, we select the best buds, which are delivered to the dryer, where they are transformed into the best light cannabis inflorescences around. Ours is not a massive production: each Terre Di Cannabis plant carries within itself an extraordinary story of men and women , made of effort and pride. We are animated by great enthusiasm and a profound knowledge of the sector, which adds to that of the best botanists and genetics scholars we have involved in the project.

We believe in the value of Italian tradition, in the culture of "know-how" that our ancestors have left us as a legacy; we develop increasingly refined genetics, to create and sell only excellent products.

We follow the entire supply chain step by step , from the preparation of the soil to the packaging of the inflorescences: methodology and pragmatism here in Terre di Cannabis become synonymous with a guarantee for our customers .

Inflorescences from organic farming

We grow in an "organic" way, using basic principles in caring for soil fertility to preserve the balance of the environment in which we operate. We apply the basic concepts of agro-ecology , with the aim of cultivating our Cannabis in a perfect environmental balance . We take care of our lands with great meticulousness: we plough, we till, we prepare the soil as our grandparents taught us and we only use natural fertilizers produced by the animals on our farms. We sow manually and take care of each specimen, bud after bud, flower after flower, taking care of our Cannabis throughout its life cycle.

We select the best flowers one by one, thanks to a specific cataloging coordinated daily by our laboratory , which allows us to monitor every single step : from growth to development, from problems to critical issues. We control the flowering phase in every aspect, to ensure a good supply of cannabinoids and terpenes within our inflorescences. In our dryer the inflorescences acquire a unique flavour, maturing terpenes with an exclusive and unmistakable flavour , thanks also to the constant control of temperature and humidity. Our goal is to offer the highest quality at the right price, with natural, fragrant inflorescences with a unique taste. The only ones with the Terre brand.

Our products

We produce and sell inflorescences of the highest quality, coming from the best genetics, carefully selected, perfectly dried and preserved.


Energetic fragrance, exclusive flavor, similar to: Amnesia

Amnesia represents the fruit of our experience in cultivation and is the latest addition to our inflorescences. Amnesia flowers are compact, full-bodied and with a young, sophisticated, free taste. Amnesia grows in our green house in Abruzzo, protected and pampered by the sun's rays and the sea air. The resin produced by Amnesia is loaded with terpenes and flavonoids which give very pleasant scents to the touch and smell. The effect is completely cerebral, you will feel like you are walking through the canals of Amsterdam. Ideal for combating stress, anxiety and insomnia. To fly with limitless imagination, a sensation worth experiencing at least once.


Cold of the Sirente

Special taste, icy touch, similar to: Somango

An unmistakable fragrance for this variety of Cannabis grown indoors with the most effective technologies and the fundamental experience of our Master Hemp Grower. The largest indoor greenhouse in Abruzzo to guarantee the best cannabis light inflorescences with a high concentration of CBD, an experience with a classic taste but with an intense flavor like the winter breeze. Unique like our mountains, strong like our tenacity and gentle like the perceived sensation: Winter Limited Edition, a wonderful journey to discover the best indoor grown cannabis.


Young character, captivating taste, similar to Strawberry kush

We arrived at such a particular inflorescence as Frutti OG by listening to the advice of our most loyal customers. This type of genetics is an absolute novelty in the cannabis light panorama because Frutti OG has a secret: it is completely reminiscent of cannabis with high percentages of THC.

Frutti OG is the classic product that is good for any occasion: alone in search of relaxation and with friends to share an evening in company. Its fruity taste is reminiscent of walking barefoot in a grapefruit field, or among the rows of a Langhe vineyard.

Opulent Reserve

Spicy scents, oriental scent, similar to: Lemon Haze

Ancient and timeless, the first born among our inflorescences. Riserva Opulenta grows in our Cannabis Fields in Castelvecchio, Abruzzo, at 490 meters above sea level. It has a taste that resembles us and belongs to us. Its aroma is earthy, consistent, with spicy hints. It represents our "ecotype" and therefore a way to express our identity in the world. Rich in everything, the strongest and most refined inflorescence that we have managed to grow. The appearance is that of a bouquet of flowers with a scent reminiscent of the East.

Holy Green

Fruity taste, sweet aftertaste, similar to: Critical Mass

Directly from our Cannabis Fields in Brindisi in Puglia. Santa Verde a quality with 10% CBD and THC within the limits permitted by law. Santa Verde Cannabis flowers are born and grow a few meters above sea level. Our Premium Quality Cannabis "Santa" was born when our Master Hemp Grower adapted his skills acquired on the Indica to the Hemp we were growing. It has a fruity, sweet but at the same time natural character that closely resembles the classic Critical Mass. This variety has created a new generation of inflorescences and this makes us even more proud of the work we are doing with Terre di Cannabis.

In addition to light cannabis inflorescences, we also market collectible seeds with high CBD and THC content in accordance with the law.

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