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Stop smoking cigarettes with light marijuana

The world of online shopping makes it quite difficult to come into direct contact with your most loyal customers. This is why we take advantage of social networks to intercept our most active followers, with whom we love to chat as we do with loyal customers in real stores. Having no official shops, Terre di Cannabis relies on retailers spread across the national territory, who - thanks to constant research - select the best suppliers of legal hemp.

In fact, since CBD took off, the market has become more complex: alongside serious companies, which dedicate themselves to the cultivation of cannabis of the best varieties and only place superior quality inflorescences on the market, there are also unsavory characters , who - taking advantage of the law that made light marijuana legal in Italy - improvised as growers overnight.

We carefully select our retailers, precisely to make sure we entrust our products to people who love the world of sativa hemp just as we love it, and who are careful to fill their shelves only with light cannabis varieties of the highest level.

Story of a very special meeting

At the beginning of last summer we met in person two future loyal customers of Terre di Cannabis. Their names are Ruth and Hans and they are two very sweet German gentlemen who spent their holidays traveling around central-southern Italy. They have been married for forty years and still look at each other like sweethearts. They really love walking in the woods, especially in summer, when the animals are out of their dens and can be watched and photographed. Ruth loves photographing nature, to which she has always been very attentive. Like many of her compatriots, she is also a long-standing ecologist, always careful not to leave traces and waste behind her.

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Walking along a dirt path, our two German friends came across an open-air cannabis cultivation. They were not informed about the Italian law regarding cannabis sativa, and at first they were a little alarmed: they were afraid of having passed through an open gate and of having ended up on the property of some criminal. They looked around curiously and, after a while, they realized that it was a legal weed cultivation, the kind with a very low THC content and high levels of CBD. Ruth and Hans continued walking along the path and after a nice walk they arrived at our headquarters, the Terre di Cannabis farm, where our wonders are born.

Light cannabis cultivation in Abruzzo

Ruth speaks Italian very well, thanks to her Tuscan grandmother who moved to Germany before the war, and she told us a lot of things about their slow holiday . They had been in Abruzzo for a few days, but their journey would take them south, to enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​Salento. Hans is a few years older than Ruth and has many years of smoking under his belt. In Germany, his wife tells us, no one smokes anymore . “There's only him left!” he tells us, making fun of his other half, that he doesn't speak Italian but - from what we thought - understands it very well.

Hans would like to quit his nicotine addiction , but he can't. He has been trying for years with all the methods available - books, patches, acupuncture, chewing gum and hypnosis - but nothing seems to work for his cigarette consumption. So we suggested he try our light hemp . With the promise of meeting again the following day for a live review, we gave him some weed from the 2019 harvest. It's a cannabis mix, made up of three of our most renowned strains. Popolo – our herb most similar to White Widow in flavour, consistency and “high”, Volare – a completely organic inflorescence, grown without the use of pesticides, similar to the classic Haze – and Perla , which - like AK-47 - induces a relaxing effect and is able to counteract anxiety, stress and depressive states.

Volare is loaded with a viscous resin, demonstrating its high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, which do not suggest in the slightest that it has low levels of THC. Popolo is also a 100% organic flower, aromatic like moss and autumn fruits, while Perla is perfect for treating aches and pains, muscle pain and insomnia problems.

The next day Ruth and Hans came back to visit us and... Guess what? They were thrilled with our gift and couldn't wait to buy some of this new light marijuana to take with them on their trip.

We don't usually sell retail, but we made an exception for them. Helping Hans with his tobacco use was becoming our calling. Of course, there are a thousand ways to quit smoking, but doing so by choosing to indulge in a moment of relaxation with a very high quality product is a masterstroke. Well done Hans and well done Ruth!

Flying cannabis light

Cannabis grown with wisdom

In cannabis cultivation , experience and precision make the difference . We at Terre have chosen to take it slowly and, over the years, we have added variety and products to our offer. We decided to leave without haste, to evaluate the difficulties each time and find solutions tailor-made for us. We grow cannabis out of passion , the same one that binds us closely to nature, on which we are almost dependent. We have chosen to involve many people in the Terre project, to create a broad network of growers - expert and less experienced - with whom we share, in addition to the project in question, also a common vision of the world.

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We produce grass organically , taking care of our hemp crops with great meticulousness: we plow, till, prepare the soil and use only natural fertilization thanks to the animals on our farms. We sow manually and take care of each specimen, bud by bud, flower by flower, monitoring the inflorescences throughout their life cycle. We select the best flowers thanks to the work of our quality technicians, who monitor every single phase of the growth of legal marijuana and choose only the best for our online shop. Even the flowering phase is kept under strict control assiduously, because it is at that moment that the quantity of active ingredient present in the female inflorescences which will then be dried is defined.

Drying cannabis light

In our dryer the inflorescences acquire a unique flavour , maturing terpenes with an exclusive taste thanks also to the constant control of temperature and humidity. We also use sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment in the phase dedicated to trimming , i.e. the cleaning of already dried flowers from leaves and cultivation impurities, leaving the final "touch" to the expert hands of our collaborators.

Cannabis and the elderly: a perfect combination

Cannabis is good for you and this is now well known. What, however, is little talked about is that marijuana can prove to be a great ally in old age . Advancing age brings with it a natural decline in bodily functions, as well as cognitive ones. It is estimated that 90% of people over 65 take at least one drug a week. The data is in line with the age of the sample and does not shock anyone, but it becomes disturbing if you consider that more than 40% of over 65s take at least 5 drugs a day and 12% even more than 10. A dose of such important medicines can lead to a long series of side effects, due both to the interaction between the drugs and to the reduced disposal capacity of the organism in senile age.

CBD, from this perspective, could be the panacea for all our grandparents . Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for replacing NSAID drugs, which the elderly often abuse to treat the symptoms of other pathologies, related to age or complex clinical pictures. In addition to the beneficial qualities of CBD , which work on the very young as well as the elderly, many scientific studies have highlighted the potential of the active ingredient in treating pathologies closely linked to senile age, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. .

Although more in-depth clinical studies are still underway, several trials have monitored the changes in symptoms on samples of Parkinson's patients, following daily administration of cannabidiol-based pills for 2-6 weeks. The results of this research have highlighted a significant reduction in tics and tremors due to the muscle relaxant and antispasmodic action of CBD.

Further interesting effects have been obtained thanks to the administration of CBD-based oil in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis : the results of some clinical tests have shown that, through oral administration or cutaneous application, CBD has a significant analgesic action on pain of the joints and, also acting as an anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and swelling of the affected areas.

Even for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, CBD proves to be a great ally: it prevents the degeneration of brain cells, proving to be an important support.

Although there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, research has shown that the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system - obtained through the administration of CBD - has the ability to significantly alleviate the sense of social isolation, depression, restlessness and anxiety. insomnia, typical symptoms of subjects suffering from this disease . Finally, important beneficial effects of CBD have been found on the degeneration of brain cells, which the properties of this cannabinoid help to make healthier and more resistant.

Stock cannabis light

Cannabis is the best anti-aging for the brain

It is now known that, with age, our brain performance decreases and, sooner or later, we find ourselves having to deal with previously unknown cognitive and physical problems . A study conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Bonn - in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - seems to demonstrate that cannabis can also play a role in slowing down these brain aging processes. So can old age be cured?

The study starts from the assumption that the brain ages like all organs of the human body. At a certain point, without a real reason, it becomes more difficult to learn new things or pay attention to multiple things at the same time. In a mild form, this does not affect the lifestyle of the affected person in any way, but - if it worsens - it can lead to forms of dementia . The objective of this study is to try to understand how to slow down or block this extreme degenerative process: to do so, scientists administered CBD to a group of "elderly" guinea pigs who, after prolonged low-dose treatment, regressed to a cerebral state of a two-month-old mouse.

These animals have a relatively low life expectancy in the wild and show pronounced cognitive deficits starting from 10 – 12 months. The researchers administered a small amount of cannabinoids to 2-, 12- and 18-month-old animals for four weeks. A comparison of the learning ability and memory performance of these animals before and after the test gave an extraordinary result: the mice that were given only a placebo showed natural age-related degeneration, while the animals' cognitive functions older adults treated with cannabis were comparable to those of two-month-old mice.

According to scientists, this treatment completely reversed the process of brain degeneration for a very specific reason: with increasing age, the quantity of endocannabinoids present in the brain of guinea pigs (just like in the human brain) is reduced, together with the activity of the entire endocannabinoid system, which allows the human brain to remain young and responsive.

CBD dragees

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