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Vaporize cannabis light

In this article we will talk about vaporization, an alternative method to combustion: healthy, convenient and long-lasting. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. What is a vaporizer
  2. Three categories of vaporizers
  3. How to choose a vaporizer based on your needs

The first questions that people without direct experience ask themselves when they see a package of cannabis light are: but how is it used? Let's have lunch? Do you smoke? The answer is simple: cannabis light can be ingested, inhaled and smoked, although we prefer to suggest the vaporization of hemp sativa . A safe and guaranteed system that allows for comfortable, healthy use and an unmistakable taste of the best legal inflorescences on the market. Without using tobacco!

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What is a vaporizer?

The vaporizer is nothing more than a device used to vaporize or nebulize the active ingredients of a solid or liquid material, in this case Cannabis light inflorescences . Vaporizers contain various types of extraction chambers and are generally constructed of glass or metal, the vapor generated can be collected in a special collector, or inhaled directly through some sort of mouthpiece. When used correctly, thanks to the lower temperatures caused by the lack of combustion to burn organic compounds, it produces a significantly more efficient and refined extraction of individual molecules.

In our specific case we will be able to adjust the temperature of the vaporizer to taste the CBD present within the legal hemp .

Generally, vaporizers are divided into three categories

conduction: the inflorescences inserted inside the heating chamber are burned by a boiler powered by a battery.

convection: the inflorescences are heated thanks to the use of hot air circulating through the material.

hybrids: a mix between the two previous methods: The inflorescences are heated through convection but it is also helped by the passage of hot air inside the combustion chamber.

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How to choose a vaporizer that suits your needs?

The characteristics of this device have different peculiarities for each model on the market which must be carefully assessed with respect to personal needs , paying attention to the technical specifications provided by the parent company. For an optimal choice you must always consider the following characteristics.

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Warm-up time

Every vaporizer must use a heat source to work. To reach the desired temperature, some models take a few seconds, others a few minutes. A device operated using an open flame will heat up very easily, as will devices powered by batteries. In the case of vaporizers with ceramic heaters, the waiting time will increase and the resistance will also be greater: many products of this type have been designed to remain on for a good part of the day and to guarantee prolonged use.

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Temperature emission and control

The release can be of two types: assisted release and unassisted release. In assisted release vaporizers, the vapor is emitted through a convexity, which can for example be a tube that comes out directly from the device. The unassisted release, on the other hand, has an indirect emission, through a fan or a pump which fills a bag.

In the assisted release devices we will have the possibility to enjoy a deeper aroma because the suction will be more intense, inhaling directly from the instrument while in the unassisted one, having a "deposit" chamber in which the vapor passes, it influences the aroma when it settles on the surface. Temperature control is fundamental because it is possible to avoid the combustion of materials differently from what happens with cigarettes, and we can better manage the release of the aromas or specific components of the Cannabis light inflorescences , when very specific temperatures are reached.


Almost all vaporizers run on batteries, although there are models that work like a flame thanks to the use of butane gas for ignition. Electrically powered vaporizers are much more common and almost always have a ceramic heater. There are also models powered by an electric cable, even if they are less practical and not very dynamic. Some devices can also work with removable batteries or internal rechargeable batteries, such as those in cell phones.


We can therefore summarize that: the vaporizer is a tool for vaporizing some of the active ingredients of cannabis and other compounds such as terpenes. This system can eliminate damage to the respiratory system, because it eliminates the burning of cigarettes and the dependence on tobacco, in this way, the active ingredients present within the legal inflorescences can be taken at controlled temperatures ranging from 150°C to 230°C, avoiding the combustion process where the fumes reach over 1000°C.

Thanks to the settings of the vaporizers, which allow you to regulate the temperature, the active ingredients can be taken more effectively, depending on the active ingredient you wish to take. If we want to take CBD, we will need to vaporize the cannabis at a temperature between 160°C and 180°C.

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