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DaVinci Iq2 Vaporizer: everything you need to know

Using a weed vaporizer is the smartest method there is to enjoy the beneficial properties of light cannabis without harming our health. In this article we will try to clarify what it means to vaporize light marijuana and why it is so important to avoid combustion. Finally, we will discover the features of the DaVinci Iq2 vaporizer, one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. Here's what we'll see specifically:

  1. Vaping: a healthy way to enjoy cannabis
  2. How does it work
  3. How to use
  4. How to clean it
  5. How to do maintenance
Cannabis light

Vaping: a healthy way to enjoy cannabis

In recent times, fortunately, there are many people who choose to vape to avoid smoking . In addition to nicotine and other harmful substances contained in tobacco, in fact, the extremely harmful thing about smoking a cigarette or a normally rolled joint of legal weed is the combustion. An inevitable process when we use paper and maps.

Not everyone knows that combustion, in addition to damaging our health, burns more than 80% of the cannabinoids ( CBD , CBG) and terpenes contained in light marijuana.

This obviously also applies to non-legal cannabis, a rolled joint will disperse and burn more than half of the THC contained in your weed, which would instead be retained with the use of a good cannabis vaporizer. Furthermore, all vaporizers on the market allow you to regulate the temperature , an element that enhances both the therapeutic and aromatic properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the inflorescences, which fully release their active ingredient only at a certain temperature .

If you have never yet considered vaporizing cannabis or cannabis light, now is the time to do it. Below is a very brief overview of the main types of cannabis vaporizers. they can be:

  • Table or "desktop" vaporizer : medium or large in size, they are designed to be used within a domestic environment and need a power socket to work, so it is not possible to use them around or move them easily.
  • Portable vaporizers : small in size, they are designed to be taken anywhere. The main feature is therefore portability, which in some cases is combined with a vaporization quality worthy of a desktop vaporizer.

Whether they are of one type or the other, devices can use three types of mechanisms:

  • conduction : the heating mechanism uses a heating source on which the inflorescence is placed.
  • by convention : the inflorescence is placed in a sort of small separate heating chamber and does not come into direct contact with the heat source. It is very common in desktop vaporizers.
  • hybrid : it is a "two in one" heating system, which uses both of the previous mechanisms.

How the DaVinci Iq2 portable vaporizer works

Tool overview

The DaVinci Iq 2 is a latest generation conduction vaporizer, extremely simple to use, very attractive from a design point of view thanks to the satin aluminum that covers it, giving it a touch of elegance.

It is not only the design that is surprising, it is in fact an extremely solid and refined device also from the point of view of the materials that compose it.

The internal components have been built with top quality materials, from the medical grade metal with which the mechanical parts are built, to the zirconium ceramic with which the airflow has been constructed, for a very pure vaping session.

If you are looking for an excellent conduction vaporizer, which also has dual uses (herbs, extracts,) excellent battery life and is also cost-effective, this may be the right one.

DaVinci Iq2 is a little bigger than its predecessor, because it includes new features such as dosage control and adjustable airflow , which we will see in detail shortly.


  • Filling chamber : designed to be used directly and comfortably, without the use of shovels, pipe cleaners or other external aids. It contains up to 0.5 grams of herb if properly chopped, but is suitable for smaller sessions thanks to the 0.2 degree capsule dedicated to extracts.
  • Double function : this new model, unlike the previous one and most induction vaporizers, is suitable for both vaporizing inflorescences and extracts and waxes.
  • Temperature control : With DaVinci Q2 and its innovative Smarthpath function, four predefined temperatures are automatically set, designed to taste different cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol , at the right temperature. This means you don't have to worry about setting the temperature every time you turn it on, of course you just need to press a button to control the temperature manually, customize it and possibly store it using the DaVinci app.
  • Battery : this light marijuana vaporizer features a removable and rechargeable battery, which lasts on average about an hour. The charging time is approximately six hours, but since it can be removed, it can also be charged with an external charger purchased separately.


    Inside the DaVinci Iq2 package, together with the device, you will find the following accessories:

    • 10mm bubbler adapter
    • 0.2 g dosing container, 9 pieces of organic cotton: to be used to vaporize light marijuana in the form of extract
    • 1 ceramic extraction tab: to facilitate the removal of contents such as waxes and oils
    • USB charging cable
    • Withdrawal tool
    • 9 alcohol wipes: to sanitize the device

    The accessories will be useful during the use, charging and cleaning phases of the device.


    How to use

    To start vaporizing cannabis light via inflorescences or extracts with our DaVinci IQ, just press the main control button.

    The IQ is designed to automatically turn on in Smartpath mode, simply select one of the four possible options to start heating your buds to the right temperature. By clicking on the control button just once, it is possible to switch to manual temperature mode and set the degrees to our liking.

    Instead, by holding down the main control button, we can activate the Boost mode , which quickly heats up to the maximum temperature. Before the very first use it is advisable to carry out what is called " overheating" or "burn off" of the device.

    All we have to do is start our herb vaporizer with the heating chamber empty and activate the Boost mode, the vaporizer will immediately reach the maximum temperature of 220 degrees. Let's leave it in this mode for a few minutes to ensure the elimination, through evaporation, of any manufacturing residues. With this operation, you will ensure pure, fragrant and tasty vapor from the first use.

    It is important to remember that the special functions of this herb vaporizer, such as precise temperature control, Smartpath and Boost mode, can also be used without the app , which if anything allows you to enhance them.

    Finally, and this applies to every type of vaporizer, it is advisable to chop the inflorescences with a herb grinder before filling the appropriate filling chamber, so as to facilitate vaporization.

    To vaporize extracts or waxes, however, you will need to place the extracts on the ceramic extraction tab , combine them with one of the pieces of organic cotton supplied and insert everything into the measuring capsule, which is 0.2 and is very convenient even for small doses of inflorescences.

    Cannabis XL

    How to clean it

    The DaVinci Iq2 vaporizer is extremely simple to clean compared to other vaporizers but also compared to its previous version. After each vaporization section it is advisable to let it cool and then clean the filling chamber with a damp cloth .

    Once every fifteen sessions or so, it will be a good idea to do a complete cleansing instead.

    To clean the filling chamber we can use the supplied alcohol wipes (alternatively it is easy to reproduce DIY sanitizing wipes) and using a stick or a cotton swab, push them down to gently but thoroughly clean the chamber filling in all its parts and leave to dry.

    For the mouthpiece , simply disassemble it and immerse it in alcohol for half an hour, then rinse it well with hot water and leave to dry.

    The flavor room can also be dismantled and cleaned easily with alcohol and a cotton towel.

    Once the individual components have been cleaned, we reassemble our herb vaporizer, activate the Boost mode, strictly with an empty air chamber and clean any alcohol residues at maximum temperature.

    How to do maintenance

    Hygiene is the first thing to maintain to ensure a device that works properly.

    If cleaned regularly, the DaVinci vaporizer does not require any particular maintenance. This is an extremely solid device, expertly built and quality components that are easy to maintain.

    Furthermore, most of the components are removable and replaceable and all the parts can be easily found online . It is still a delicate device that must be handled with attention and care, but this depends on us. Finally, if it were defective, the device would be covered by a ten-year warranty.

    Choosing a herb vaporizer and forever giving up the damage of combustion is the smartest choice you can make. If you're undecided about which vaporizer to choose, remember that portable vaporizers are the wisest choice because you can actually take them with you and vaporize without smoking .

    Among all those available, DaVinci Iq2 remains a guarantee and is certainly one of the best choices in terms of quality and price . We would dare say that it is the best conduction vaporizer on the market, at that size!

    If you are curious, take a look at our website, where you can find, in addition to the DaVinci vaporizer, a selection of extracts and our best 100% organic and made in Italy inflorescences . All our flowers grown organically and certified, without the use of pesticides and heavy metals are ideal for vaporization.

    Don't miss this opportunity and stay updated on our news. A very rare and brand new cannabigerol variety is coming soon.

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