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Aria | 2g.

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    Aria is inspired by the famous Master Kush, a cross between two index strains that grow along the slopes of the Hindu Kush, the imposing mountain range on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan with peaks that exceed 7000 meters.

    It is an extremely resistant variety both to parasites and to climatic adversities.

    This strain began to spread in Europe and the United States towards the end of the 1960s.

    Before establishing itself as one of the best indica-dominant strains at an international level, it had to wait until the beginning of the 90s, when it won the Cannabis Cup twice in a row.

    This variety also stands out for its pain-relieving properties and can be used to combat anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. Aria incorporates all the exquisitely indicative qualities of Master Kush but is devoid of any psychoactive effect, since it is a 100% legal light marijuana variety.




    Aria-Master Kush is a light cannabis inflorescence grown along the slopes of Velino, in the mountainous heart of Abruzzo. The purity of the mountain air, a natural and organic cultivation, free of pesticides and heavy metals and conducted in harmony with natural cycles, are reflected in a genuine and high quality product. Sustainability and the protection of natural resources are an integral part of Terre di Cannabis' philosophy and characterize every stage of the production chain, entirely managed by the company. In this way Terre di Cannabis offers its customers true Italian excellence.

    Flavor and Appearance


    Like its inspiration, Aria-Master Kush has buds of medium to small size, emerald green, often covered with a dense network of deep orange pistils that can fade into golden streaks.

    These marijuana flowers are extremely resinous, thanks to the high concentration of trichomes, the short, thick silvery white protuberances in which most of the active ingredient, in our case CBD, is concentrated.

    The aroma incorporates all the characteristics that have made Master Kush one of the most popular Indicas on the market. The natural and intense flavor is broken up by woody and citrus notes attributable to the notable concentration of limonene, a terpene highly appreciated for its numerous therapeutic properties.

    They release earthy and citrus notes with a light touch of incense, it is a completely new aroma, the result of a great work of selection and subsequent mixing of precious and rare terpenes.

    The CBD content is 20% and therefore guarantees a relaxing, powerful and long-lasting effect, which goes perfectly with the exquisitely Indica qualities of this fine variety.







    It is now an established fact that the best way to fully benefit from the numerous therapeutic properties of light cannabis is through vaporization.

    During the combustion process of the flower, up to 80% of the terpenes and cannabinoids are lost, compromising both the taste and the beneficial properties of the cannabis sativa plant.

    Vaporization, on the other hand, allows you to fully benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD while enjoying the aromas released by the terpenes.

    The optimal temperature to make the most of the properties of CBD, among which the antioxidant ones stand out, ranges from 160 to 180 degrees. If you decide to vaporize Aria -Master Kush, the temperature that best highlights its characteristic citrus notes due to the high concentration of limonene is 176 degrees.

    Since the flowers are extremely resinous, it is best to crush them carefully before placing them in the vaping compartment.



    Aria- Master Kush stands out for its high CBD content, 20%. This means that it interacts very quickly with our endocannabinoid system and can therefore prove effective in cases of anxiety, mood swings, insomnia and depression.

    This light marijuana variety can be a valid support for stimulating appetite and combating nausea.

    The high concentration of limonene can make it a great help to combat anxiety attacks, as well as an effective remedy in case of gastritis.

    The THC content is 0.2%, the maximum limit allowed by law, and Air Master Kush therefore has no psychoactive effects.

    100% Legal


    Like all light marijuana varieties produced by Terre di Cannabis, Aria -Master Kush is also cultivated in compliance with law 242/16. With a THC content of 0.2% it is in fact free of any psychoactive or doping effect. It is therefore a product that can be purchased safely and legally within the entire EU area, including through online shops.

    Shipping and Payment Methods


    Our 100% made in Italy organic inflorescences can be purchased conveniently on our website or via WhatsApp. Terre di Cannabis places great attention on discretion and speed. In Italy we deliver in just 24/48 hours, abroad in 5-7 working days. To guarantee maximum privacy protection, the product will be delivered to you in an anonymous package. Your safety is very important to us and our payment methods are safe and guaranteed. You can choose the method you prefer between credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. (Only in Italy)


    THC < 0.2%

    If you have any doubts or questions we recommend you take a look at theFAQ page. Alternatively you can contact us via Whatsapp, a number active only for messages: +393489216655

    We are here for you.

    Aria  |  2g.  terredicannabis
    Aria  |  2g.  terredicannabis
    Aria  |  2g.  terredicannabis