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What makes our hemp flowers so special?

Critical Mass:

These light Cannabis plants are grown in Sicily. The mild climate, together with the proximity of the sea, allows them to grow beautiful, lush and full of buds. As with all our varieties, its cultivation takes place in harmony with the environment.

Soil is the basis of our business and we are aware of how fundamental its conservation is. Reconciling high quality and environmental sustainability has always been a priority for us.

Our production process is therefore based on:

  • Organic agriculture , which allows our legal Cannabis to fit into the surrounding environment, enriching it. In fact, our plants grow without chemical additives, thanks to natural fertilization which increases the fertility of the soil. Furthermore, they are perfect for pollinating insects looking for shelter and therefore contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. Finally, they do not need artificial light and are satisfied with minimal quantities of water.
  • Independent qualitative analyses , which guarantee, among other things, that the THC content does not exceed the limits permitted by law. When you purchase our hemp inflorescences you can be sure that they are 100% legal.
  • The shortest supply chain imaginable. On the one hand, this allows us to control all steps of the process and ensure that they always correspond to our standards. On the other hand, we ensure that production costs remain low and can therefore offer affordable prices.

The THC content of our cannabis flowers does not exceed 0.2%. Consequently they are legal and free of significant side effects: a pleasure to be indulged in lightly.

Diesel CBD:

We grow our Diesel CBD among the green hills of Puglia, where it can grow in harmony with the environment. The conditions couldn't be more favourable: the fertile land, the bright sun and the nearby sea.

Our profession presupposes a close relationship with nature, transformed over time into a deep and rooted bond. The fulcrum of our activity is therefore to combine high quality with respect for the environment.

To achieve this goal we aim to:

  • Organic cultivation techniques, which aim to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems. We do not use pesticides, but we have developed Cannabis plants capable of keeping up with parasites. Herbicides are not part of our repertoire either and we do not use chemicals of any kind to fertilize. Instead we rely on organic fertilizers that provide the hemp plant with the necessary nutrients, without depleting the soil.
  • Scrupulous qualitative analyzes conducted by independent laboratories. So we have, on the one hand, the certainty that our cannabis light is 100% natural. On the other hand, the analyzes guarantee that the quality of our Cannabis light always corresponds to the standards we have set ourselves. Finally, they give us the assurance that the THC content never exceeds 0.2%. Our Cannabis flowers are therefore legal and can be consumed with complete peace of mind.
  • An integrated supply chain, which couldn't be shorter than this. The big advantage: we control the entire production process. This translates into low production costs and affordable final prices.


This light Cannabis variety is grown near Lake Garda, in an area known since the Middle Ages for its exceptional lemons.

When we founded Terre di Cannabis we set ourselves the goal of combining high quality and respect for the environment. Over time we have gathered experience, refined our methods and now we focus on a production process that revolves around:

  • Organic crops. We do not use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Instead we rely on plants that resist parasites as well as organic fertilizers, capable of increasing soil fertility in the long term.
  • Accurate qualitative analyses, conducted by well-equipped independent laboratories. This way we ensure that the quality of CBD inflorescences never deviates from our standards. Furthermore, we are certain that the THC content does not exceed the quantities required by law.
  • A very short supply chain that allows us to control every stage of production. This way we lower both production costs and CO2 emissions and can therefore offer sustainable products at prices that are difficult to match.

Our light hemp contains less than 0.2% THC. As a result, it is free of psychotropic effects, has no significant side effects and is 100% legal. So if you want to buy our light hemp inflorescences, you know you can do it lightly.

The effect of Critical Mass, Diesel CBD and Tangerine:

Critical Mass:

While we've taken greater liberties with other strains, Critical Mass is surprisingly similar to the original. Only the absence of psychotropic effects reveals that it contains almost no THC.

On the other hand, it is rich in CBD, a cannabinoid that can be extremely effective for treating anxiety disorders of various nature. Added to this is a carefully selected terpene profile to strengthen the anxiolytic and relaxing properties. Critical Mass CBD therefore guarantees a powerful and long-lasting relaxing effect.

Here are the three main terpenes produced by this hemp plant:

  • Nerolidol, which gives these hemp flowers their herbaceous freshness, is a terpene with strong anxiolytic properties. It helps to relax you and keeps anxiety, stress and tension at bay.
  • Myrcene is the dominant terpene in this strain, as well as an integral part of many sativa and indica cannabis strains. It brings with it fruity notes, has calming and relaxing properties and also strengthens the effect of CBD. This terpene also has the advantage of interacting directly with the CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system and some studies suggest that as a result it will allow the body to metabolize the active ingredient more quickly.
  • Delta 3 Carene is an anti-inflammatory terpene with a sweet and resinous scent, particularly appreciated for its ability to increase concentration.

The relaxing effect of Critical Mass will therefore help you cope with states of anxiety, but will hardly lead to drowsiness. If you are looking for a strain to unwind without losing responsiveness and mental clarity, you may have found it.

Diesel CBD:

This legal cannabis strain has a very high CBD content and consequently an impeccable effect. It is incredibly relaxing and can also be very effective in case of inflammation and pain of various kinds, also thanks to its terpene profile. This is mainly made up of:

  • linalool, a fresh and spicy terpene with an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • camphene, a terpene appreciated for its pain-relieving properties, which gives Diesel earthy notes and hints of musk.
  • myrcene, a fruity and relaxing terpene, capable of interacting directly with our endocannabinoid system, thus strengthening the effect of CBD.

If the pain and stress become pressing, you can jump into our Diesel and disappear from me.


 This variety of legal marijuana stands out for its high CBD content which makes it very effective in case of inflammation and different types of pain. Tangerine also has a terpene profile selected to strengthen the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

The terpene profile is mainly composed of:

  • Myrcene. This terpene is relaxing, anti-inflammatory and gives Tangerine hints of ripe fruit. Furthermore, by binding to CB1 receptors, it interacts directly with our endocannabinoid system, strengthening the effect of CBD.
  • Bisabolol. This terpene is appreciated for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It adds sweet and floral notes to the flavor of our Tangerine. 

Aroma and flavour

Critical Mass:

The aroma is penetrating, herbaceous and resinous. However, there are also fruity notes that mix with light hints of wood and earth.

On the palate the Critical Mass is no less complex. The resinous freshness, which characterizes the aroma, is tempered by a rich bouquet of fruity notes, within which citrus fruits and tropical fruit stand out with particular determination.

Diesel CBD:

These Cannabis sativa inflorescences have a spicy and earthy aroma, in which subtle fruity notes also emerge.

The flavor is no less spicy, but leaves more room for fruity hints that lead to a vaguely sour aftertaste.


This variety of Cannabis sativa is striking for its aroma in which fruity notes mix with vague floral hints.

The sweet and full-bodied flavor revolves around notes of ripe fruit. Grapes, plums and apricots stand out, but leave room for light citrus scents, which are crucial for the persistent aftertaste of this variety.


How to consume legal weed: here's what we recommend

Critical Mass:

To get the most out of your legal hemp we recommend vaporizing it. Of course: those who are used to rolling joints and love the resulting ritual might find it a little difficult at first. However, a vaporizer offers many advantages and we recommend it in particular to those who consume weed at a rapid pace.

By vaporizing you can:

  • avoid pernicious combustion
  • spare your nose, throat and lungs
  • get rid of the pestilential tobacco
  • take most of the active ingredients contained in your light hemp
  • set the temperature in order to fully enhance the flavor of each strain

As for the last point: due to the high myrcene content, Critical Mass CBD can be vaporized very well between 166 and 168 degrees.

However, keep in mind that by changing the temperature you can highlight the other terpenes that make up the profile of this strain. One thing is certain: if you take the freedom to experiment you will discover flavors and aromas that you otherwise wouldn't have even imagined.

Finally, it is important not to exceed 235 degrees, the temperature above which combustion can start.

Diesel CBD:

In our opinion there is no doubt: the best way to consume light marijuana is to vaporize it. It's true that the transition from joint to vaporizer may not always be an easy one. However, the advantages offered by the latter are so evident that they can convince even those who really love their joints very much.

In fact, those who decide to vaporize their hemp inflorescences will be able to:

  • save yourself from burning
  • do your airways a favor
  • avoid tobacco
  • take a higher percentage of active ingredient
  • choose the vaporization temperature based on the strain you want to take

Given Diesel CBD's high linalool content, you could vape it between 195°C and 200°C. However, if you wanted to highlight the myrcene, you should set the temperature around 165°C.

As you can see, a good vaporizer will allow you to discover flavors previously unknown.

The only advice we can give you: do not exceed 235 °C, the limit above which combustion starts.


Anyone who buys marijuana will likely intend to consume it. It is therefore worth thinking about possible hiring methods.

Joints are undoubtedly practical and for many people also a very pleasant ritual. That said, they involve combustion and are therefore extremely harmful to the respiratory tract. Furthermore, by burning your light cannabis inflorescences you will only take a fraction of the active ingredients it contains.

In our opinion the best solution is vaporization. Once you get the hang of it, a vaporizer is no less practical than a joint and also offers multiple advantages.

Those who vaporize can in fact:

  • do without combustion
  • save the respiratory tract
  • save yourself the pestilential tobacco
  • take a very high percentage of active ingredient
  • adjust the vaporization temperature based on the terpene profile of the strain you intend to consume

Given the significant amount of myrcene, 168°C may be the ideal vaping temperature.

However, taste is an extremely subjective matter and we therefore advise you not to fixate on just one temperature.

In any case, one thing should not be overlooked: around 230 °C combustion can be triggered, which would destroy all the benefits of the vaporizer.

Ordering our Cannabis light is practical, convenient and legal

Like all our EU certified CBD products, Critical Mass, Diesel CBD and Tangerine also contain negligible amounts of THC. It is therefore legal in Italy and in most EU countries.

These CBD flowers are available in the convenient 20 g format. However, in our online shop you will find many other attractive offers.

If you were planning to buy large quantities of light marijuana, both CBD and CBG, you should definitely take a look at Gigante, XL and XL Premium. These maxi-formats offer you a wide choice and prices per gram starting from €1.50.

In addition to many delicious strains with different properties and percentages of active ingredient, in our shop you will also find CBD oil, marijuana seeds, as well as a selection of CBD hashish.

Payment methods and delivery times

Buying light marijuana is a breeze with us. You just have to be of age and choose the strains you prefer.

Then you will have the choice between three secure and certified payment methods:

  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • payment on delivery (only in Italy)

Finally, we guarantee you discreet, safe and fast delivery. When ordering from Italy you will have to wait just 48-72 hours. If you order from another EU country, we will be with you in 5-7 working days.


THC < 0.2%

If you have any doubts or questions we recommend you take a look at theFAQ page. Alternatively you can contact us via Whatsapp, a number active only for messages: +393489216655

We are here for you.

Limited edition | 60g.