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Briosa (Jack Frost) - CBG flowers

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    Briosa or Jack Frost CBG is a variety of light cannabis containing cannabigerol, a new cannabinoid with great therapeutic properties, which has recently aroused the interest of the scientific community. This strain was created and hybridized by our master hemp grower, who put his experience, his professionalism and his research at the service of the company, to isolate the cannabigerol and extract a very high percentage of it from the cannabis plant and to select the terpenes more suitable for creating a totally new aroma.

    Its therapeutic properties are reminiscent of the American Jack Frost CBD, not surprisingly the second name of Briosa, which stands out for an aroma that has never existed before.


    Cultivated in Abruzzo lands, close to a forest, at around 700 meters above sea level, in an area protected from temperature variations and humidity, Briosa benefits from the sun, a dry and mild climate and regular rainfall, natural conditions which favor cyclical and generous blooms.

    Terre di Cannabis cultivates its land following a precise agricultural ethic, the use of any type of pesticide or heavy metals is not foreseen.

    Only nutrients added to the soil can be added to the soil: they are natural organic ones such as compost, which nourishes and strengthens the soil without contaminating it.

    The company takes care of the entire supply chain, from choosing the seeds to sowing, from harvesting to drying, from processing to packaging up to distribution, which we manage through our website. This allows us to offer excellent products, TOP Quality and 100% made in Italy, at competitive and advantageous prices.

    Taste and appearance

    The flowers of this light cannabis variety are of mixed size but all extremely full, compact and resinous. The shape of these buds resembles an oval, the color is a bright green which can be more or less dark with shades ranging from orange to light golden.

    The buds of this legal marijuana are soft and slightly sticky due to the high presence of trichomes.

    The fragrant and brand new aroma of this strain is sweet and slightly spicy, has hints of cinnamon and corresponds to a woody and intense flavor with a pleasant and persistent aftertaste on the palate.


    All Terre di Cannabis inflorescences are rich in active ingredient and grown in a natural and organic way, so they are perfect for being taken pure and the best way to do this is to use a herb vaporizer, whether portable or desktop.

    The vaporizer allows you to avoid combustion which, in addition to seriously damaging your health, burns and disperses approximately 80% of the active ingredient.

    Furthermore, with a vaporizer it is possible to regulate the temperature in order to best exploit the active ingredient contained in each cannabinoid and each terpene, each of which needs a certain degree of heat to be released in all its purity.

    For optimal yield, CBG flowers can be vaporized at 210°. To savor the aromas of terpenes or isolate their beneficial properties, it is possible to vaporize ocimene, the terpene responsible for the woody aroma of this brand new variety, at 122° and linalool, mixed with other carefully selected terpenes, at 198°.

    Thanks to the skilful blend of these two main terpenes with a hint of other terpenes it is possible to savor the brand new and interesting aroma of this exclusive variety.


    Briosa, with an incredibly high percentage of CBG, 20%, was designed to connect with our endocannabinoid system and stimulate our serotonin and our general well-being.

    It can be used to alleviate the symptoms of mild depression, to regulate mood and limit its swings and to deal with panic attacks and manage chronic anxiety situations, both when needed and in a long-lasting treatment.

    Linalool and ocimene, i.e. the terpenes or molecules responsible for the aromas contained in the flowers of this legal cannabis plant, have nutritional and antioxidant properties and contain flavonoids capable of counteracting oxidative stress.

    If used regularly, it is able to restore psychophysical balance.

    It is excellent to be vaporized before a massage or a meditation session and is a real panacea against insomnia.

    100% legal

    Briosa inflorescences, like all the others from Terre di Cannabis, are free of any psychoactive and doping effect and are cultivated according to law 242/16.

    The THC concentration is less than 0.2% as required by current law.

    It is a 100% legal product throughout the EU area, so it can be purchased in complete safety and with complete legality.

    Cannabis light online and delivered to your home is also absolutely legal.

    Our products are sold exclusively to those over 18 years of age.

    Shipping and payment methods

    Our delivery methods are fast and discreet. You can order our 100% natural and made in Italy inflorescences on our website or more conveniently via WhatsApp.

    For maximum respect for privacy, the order will arrive at your home in an anonymous package.

    We deliver in just 24/48 hours in Italy and in 5-7 working days abroad.

    We care about your safety and only use safe and guaranteed payment methods. You can choose the payment method you prefer between credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. (Only in Italy)


    THC < 0.2%

    If you have any doubts or questions we recommend you take a look at theFAQ page. Alternatively you can contact us via Whatsapp, a number active only for messages: +393489216655

    We are here for you.

    Briosa (Jack Frost) - CBG flowers
    Briosa (Jack Frost) - fiori di CBG  terredicannabis
    Briosa (Jack Frost) - fiori di CBG  terredicannabis
    Briosa (Jack Frost) - fiori di CBG  terredicannabis