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Are Hemp and Marijuana the same thing?

In this article we will tell you the differences between hemp and marijuana. Two terms, two words, one meaning. Genetics and science have brought various contributions to the cultivation of this plant, however we could say that cannabis is one and only. Read the whole article to discover the differences between marijuana and hemp, specifically we will tell you:

  1. Cannabis strains
  2. Hemp, cannabis and marijuana, how are they different?
  3. What is CBD?
  4. Uses of cannabis

Cannabis light

The same plant, different uses, different names. Native to Central Asia and used by man since ancient times, it is considered a sacred plant by the Hindus, who call it ganja . Some anthropological studies believe that it is also mentioned in the Bible with the name Kaneh bosm "smelling reed". In the Romagna countryside it was called canva and even today hemp tablecloths decorated with copper molds are one of the typical artisan products. The scientific term to identify this plant, bearer of a thousand-year-old culture, is Cannabis .

Cannabis strains

There are three varieties: Cannabis sativa , mainly used in the textile, food and energy sectors. Cannabis indica , used for healing and recreational purposes and Cannabis ruderalis which is mainly used for the production of essential oils. Marijuana, on the other hand, is a term of Mexican origins. It began to circulate in the 1930s in the United States when what is called " cannabis prohibition " developed. At that time, the powerful oil industrial lobbies unleashed a decades-long press campaign to replace the use of hemp in industry, from paper to automobiles.

The term Marijuana was circulated to put hemp in a bad light (Mexico was an enemy country at the time). For the American public it was a new word and the intent was precisely to spread a negative meaning . Marijuana was blamed as the cause of heinous crimes . And the ill-informed public opinion did not realize that it was hemp or cannabis, a plant whose cultivation and use were widespread. But even if the plant is the same there are differences.

How are hemp, cannabis and marijuana different?

The first big difference is of genetic origin. Hemp plants come from Cannabis sativa varieties specially bred for industrial and agricultural uses. This process over time has transformed Cannabis into a very different plant. The element subject to the change is tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient better known as THC . It is one of over sixty biologically active cannabinoids contained in Cannabis.

Cannabis cultivation

Indeed, THC is the element that makes the difference. It is a psychotropic substance produced by the flowers of the female Cannabis plant, particularly present in the Cannabis indica variety. The flowers are dried and used recreationally or medically. The THC concentration is the discriminating element. A further difference is given by the cultivation method . If the plants are intended for industrial use, they are grown with the aim of obtaining plants with several meters of height, with a large stem and few leaves.

In Europe, hemp selected and hybridized for centuries for industrial purposes and whose THC content has decreased to the point of becoming irrelevant, can be cultivated freely. While Cannabis, with a higher concentration of THC, is illegal in many countries.

The term Marijuana therefore indicates a variant of cannabis rich in THC and consequently with a psychotropic effect. Although scientific thinking has been taking different directions in recent times, somehow THC has given a negative connotation to the Cannabis plant.

Certainly in the past the attention focused on THC has overshadowed the importance and study of the other components of this much loved and much talked about plant.

Light marijuana

Scientific research studying Cannabis has predominantly revolved around THC and its effects on the mind and body. In recent years we have instead witnessed a change in trend. Cannabis is no longer just Bob Marley's weed but is regaining all the importance it had in the past due to its multiple uses. In particular, the knowledge and use of another important component is spreading: Cannabidiol, known as CBD .

What is CBD?

It is the second most common cannabinoid in Cannabis. Unlike TCH, it is not a psychotropic substance , it does not alter consciousness and senses and is very rich in properties . It is believed to be able to interact with receptor cells, increasing the response of the nervous system. It provides therapeutic benefits for a remarkable variety of medical symptoms: from chronic pain to anxiety, from insomnia to muscle spasms. The latest scientific research also proves its ability to stop the spread of breast metastases and other tumors.

This trend has led to a considerable increase in the cultivation and marketing of " therapeutic marijuana " , a cannabis with a high CBD content and limited presence of THC . Growers, through selection and hybridization processes, aim for a correct balance between these two elements. The process is still at the beginning but has already attracted the attention of large financial investors. The world of Cannabis is starting to be considered one of the most promising economic sectors of the moment. There are great growth prospects in the areas of patient care and entertainment. There is already talk of a " new international ecosystem " . A new trend that will have a notable impact, with influences that will affect both growers and the largest corporations in the world.

Uses of Cannabis

It seems that Cannabis is regaining the importance that has characterized it throughout human history. The ancient Hindu populations of India and Nepal smoked it to aid meditation . Chinese culture used it for healing purposes. The great maritime powers also built their fortune on the hemp with which they produced sails and ropes. In the 1930s in the United States, eco-sustainable hemp technology was ready to provide raw materials to numerous sectors of industry . But things went differently: a law approved in 1937 prohibited the cultivation of any type of hemp. Now, almost a century later, cannabis is making a comeback.

Cannabis light

The importance is re-evaluated in various sectors: in the medical field, in food, in the building materials sector. Also in agriculture for its ability to reclaim the soil from heavy metals.

In conclusion we can say that the distinctions between the terms Hemp, Cannabis and Marijuana are generally arbitrary. The scientific name is the same, it is the same plant: Cannabis. It is called hemp to indicate an "industrial" use. It became Marijuana, when it was decided that Cannabis was a drug to be avoided , first in the USA and then throughout the world.

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