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Cannabis day: the best time to try free cannabis light


We have established a special, once a month, an exclusive day in which you can receive 10g of Cannabis Light as a gift.

Why a cannabis light day?

Because we care about this plant and want its beneficial properties to be known by everyone. Because we are tired of hearing and seeing it demonized, mistreated, loaded with negative meanings. Because we think that through cannabis we could experience a new green revolution. Because we believe that only through univocal, serious and once and for all clear regulation can we contribute to reviving an economy, the Italian one, which is still slow and full of problems.

CBD is not a psychoactive compound : it does not alter the senses or the state of consciousness to a substantial extent, in short: it does not "get high". This aspect has made it particularly interesting for the scientific community, and for the same reason it is not subject to any legal restriction: no country prohibits the consumption of CBD (with the exception of the United Kingdom, where CBD is included among the scheduled drugs -1 and therefore, technically, illegal), and is currently found on the market mainly in the form of sweets or chewing gum, creams and liquid concentrates (which however must not have a THC content higher than 0.05%).

Although medical research on the subject is still calibrated by the prejudice that THC and CBD have in common, the latter has already proven to be a compound rich in properties. CBD is in fact able to interact with receptor cells, increasing the response of the human nervous system. It is also an effective natural inhibitor. These virtues make it an excellent ally in the treatment of various forms of schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder and depression.

On a purely physiological level, however, it has proven effective against migraines, muscle spasms, inflammation and arthritis. One of its strong points from the point of view of medical use is the possibility of its administration without experiencing the side effects inevitably induced (and not necessarily desired) by THC: alteration of the senses, feeling of heaviness, lethargy.

How does cannabis light day work?

A different product every month. Each product a chance to try it for free. A big party, a Pride where cannabis is celebrated. Why is cannabis a plant linked to many prejudices? Why are therapeutic properties hidden? Let's talk about it, let's discuss it, let's make sure that cannabis can reach the importance it deserves. And let's try it for free!

Send an email to with the subject “Cannabis day. The first 100 will receive a code in response. Add the product of the month to your cart. Enter the code and you're done.

Raise people's awareness

We want to raise public awareness about cannabis, its uses and its beneficial properties. What better time to try it? Have you ever tried cannabis light to eliminate anxiety and stress? Have you ever tried the properties of CBD to sleep better? Do it for free by taking part in Terre's Cannabis Day.

A Cannabis Pride, a unique day, a moment in which the value of an exceptional plant is celebrated. Too many continue to view cannabis with prejudice but only because they don't know about it.

  1. We are a company that believes in the beneficial power of cannabis.
  2. 100% made in Italy organic cultivation
  3. High quality cannabis flowers
  4. We manage the entire supply chain: we grow, process and distribute light cannabis, which is why we are able to offer our products at an honest and fair price.

Support the initiative

  1. Suggest this day to a skeptical friend
  2. Share the news on your whatsapp groups
  3. Let's create a cannabis Pride from the bottom up
  4. Try 10g of our flowers for free before purchasing the XL pack


Staff Terre
Staff Terre

Thank you :)

S T ,  Delmisou 22a, Piraeus, Athens, 18451, Greece
S T , Delmisou 22a, Piraeus, Athens, 18451, Greece

I think a great idea to decrease the prejudice against CBD and to normalise it is to not choose specific venues where only people who like CBD will visit anyway, but instead to give away for free test samples on the streets of key towns and cities. This will make the product more accepted. Alongside the free product, information about the benefits and marketing posters/information to say that this plant is medicine.

I would also like to comment that Terre di Cannabis is the only company I purchase from because it is the best. You do a fantastic job and offer quality at every step. I appreciate the work you do to create and run this operation and I would like to thank you – Thank you! Keep up the great work!

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