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Cannabis Ak 47: everything you need to know

Ak 47 is a cannabis variety with remarkable qualities, whose origins date back to the 70s. About twenty-two years later, Ak-47 becomes part of the famous Serious Seeds collection, which anyone with a minimum of information on cannabis you will have heard of it. It becomes a legendary cannabis strain in its own right. In addition to having won numerous Cannabis Cups, it is one of the very few plants that has received important awards as both an indica and a sativa. Furthermore, according to many growers it is among the easiest cannabis strains to grow. Ak-47 is a real jewel in the history of cannabis and this article provides information both to those interested in using it and to those who want to grow it.

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Genetic origin

The Ak 47 is a variety that has its roots in two different continents: Latin America and Asia . If the Mexican and Colombian strains from which it is half made were easily available in the 70s, the years in which this variety of cannabis made its first appearance in the United States, the Thai and Afghan strains with which it was hybridized were almost impossible to find.

It was bred again by Serious Seeds biologists first in 1992 and then in 1999, with the aim of achieving greater stability and uniformity. And here is Ak 47, a formidable 65% sativa-dominant hybrid that cleverly retains 35% indica genes .

The THC content is around 19%, while the CBD percentage is around 1.5%.

Those involved in the sale of cannabis seeds guarantee that Ak 47 is appreciated by many growers, not only for its excellent yield but also for its speed of growth . It blooms in two months, maximum two and a half months. A more than reasonable time for a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It prefers a mild climate so it is perfect for indoor growers , but this does not mean that it cannot be successfully grown outdoors or hydroponically.

One of the great strengths of Ak 47 plants is that they are adaptable and easy to grow , which is precisely what makes them a real must have for growers all over the world.

Ak-47 cannabis


Myths and legends circulate about Ak-47, as well as about other cannabis varieties that have made history. However, it seems to us that the version that sees it appearing for the first time in the United States as a hybrid between Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Afghan strains may be plausible. It was the 70s. In 1992, someone from Serious Seeds, one of the most famous cannabis seed banks in the world, got their hands on Ak-47, worked on it and perfected it for another seven years until 1999 .

One of the main goals was to stabilize the hybrid as much as possible. In fact, the THC content has always remained unchanged at around 19% . This data is interesting when considering the theories that the THC content present in cannabis has increased by around 16% from the 70s to today.

In any case, Serious Seeds succeeded in their aim and obtained a fantastic herb, perfectly hybridized and balanced, which immediately became popular both among those who simply intended to use it and among those who were interested in growing and selling cannabis seeds.

Ak-47 is a variety that still reflects the Serious Seed philosophy : creating stable, homogeneous and resistant plants, easy to grow and fast in yield. If we then add the amazing psychoactive effect, it's raining Cannabis Cups and in 2020 Ak-47 is still among our favorite cannabis varieties.

Cannabis light


Ak-47 stands out for its intense, strong and penetrating odor , which should alert all indoor growers and push them to equip themselves with powerful ventilation systems because it is worth saying: “This weed blazes!” The plant has beautiful wide leaves , which are just as we imagine typical maria leaves. The buds, generally dark green, with purple reflections at times, are full and resinous.

A precaution that those who grow outdoors will have to take is to keep the plants away from humidity , because the buds, precisely because of their compactness, are more at risk of mold . Indoor growers must take the same care, even during the drying phase. Ak-47 plants release a floral and woody aroma , within which notes of sandalwood, pine, cedar and citrus fruits stand out. Its aromatic and spicy smell contrasts with the particularly sweet taste on the palate.

Once tried, you can't do without it.


Despite the explosive name and the high THC content, which guarantees an intense high from the first hit, Ak-47 is known for its particularly balanced psychoactive effect. In fact, despite being sativa-dominant, it is among the few varieties capable of keeping intact even the most effective properties of its indica part.

We can say that the greatest advantage of Ak 47 is that of having found the perfect proportion between the indica and sativa parts. The cerebral high is intense and long-lasting but the mind remains clear, open and predisposed to creative and social activities.

Ak 47 is able to fight chronic pain and neutralize acute pain such as migraines and menstrual pain. If you are able to use it consciously , Ak 47 can become an excellent remedy against mild states of depression and a valid ally against stress.

Able to stimulate appetite and good mood, AK-47 is a strain that keeps you active, proactive and creative.

You can use it in the kitchen to prepare biscuits or cakes and, let me tell you, the decoction obtained from the leaves of this plant must be tried, both for its taste and for its soft psychoactive effect . A real cure-all before going to bed. Pearl cannabis light

Ak- 47 Perla Cannabis Light

We know how difficult it can be, due to the laws currently in force in our and other countries, to purchase Ak 47 and use it safely. We know equally well that some may want to enjoy this cannabis variety without the psychoactive effect caused by the THC content.

This is why Terre di Cannabis offers you this legendary variety in a cannabis light version.

Our Perla, in name and in fact, is a light marijuana that differs little from the original ak-47. This incredible legal marijuana retains the typical fragrance of Ak-47 and thanks to the high CBD content , it maintains all its best effects.

It is useful to use it to relax and regain your appetite , but also to relieve pain and symptoms of stress or mild depression . It is a very balanced variety of light cannabis, it is suitable for those who have mood swings and is a real panacea for those who suffer from insomnia.

If you're looking for the perfect legal marijuana, chances are this might be right for you.

You can order it on our website or via WhatsApp . For any curiosity, remember that our customer service is available on WhattsApp, which provides useful information and answers your questions.

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