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Are cannabis and hemp the same thing?

It can happen that the two terms are used synonymously, is this correct or is there a substantial difference between hemp and cannabis? And between hemp and marijuana? Are they or are they not the same thing? These are questions that the most curious will certainly ask themselves. In this article we will try to delve deeper into the topic and answer these questions. Here's what we'll see specifically:

  1. What is cannabis
  2. What is hemp
  3. Differences between hemp and cannabis
  4. Differences between industrial hemp (extracts, oil) and cannabis (light and non-light flowers)

What is cannabis

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are two varieties of the cannabis plant, belonging to the Cannabaceae family. These are plants that are grown specifically to be brought to flowering and then smoked or vaporized for recreational purposes, for varieties with a high THC content and for relaxing or therapeutic purposes for light marijuana varieties, totally free of psychoactive effects.

The hybridizations that have been experimented by growers for years and years have produced and continue to produce the large number of cannabis or cannabis light varieties that we know.

In common language, the terms cannabis or marijuana refer to the inflorescences that can be taken using a herb vaporizer or rolling a joint, whether they are legal ones (cannabis light) or illegal ones (cannabis without related restrictions to THC content).

It may happen that someone refers to cannabis with the term hemp, as we will see it is not wrong but it is not always completely precise.

Even more frequently, hemp is referred to with the term cannabis, implicitly alluding to the idea that it can have psychoactive effects like varieties with a high THC content. As we will see however, things are different.


What is hemp

Hemp is one of the plants with an ancient history of cultivation . It is a variety of the Cannabaceae family (just like cannabis sativa and cannabis indica) which develops with a very low, if not non-existent, THC content, therefore it does not have any type of psychoactive effects. However, it contains a high content of cannabinoids without psychoactive effects but rich in beneficial properties, such as CBD and CBG , the active ingredients of light cannabis.

Hemp has always been and is suitable for various sustainable uses. It has been used for more than 5000 years to make papyrus, fabrics, fuel and paper. Consider that the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776 was written on hemp paper.

That's not all, in 1925, Henry Ford gave an interview in which he declared that "there is fuel in all plant matter" and in 1941 he turned his words into reality with the design and construction of a hemp car , a light and biodegradable car, entirely made of hemp and powered by hemp ethanol fuel.

Then there was the Second World War which logically stopped the production of the car series. After Ford's death, production did not resume due to the sudden law in 1955 that prevented the cultivation of hemp throughout the United States. It's easy to think that it was because of the intervention of the oil lobbies who would never consider an alternative fuel.

Today, fortunately, things have changed and industrial hemp can be grown legally as long as it is not enhanced to reach a certain THC content. Hemp is certainly one of the best varieties from which to start to obtain good light marijuana , otherwise it is not useful in the creation of varieties for recreational purposes, precisely due to the very low percentage of THC.


Differences between hemp and cannabis

As we have seen, cannabis and hemp belong to the same botanical family . They are genetic varieties of the cannabis plant. The main difference between hemp and marijuana is therefore the genetic framework and consequently the type and percentage of active ingredients present in the cannabis plant.

In strains bred specifically to be used for recreational purposes, such as the famous silver haze , there is a very high THC content. In the varieties that are created to be marketable cannabis light , the percentage of CBD or CBG is very high

Hemp, on the other hand, also known as industrial hemp as we have seen, has a THC content of between 0.2 and 0.6% , which is why it is perfectly legal to grow, purchase and possess it. Furthermore, in Italy and many other countries cultivating cannabis with a high THC content is illegal. However, cultivating and trading hemp for industrial purposes, as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.6%, is perfectly legal.

Should a higher percentage of active ingredient be found, the hemp farmer would be relieved of any type of liability up to the limit of 0.6%. Once the limit is exceeded, hemp is considered to all intents and purposes a narcotic for recreational use and therefore no longer falls within the legal field.

For light cannabis, however, also called light marijuana, the limit for THC content is 0.2% , while a high content of CBD and CBG is permitted, two cannabinoids which we repeat are free of psychoactive effects.

cannabis light Italy

Differences between industrial hemp and cannabis

In addition to fiber , one of the main products of industrial hemp, is hemp oil . It is used with great success among edibles because it is a real nutrient bomb. It contains a very high percentage of proteins, vitamins and unsaturated fats and its nutritional value makes it effective in restorative diets and to protect the cardiovascular system.

It is also used in the cosmetic field, in the production of waxes, creams, cosmetics and butters but also detergents.

It is precisely hemp oil that is used in the industrial sector, for example the manufacture of paints, fuels and fuels, which in addition to not being polluting, appear to be decidedly more resistant and performing than products derived from petroleum. Hemp oil can also be used to make soaps, waxes, cosmetics and detergents (truly biodegradable).

Hemp oil is produced by pressing hemp seeds, the main source of nutrients and not surprisingly considered super foods.

From cannabis or marijuana, however, we can obtain CBD oil , which is produced by extracting the active ingredient from the plant material through one of the numerous techniques available and obviously the inflorescences to smoke or even better to vaporize .

Cannabis inflorescences can be based on different active ingredients and numerous qualities. The main distinction must be made between:

  • cannabis or marijuana with high THC content . It is illegal in Italy and many other countries.
  • light cannabis or light marijuana, with a percentage equal to or less than 0.2 of THC and a high percentage of CBD or CBG . It is legal in Italy and many other countries.

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