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Quality cannabis light: Terre di Noe (EnN.OEItai)

Rap on the Acropolis

NOE Ennoitai is a rapper from Athens who has carved out a prominent space for himself in the Greek music scene. Especially in recent times, thanks to the publication of "pieces" of great importance and albums that have quickly placed themselves in the music charts. Albums like “ nNoei ” and “ Fools ” have decisively climbed the industry charts, but above all among the hearts of fans. The Greek artist grew up in the Hellenic capital in the early nineties, he experienced "the street" and the dynamics of the neighborhoods, especially through the collaboration with the group " Outkast Exellence ", with which he grew up and trained musically. NOE is considered one of the best MCs on the Greek scene at the moment because, through his unique and rebellious style, he manages to balance the tradition of 90s rap with an absolutely modern sound. An unmistakable style, that of the Athenian rapper which makes him seem "fresh" but at the same time an "old classic".

NOE and Cannabis

Since its inception, NOE has always included themes such as Cannabis, freedom of behavior and expression in its lyrics. The use of marijuana for NOE is closely related to rap, “ they are two worlds that intersect and meet in the street every day ,” the musician said in several interviews. Two " worlds " that meet in the streets of this society full of contradictions and that the Greek rapper has been able to transform into musical sensations and emotions that reverberate among the columns of the Parthenon.

Pack of legal marijuana Terre di Cannabis

All the rappers in the world have always had a symbiotic relationship with "grass", NOE claims in his lyrics, as a panacea to find calm, to find "one's inspiration" and search for "one's own dimension" within oneself. The rapper absolutely supports and carries a universal message "there is also a direct and very strong connection between those who consume cannabis and the thought and behavior behind it, because "Hip Hop is a music of street, which is born in the street and is a good omen" . While alcohol , as a type of substance , can lead people's minds to ruthless nihilism , annihilation, a death in agony, while cannabis instead for the Greek rapper makes man " peaceful, calm, at peace with himself ”.

Musical influences

The rap that influenced NOE comes from all over the world, not just Greece and the United States. The triad of reference, which shaped his music and his lyrics, but also his way of being on stage comes from internationally renowned artists such as Eminem, Sean Price and RA Rugged Man . NOE has always listened to rock and reggae, he has never had any kind of prejudice about musical genres, and there too he learned ideas and inspiration for his lyrics. Even the entire Greek "old school" has left an indelible mark on the path of the Greek rapper, who has always been fascinated by people who work hard and have a strong talent.

Noe Ennoitai Greek rapper sponsors Terre di cannabis brand

TerreDiCannabis and NOE

Terre di cannabis has been involved in Greece for some time. For personal and human matters. First of all, Greece is our second home. For the very close relationship between the two peoples. And for the very close relationship we have built over time with people. Since ancient times, when the Romans and Greeks brought trade and culture to the Mediterranean, up to the present day.

A close relationship between two nations, which reminds us of stories of very deep personal friendships. For this and other reasons we have developed various collaborations with companies, distributors and commercial partners.

And it was natural to meet NOE and all his enthusiasm. With his music and lyrics, the Greek rapper has always been one of the supporters of issues such as " legalization ", " freedom of expression " and " love ". A union, based on identical ideals, which has turned into an all-round collaboration. Thanks to our Greek friends from Hempoil everything was much easier and more fun. And so this collaboration began.

Noah's Lands

Terre di Noe light cannabis buds

Terre di Noe is a cutting-edge product, grown in our outdoor cultivations in Veneto and represents the top quality of light cannabis inflorescences. The aroma of this type of cannabis sativa is consistent and recalls the smell of the earth early in the morning, when the dew settles on the leaves of the trees. The CBD content is of high quality, thanks to the wisdom of our Master Hemp Grower and ensures a satisfactory result in terms of relaxation. Terre di Noe is grown in a flat area, with very high humidity peaks which favor the growth of unique genetics with an irresistible flavour. The appearance is classic and elegant, thanks to the skilful work of our trimmers, the fragrant and consistent inflorescences and active ingredients without psychotropic effects. A unique flavor for an incredible experience.

Cbd 12% Thc<0.2% Robust essence

Robust essence, unique flavor

Terre di Noe is a top quality product because it derives from a unique genetic selection. Cannabis and rap are a perfect combination and this inflorescence represents the urban avant-garde at its best. Terre di Noe grows in our outdoor cultivations in Veneto and represents the absolute essence, the power of light marijuana . The aroma is consistent and reminiscent of nights spent busking as the dew begins to settle on the leaves. The CBD content is guaranteed and high quality for a transgressive hip-hop experience.

Noe's latest video clip:

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