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Silver Haze: characteristics, effects and flavour

If you love smoking cannabis and are a fan of the sativa-dominant strain, you will certainly have heard of the famous Silver Haze, also known as Super Silver Haze.

We are talking about one of the best cannabis varieties known worldwide, not only for its high concentration of THC and its unmissable "high", but also for its excellent therapeutic properties. In this article we will discover together something more about this legendary variety. Specifically we will see:

  1. Genetics
  2. The Haze family
  3. Characteristics of Silver Haze
  4. Silver Haze aroma and flavor
  5. The effects of Silver Haze
  6. Growing Silver Haze
  7. Volare, Silver Haze without THC

Silver haze


Silver Haze is a genetic created by hybridizing Haze cannabis with Skunk and Northern Lights . It became famous in the 90s thanks to its amazing characteristics and a very mysterious genesis: it is a variety of cannabis sativa , with a very pleasant appearance, it grows abundantly and has a very intense cerebral effect.

This cannabis strain owes much to its main genetics, Haze , created in the 1970s in California .

Silver Haze was the first variety belonging to that family to have great structural strength and advantages in terms of speed of development and compactness of the buds, unlike the mother plant, which was very inconvenient to grow due to its large size.

Silver Haze maintains its sativa effects, despite being a cross. It is the masterpiece of the well-known breeder Mr. Nice and takes its name from the large quantity of silvery trichomes that cover its inflorescences.

It is an award-winning plant, winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, '98 and '99, made exceptional by careful genetic selection, which led to the creation of one of the best plants on the market. It is loved by both professional growers and passionate smokers...

It really makes everyone agree!

The Haze family

Haze is a powerful Sativa, known for producing a long-lasting high , making it one of the most loved strains by smokers around the world. It is appreciated for its pungent and spicy aroma, with a sweet or fruity aftertaste.

The variety has a long flowering time and for this reason it has been hybridized many times with amazing results. The original strain can take up to 16 weeks to reach the end of flowering, and requires a lot of attention to thrive. The result, however, does not make you regret the effort: Haze is one of the best herbs in the world.

Marijuana flower is trimmed

Most sources agree that it is the work of the so-called Haze Brothers, two cannabis growers from around Santa Cruz, California. The two brothers created their masterpiece by chance, hybridizing some varieties they had on hand at the time.

Unfortunately, the exact genetics of Haze remain unknown; in the 1960s and 1970s many varieties of cannabis entered the USA and tracing back the original strain is practically impossible. Some claim that it is a cross between Colombian Gold and a traditional Thai strain, while others also speak of Acapulco Gold and unidentified Indian strains .

What is the most potent Haze?

There is no single answer to this question. In fact, there are many factors that influence the content of active ingredients in a plant: Is it grown outdoors or in a grow box? Is it fertilized with chemical or natural fertilizers? It is harvested at the right time and dried to perfection.

The list goes on. However, we can say that Silver, Amnesia Haze and Purple Haze are among the strains with the greatest potential.

Characteristics of Silver Haze

If you have had the opportunity to closely observe a Silver Haze plantation, you will immediately understand the reason for the word "silver", which means silvery .

The full and resinous buds of this cannabis variety are dark green but a careful look cannot fail to notice that the inflorescences are rich in gray and silvery trichomes , which give an almost magical touch to this cannabis variety.

Is Silver Haze robust?

Super Silver Haze is an extremely resistant strain, it lends itself well to being grown outdoors and prefers a mild, Mediterranean climate .

However, she performs best indoors, producing a yield of around 300 grams per square metre.

A great advantage of this cannabis variety is that it is very resistant to the dangers of humidity , often one of the biggest worries of indoor growers. Given its resistance, it is also suitable for novice growers who will need to pay attention to fertilize the land with some regularity , to ensure that some fundamental minerals for its optimal growth they are never lacking.

How long does it take to grow?

Once planted, these cannabis seeds take about two months to harvest in the form of inviting buds , but it seems worth it.

After all, this is a rather short flowering period , compared to the three and a half months of waiting required when growing other strains of the same size, such as Amnesia Haze or California Haze.

Silver Haze aroma and flavor

An intense aroma makes the consumption of this haze genetics pleasant even before taking it. Silver Haze is renowned for its pungent, sweetish and slightly spicy aromas. Notes of Skunk are appreciated accompanied by earthier fragrances of Haze , with reminiscences of Afghan genetics, inherited from Northern Lights .
Its sweet, fruity flavor and fresh, citrusy aftertaste are popular among both novices and old school smokers.

Legal marijuana bud

The effects of Silver Haze

Silver Haze keeps you active, without weighing you down. Ideal for daytime consumption, when you need to maintain a certain pace and have sufficient energy to carry out activities that require concentration and mental clarity. Not to mention its ability to relieve headaches/migraines and anxiety .

Silver Haze is also called Super Silver Haze , precisely because of its powerful and long-lasting effect , which is achieved thanks to the high concentration of cannabinoids. The effect is typical of a sativa variety: active, positive and energizing .

It is a variety of cannabis to be used with moderation and awareness, because even a very small bud can give us a very high "high".

It enhances creativity and naturally predisposes to social and recreational activities, stimulates the production of serotonin and consequently good mood. It must be said that if sometimes smoking cannabis can cause a slight numbness, with this magnificent old school herb, you will stay wide awake and ready for action.

Ideal while writing, painting or creating, Super Silver Haze proves to be a good companion even during intense study phases or activities that require greater concentration.

Beneficial properties

Known for its amazing therapeutic properties, given above all by crossing with Northern Light, this haze variety does not disappoint even for a moment and is also able to give the best of its indica properties.

It proves effective against migraines, muscle aches and other forms of chronic pain. It is also able to stimulate appetite and relax tension.

If vaporized before going to sleep after a stressful day, perhaps accompanied by a good hot herbal tea, it will help us not to count sheep until dawn and to have sweet dreams. 

Growing Silver Haze

It is a tall and slender plant, which prefers to receive training and/or pruning beforehand. Flowering lasts approximately 10-12 weeks, during which elongated, resin-rich, silver-colored buds develop.

However, this strain can be moved directly from the germination phase to the flowering phase with a 12/12 light cycle. This way you can save space in the growing area.

silver haze

Yields can be truly remarkable, especially if the ScrOG technique is applied. Outdoors and in southern climates, this variety becomes a real tree, more than 2 meters tall. If you decide to grow it outdoors, therefore, get a ladder to reach its tops.

Its Sativa-dominant genetics manifest themselves with continuous stretching , which can lead it to easily double in size and volume in the flowering phase.

If you grow indoors , remember that Silver Haze is fond of fertilizers. It responds to fertilization by growing strong and vigorous, but don't be fooled to avoid over-fertilization, which you can recognize by the yellow marks it leaves on the leaves.

If you want to keep your crops hidden, pay close attention to smells. To avoid getting caught all over the street, install activated carbon filters and avoid going out wearing gardening clothes. Its smell is so intense that it would inexorably stick to the fibers of your clothes, leaving behind a trail of perfume that is not at all discreet.

Volare, Silver Haze without THC

Why give up the wonderful flavor and intense aroma of Silver Haze if you don't want or can't take THC? If you are not in Amsterdam and do not want to resort to the black market, you can choose to use light cannabis. It is the so-called "legal weed", it contains less than 0.5% THC , but on the other hand it is rich in CBD, a cannabinoid known for its beneficial properties.

At the beginning, light cannabis did not have an appearance and aroma comparable to that of traditional weed, but over time many producers have managed to create inflorescences of the highest level, both from an aesthetic and taste point of view. As you know, we at Terre di Cannabis love our work and try every avenue to obtain the most selected product possible.

We also have our Haze, a light marijuana precious, grown naturally and organically and inspired in every way by Super Silver Haze.

Our " Volare ", rigorously made in Italy , recalls the soft shape of clouds, preserves the color and compactness of the buds of the original haze variety and matches its earthy and citrus scent and sweet and intense taste. This variety of legal marijuana has a high percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes, we are around 18% of CBD , so as to give you all the beneficial effects of the active ingredients from the first puffs.

In short, you will be able to enjoy all the beneficial effects of Super Silver Haze while avoiding the problem of the high concentration of THC, which in the products available on our website is less than 0.2% and therefore completely compliant with the law.

How much does our Silver cost?

Volare is available in a convenient two-gram pack at 5.50 euros per gram. If you intend to consume it in large quantities, we can only recommend XL or Gigante , our maxi formats with prices starting from 1.50 euros per gram.

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