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How to buy cannabis during quarantine

In this article we will talk about how to buy cannabis these days. Specifically we will tell you:

  1. How to buy cannabis in quarantine
  2. Cannabusinness in quarantine
  3. Fake news and Covid-19
  4. Can cannabis help treat Covid-19?

The arrival of the coronavirus has sent the world upside down: one moment we were living our lives in complete normality and the next we found ourselves locked in the house desperately craving gloves and masks. Almost two months have passed since Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte declared the lockdown for Italy and it now seems that the first reopenings are almost over. We will start living again slowly, but we won't return to normality anytime soon.

In recent weeks we have learned to give up many things that previously seemed obvious to us: the hairdresser, the beautician, the spritz after work, the run in the park and dinners with friends. Unfortunately our habits are only a distant memory and will remain so for a long time to come. It must be said, however, that we are learning to live with this situation: the first weeks of quarantine were chaos, but as time passed many activities organized themselves with home deliveries and began to bring into our homes what had begun to miss us.

Everyone has developed their own routine and the days pass, one the same as the other... The hardest phase should end on May 3rd, but there are things that will continue to be blocked - such as gyms and public places - until the creation of the vaccine and its production on a global scale. We will need to be patient and postpone the vices until a later date!

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How to buy cannabis in quarantine?

Buying cannabis in this quarantine period is not that complex. The cannabis shops are closed, like all the other shops that do not sell basic necessities, but purchasing light cannabis during the weekly shop is possible. The important thing is to respect the limitations of the latest Prime Ministerial Decree and not move too far from your home, choosing retailers who are in your neighborhood or near where you work, if you are not among the lucky ones who work smart. Respect the safety distances and enter the shops one at a time, making sure to use a mask and gloves to limit the risk of contagion.

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There are some tobacconists that still sell light cannabis and usually offer a good selection of genetics, as well as smoking accessories and various types of papers. Light marijuana vending machines are also widespread in many Italian cities, very similar to those that sell cigarettes, which allow you to purchase light cannabis in complete safety. They only require a document certifying the buyer's major and that's it!

If you really want to stay at home, you can buy light cannabis online. Through our website it is possible to purchase one or more varieties of legal marijuana and have it delivered directly to your home, without leaving your sofa.

Our cannabis is grown in Abruzzo from 100% certified seeds and grows without the use of chemical additives . Purchasing from our site is simple: you browse through the categories, choose your favorite cannabis, put it in the cart and pay with the card or with the system that best suits you. After a few days our cannabis light will be at your home. In this period shipments have slowed down due to the great demand for home deliveries, but we have strengthened the delivery systems so as not to ask too much of our customers.

If you are not too familiar with online purchases you can also place your order on WhatsApp by writing what you wish to receive to the number 348 921 66 55 . In a few days the order will be with you!

Cannabusiness in quarantine

Quarantine measures have shaken up the legal cannabis market, both in Europe and the USA. Especially in the USA there has been a predictable boom in purchases , also because in the states where cannabis is legal, the shops that sell it are considered essential services. Only in Nevada was sales permitted only with home delivery. The boom is tangible: at the end of March, marijuana purchases in California grew by 56% compared to previous weeks and requests for medical cannabis alone jumped by 41% more.

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In the USA, cannabis delivered to your home is provided with detailed instructions on how to disinfect packages and jars as soon as you receive them. The “Cannabis Against COVID” campaign was launched in Colorado to raise millions of dollars to support workers on the front lines fighting the virus.

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Fake news and COVID19

COVID19 has unleashed the creators of fake news : in recent weeks, news has been spread that traced the coronavirus to factors completely unrelated to it, such as 5G, pollution, an American military operation and so on and so forth. It has been said that sweat allows you to throw out the virus, that yoga - by improving breathing - does not make you ill from Covid and that honey has a disinfectant effect and creates an antiviral barrier. Since the boom of the epidemic, false or in any case not scientifically relevant news on Covid has increased by 38%.

The Observatory on online disinformation and the Agcom council have carried out research dedicated to the topic of coronavirus (available on their website) which examines the volume of news generated by sources of information and disinformation on Covid-19.

According to analyzes conducted 30 days after the start of the health emergency, the coronavirus is a growing trend in Italy. The study reports that "from February 21st to March 22nd, 38% of the news published on an average day by disinformation sources concerned the epidemic", with the percentage rising to 46% if we consider only the last two weeks of the interval. “Specifically, in March – continues the authority – a disinformation site published on average 4 new articles per day relating to the coronavirus and, from 9 to 22 March, 36% of all posts/tweets from disinformation sources had regarding Covid-19", a percentage that rises by 28 points compared to the end of January. If we then wanted to measure how much misinformation affects the total amount of news published on the coronavirus and disseminated online, "the incidence of misinformation - explains Agcom - is close to 5%, with a decreasing trend due to the more sustained growth of the information component ”.

It is clear that in this scenario you have to be really careful about what you share on social media, but first of all you have to be careful about what you read. Choosing your information channels critically is very important, to be sure that the news you have comes from authoritative sources. In this phase, scientists have to speak, before politicians and before journalists, because they are the only ones who know the problem in depth and can find a solution. We must be wary of sensationalism and simplistic solutions, which are clearly far from being true solutions to the problem.

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Can cannabis help treat COVID19?

A senator from the Misto group, Lello Ciampolillo, declared that medical cannabis must be considered as a possible antidote to the coronavirus . According to the senator recently expelled from the M5S, cannabis can cure Covid19. He wrote this in a letter addressed to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza: "Dear Minister, I am writing to you to suggest the therapeutic cannabis flower as a possible antidote to the coronavirus. The vaporization of the therapeutic cannabis flower has already given extraordinarily positive effects for the problems of respiratory system of terminally ill patients. It is known, moreover, that the over 800 active ingredients contained in the flower significantly strengthen the immune defenses".

According to Ciampolillo, doctors and researchers could try to use medicines derived from cannabis against coronavirus, especially in elderly patients who, due to the effects of pneumonia, are most exposed to the risks of this disease. By alleviating respiratory problems, the vaporization of cannabis will make healing easier, allowing the clinical picture to be brought back to normal.

Doctor Carlo Privitera, Sicilian doctor and founder of the Medicomm telemedicine service, told Fanpage that: “When we become infected with the virus, it enters the cells and damages them and an initial inflammatory response is created. Afterwards, patients whose situation becomes complicated go to intensive care due to the exaggerated inflammatory response triggered by the virus and this is a mechanism in which cannabis acts as an immunomodulator.

Cannabis from this perspective, as has already been demonstrated in the treatment of pneumonia due to other viral agents that cause similar pathological pictures, has shown that it can improve clinical results by improving the inflammatory response . As a doctor I think that at least the test should be done, one of the articles to cite was published in Cell in January 2020 and explains that the biological and molecular mechanisms that occur in sepsis are due, in addition to the presence of the pathogen, also and above all by the inflammatory reaction which causes progressive stress on organs and systems. I will write to the Minister of Health and in the case of a positive response I will move to seek the necessary capital".

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