Cannabis light al posto del tabacco

Buy light cannabis instead of tobacco


In this article we will talk about how to avoid buying tobacco, replacing it with light cannabis, for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Specifically we will cover these topics:

  1. Tobacco is harmful to your health
  2. Cannabis as an alternative to tobacco
  3. Tobacco or cannabis light?
  4. Cannabis light during quarantine

Tobacco is harmful to your health

In the post-war period, cigarette smoking was the most handy tool for giving oneself the air of a playboy: blondes cost less than many other status symbols, but - if used with skill - they gave cinema-like gestures and posture.

Cigarettes have always been loved in Italy: in 1950 Italians aged 15 and over consumed 1 kilo of tobacco per capita per year , in the 1980s it reached almost 2.3 kilos. More men than women smoked. During the 1930s and 1940s only 2-3% of women smoked, compared to at least 50% of men and even in the post-war period the tobacco boom was mainly thanks to men, with a percentage of smokers that in 1949 had already reached 70%. But then the "gap" between the two sexes slowly began to narrow: the percentage of smokers, below 10% in 1960, grew in the Seventies, reaching 30% in the mid-Eighties.

In 2005 the Sirchia law arrived and the lives of smokers changed forever: goodbye to cigarettes in restaurants and dedicated carriages and waiting rooms, welcome bans and heavy fines for violators. The Sirchia law was born as a provision to protect maternity and childhood and provided for more serious sanctions for violations committed in the presence of a pregnant woman. Today, after 15 years, smokers have decreased, thanks to the great awareness and enormous work of the ISS and anti-smoking associations. There are many Italians who feel the need to give up smoking: it's bad for you and everyone knows it by now .

Light cannabis cultivation

Fortunately, as demand has increased, so has the supply of smoking cessation aids. Choosing between nicotine patches and chewing gum is no longer an obligatory choice, but many others have been added to the anti-smoking devices of the last century. In this article we will tell you about how to successfully quit cigarettes thanks to cannabis and the vaporizer.

Cannabis is a valid alternative to tobacco

Cannabis can become a real substitute for tobacco, whether you want to abandon cigarettes and only smoke weed, or you want to say goodbye to combustion forever by using a vaporizer . Smoking cannabis light can really be the right way to say goodbye to cigarettes without too much detachment from the gestures so dear to the smoker.

Have you ever tried light cannabis with a high % CBD? Perla , with its 20% is the top of the range.

Light cannabis can help you quit smoking thanks to CDB, as was recently discovered by a group of English scholars. In 2013 a group of researchers conducted a preliminary study on smokers wishing to limit their use of cigarettes; the study was very small in size and importance, but it suggested that the path was the right one, given that tobacco consumption had dropped by 40% in the subjects subjected to the test. Since then, cannabidiol has been studied extensively and knowledge of this molecule and its interactions with the human body has increased significantly.

Cannabis light

In 2018, at University College London , a more complete study was carried out, completed with an innovative approach: the aim of the study was to understand what happens to smokers who try to quit smoking when they use CBD. English researchers have discovered that this substance, if taken in precise doses for a prolonged period, limits the neurocognitive processes that generate the craving for tobacco in the brains of addicted subjects.

CBD would therefore block the urge to smoke before it forms, preventing it from being felt. This could be a real revolution in the world of fighting smoking: no longer remedies to combat the urge to smoke, but a natural system to destroy it completely.

Tobacco or cannabis light?

Light cannabis is a valid substitute for tobacco even for those who have never smoked cigarettes. In the Netherlands, in most coffee shops, it is forbidden to use tobacco to package joints. The managers of the premises provide a mix of leaves and flowers of male or hermaphroditic plants, with a very low psychoactive effect, to prevent secondhand smoke from being spread within their activities.

Are you looking for a very high quality and at the same time convenient light cannabis? our XL box is right for you because it combines an unbeatable price with a unique product.

This is also a good idea for homegrown smokers who want to reduce their tobacco intake and enjoy the flavor of weed without the unpleasant effects of nicotine. Using light cannabis instead of tobacco is an excellent idea, especially for those who use marijuana for therapeutic purposes . Usually these are patients who already have other pathologies: in these cases it is not recommended to use tobacco together with alfalfa and it would be optimal to use the vaporizer to completely eliminate the combustion.

The vaporizer allows you to take only the best of the herb: through very precise temperature control , it releases the cannabinoids without burning them, maximizing the positive effects of the substance. Many smokers have already converted to vaping, but chronic patients who use weed for treatment should especially choose it .

Cannabis light

For those who suffer from THC anxiety , light cannabis proves to be the perfect ally: CBD mitigates the effects of THC and allows you to relax body and mind, without paranoia. Until a few years ago it was believed that CBD did not interact with the CB1 receptor: according to scientists, CBD, as a weak antagonist, bound to the same receptor as THC, blocking its activation.

In 2015 the British Journal of Pharmacology published a study according to which CBD actually has a much more marked antagonistic effect on CB1 receptors, acting as a "negative allosteric modulator". It is a compound that binds to receptors, establishing a different bond than usual and modifying their physical structure. In the case of CB1 receptors, the change induced by CBD is such that it prevents THC from binding to it properly. In the presence of CBD, THC does not bind perfectly to the CB1 receptor and this makes its impact on the endocannabinoid system much weaker.

Cannabis light during quarantine

These days everything is more complicated, but we can say that we have almost gotten used to our new lives as recluses. It has become difficult to do things that previously seemed obvious, cutting your hair or going to the gym seem like distant memories, but finding light cannabis is not that difficult . There are still some tobacconists who distribute it and in many Italian cities there are vending machines that allow you to buy light cannabis safely, fully respecting municipal ordinances. Look for one not too far from your home and that's it. They are well stocked and also offer a wide selection of papers and other smoking accessories.

Obviously it is also possible to buy legal marijuana online : on our site you will only find top quality cannabis , grown in Abruzzo with water, sun and natural fertilizers. You can buy our legal weed through the website or on WhatsApp (at 348 921 66 55 ) and wait for the courier to arrive.

You will have your cannabis light without having to leave home! In this period the times could be a little longer due to the overload of home delivery services, so we advise you to act in time so as not to risk running out.

On our site you will find a vast selection of light cannabis varieties, also available in the XL format ranging from 10 to 60 grams.

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Cannabis light

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Staff Terre di Cannabis
Staff Terre di Cannabis

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Tony Giglio
Tony Giglio

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