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How to recognize high-quality cannabis flowers

Most of us will agree that between smoking weed and not smoking anything, the latter option is better. Unfortunately, however, good quality cannabis or cannabis light cannot be taken for granted. It can be relatively easy to purchase weed and only realize later that it is a low-quality product. This is why in addition to knowing the best cannabis varieties , it is important to learn to recognize some of the characteristics that guarantee the quality of the cannabis or light marijuana that we have purchased or are about to purchase. In this article we will find out what we need to take into account to ensure that we have good quality weed in our hands. Specifically we will see:

  1. Recognize good quality grass, the appearance
  2. Smell-touch
  3. taste
  4. effects
Cannabis light

Recognize good quality grass, the appearance

Here we are in front of our newly purchased legal cannabis flowers . What is the first thing we can do to ensure the real quality of cannabis?

Let's look at it carefully. What colour is it? A good quality product will be green in color , a green that can vary from the lightest to the darkest shades and will have purple, red or golden shades , all depending on the characteristics of each variety.

If, however, the dominant color is dark brown or yellow, it is very likely that the cannabis flowers you are looking at are of poor quality.

Furthermore, by looking carefully at a bud, you should be able to glimpse small white dots with the naked eye, which resemble tiny icy pellets. These are the trichomes , they contain the cannabinoids.

The fact that cannabis or light marijuana flowers are covered in trichomes is a guarantee of good quality, it is better to avoid buds in which the trichomes are not visible or are dark. If they are dark it means that the flowers were harvested too late, if they are not even present it means that the plant was not grown correctly and the percentage of active ingredient will be very low.

Another aspect that can be useful to pay attention to is the shape of the buds . Whether they are longer and narrower, typical of indica varieties, or wider and shorter, typical of sativas, the buds must be compact and not open and empty of substance.

With the naked eye we can also easily notice the presence of seeds or twigs. A couple of seeds may occur, but too many are a sign of low quality . The presence of too many sprigs, however, indicates that the cannabis flowers have not been cured properly.

This also applies to the leaves, one marijuana leaf , even three or four, are fine but if the grass is too leafy we are faced with a poor quality product. After all, we want to smoke the buds and not the leaves, right?

Light marijuana

Smell and touch

Most cannabis users can immediately recognize a good “weed high” and… how much we like it. The smell of cannabis or light marijuana is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that make us love them most.

These aromas that we like so much are generated thanks to terpenes , organic compounds present in trichomes together with cannabinoids. Here , a light marijuana with an intense and fragrant aroma will be rich in terpenes and consequently rich in trichomes, therefore also in the active ingredient.

When you open your box, jar or bag of light cannabis and put your nose close to it, you must be able to clearly feel the aromas releasing in your nostrils. If the grass tastes like hay, damp or worse, ammonia or something chemical, you are clearly faced with a low quality product that you should throw away immediately.

Although the aroma of a cannabis or light cannabis plant can vary depending on the variety, to be sure you are dealing with good quality weed, some notes should always be recognisable: fresh and fruity, woody and acidic or even coffee and chocolate.

An odorless herb is not of good quality. However, also be careful to recognize the naturalness of the aromas, sometimes chemical additives are sprayed on cannabis or light marijuana flowers to mask the poor quality of the herb and the essence of the active ingredient.

Touch also helps us orient ourselves . If cannabis flowers crumble in your hands, it's not a good sign. It means the weed is too dry, so it will burn too quickly and unevenly. On the contrary, if it is too humid it may not have been dried enough and it will be difficult to handle and uncomfortable to smoke.

To the touch, satisfying cannabis flowers should feel compact and a little sticky, due to the presence of our beloved trichomes.

light cannabis


Also in this case , terpenes play a fundamental role in the taste of our light cannabis. In fact, aroma is what we perceive first through smell and then through taste. Obviously the more intense and natural the aroma, the more good quality our experience will be even at the moment of "tasting".

The flavor can also vary depending on the cannabis strain. Some, like our Perla , stand out for a very sweet flavor on the palate and a pleasantly cedary aftertaste.

Others have a more pungent taste and a slightly spicy aftertaste, typical for example of White Widow , which we at Terre di Cannabis offer in a light cannabis version.

The important thing is that the aftertaste is intense and pleasant , that an irresistible flavor remains in the mouth as happens after eating a delicious chocolate. If we feel a flavor that doesn't convince us and perhaps our throat burns, it is clear that we are dealing with a low quality weed.

cannabis cultivation


A low-quality herb may in most cases simply give no effect at all . In other cases, however, it could cause headaches and in the worst case scenario, if grown with pesticides or sprayed with perfumes, cause us to inject unwelcome harmful substances.

If THC-based and used with awareness, the quality of cannabis should fully guarantee the psychoactive effects it promises. As far as light cannabis is concerned, we are faced with a good quality product when we are able to benefit from the relaxing and soothing effects of CBD.

If after smoking light marijuana you definitely don't feel more relaxed or relaxed, if it hasn't helped you in relieving muscle tension or pain, the concentration of CBD is probably not high enough and you are dealing with a quality product. low quality.

It is very important to carefully choose the cannabis flowers that we choose to smoke or vaporize.

Our company, Terre di cannabis sells legal cannabis online and offers legal marijuana, 100% made in Italy , grown with the methods and experience of the past. We do not use pesticides and our products are organic and certified , you will no longer have to worry about recognizing the good quality of the flowers, but only choose the variety you prefer.

And if you don't want to miss any, you can try our Try Them All format. The good quality of what you smoke also depends on a choice: yours.

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