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The 10 best CBD strains of 2020

This year the lockdown kept us at home more than usual. Raise your hand if you haven't organized a home tasting of light cannabis! Jokes aside, it was a particular period in which many of us, suddenly finding ourselves with our trusted grow shops closed, began to buy weed online, we're talking about light marijuana of course, a basic necessity.

 Purchasing light cannabis through a website is a convenient and in some cases advantageous choice in terms of quality and price. However, you will need to be good at recognizing poor quality weed from high quality weed and having an indicative overview of the best light cannabis varieties this year.

In this article we will see:

    1. How to recognize quality cannabis
    2. Top ten: the 10 best light cannabis varieties


How to recognize quality cannabis

The first thing to consider before buying light marijuana is the type of cultivation. As with what we eat, it is important to be careful about what we smoke, or even better, vape .

Make sure that the farm that produces your light cannabis grows the plants in an organic and certified way, that it does not use pesticides or heavy metals and that it makes the best use of natural resources in a non-invasive way.

Growing light cannabis in an ethical and responsible way is a choice that several companies decide to make, but not all. Also be wary of those who offer you products with too high a concentration of CBD , it is impossible to produce similar varieties and there could be something very unnatural underneath.

We also consider the distance from the place where we order and the shipping times. If we buy from the United States or Australia, in short from very far away, the long journey could deteriorate the product.

What should you pay attention to, product in hand, to make sure you are dealing with high-quality legal cannabis?

  • Appearance : The buds, whether wide and low or long and narrow, must be full and rich in trichomes visible to the naked eye. Too many marijuana leaves are not good, we want the buds. The color can vary between different shades of green with golden, whitish or orange streaks, but the buds must never be brown.
  • Consistency : the buds must be compact. Soft or crunchy, they absolutely must not crumble like frozen parsley.
  • Smell : a high-quality cannabis strain has an unmistakable smell, it smells…vapes, sometimes without even having to put your nose close to it. The same thing goes for light marijuana.
  • Effects : try it when you are particularly tense or have muscle pain. If you aren't getting any benefit from the beneficial effects of CBD, maybe your product isn't that great.

Top ten: the 10 best light cannabis varieties

Or… nothing more than a little guide to buy weed online and always be on the safe side:

1st Pearl (similar to the Ak-47)

Inspired by the famous and award-winning AK-47, Perla is definitely among the best Terre di Cannabis products. Its buds are compact and have a beautiful bright green with golden hues. This inflorescence has a strong flavor with a sweet aftertaste on the palate. Perla is particularly rich in aromatic terpenes , carefully selected by the company's Master Hemp Grower, who managed to create this strain thanks to decades of experience.

Find out more about Perla-AK-47

2nd Strawberry

A very particular variety of light cannabis as well as high quality. We are at the highest levels of CBD, 20% of the active ingredient. The buds are soft and tinged with red and what is most striking about this inflorescence, as can easily be understood from the name, is the aroma of wild strawberries and the sweet and fruity aftertaste reminiscent of a freshly made tart. The high percentage of CBD guarantees its beneficial, relaxing and pain-relieving effects .

3° Volare (similar to Silver Haze)

Another gem from Terre di Cannabis. Volare is part of the excellence of Made in Italy and is considered by many customers to be one of the best varieties of the year. It resembles the popular Silver Haze and incorporates its best characteristics while maintaining the THC content below 0.2%.

The percentage of CBD is high, we are talking about 18%, the ideal quantity to fully enjoy the benefits of the active ingredient . It is useful for relaxing nerves, muscles and emotional tension. The buds are dark green in color and appear compact and resinous due to the large concentration of terpenes.

The aroma and flavor are intense, with spicy, pungent and earthy notes. Like all Terre di Cannabis products, Volare is grown organically and certified.

4th Tatanka Pure CBD by Royal Queen Seeds

It is worth mentioning this light cannabis variety, even if you can only find it on the company website in the form of cannabis seeds. It is the cross between two other varieties of therapeutic cannabis, an indica-dominant hybrid that is decidedly rich in CBD, we are around 14% of active ingredient.

The tops will be very large and full of maria leaves which can then be dried to make desserts or herbal teas. The slightly sugary aroma of this Royal Queen Seeds strain leaves a bitter but pleasant aftertaste on the palate. Ideal for relieving anxiety and eliminating accumulated stress.

5° Opulent Reserve (similar to Lemon Haze)

This variety needs few words: it is the first inflorescence of Terre di Cannabis. It represents the company's ecotype, their way of presenting themselves to the world. Riserva Opulenta is grown at a height of approximately 500 meters above sea level, without the use of pesticides or heavy metals, in a completely organic and organic way.

It is the best of the Abruzzo lands in inflorescence form. It has a full and earthy aroma with spicy and oriental notes, reminiscent of the legendary Lemon Haze and gives the same pleasant effect of calm and relaxation with its 12% CBD content.

 6° Fredda Del Sirente (similar to Somago xl)

If you love light cannabis varieties grown indoors, this one from Terre di Cannabis should definitely be tried. It comes from the largest indoor greenhouse in Abruzzo and has a special and intense taste, reminiscent of the fresh air you breathe in the mountains. The color of its buds is also intense, full and rich in trichomes and terpenes .

Inspired by Somago xl, an indica-dominant cannabis variety from which it takes its fruity and fresh aromas,Fredda del Sirente is ideal for vaping in autumn accompanied by a cup of hot tea. The CBD concentration is 12% , as enough to guarantee its calming, relaxing and pain-relieving effects.

7th Santa Verde (similar to Critical Mass)

Ideal for all tastes, this inflorescence has created a new generation of cannabis varieties. It is grown organically in Apulian lands and grows a few meters above sea level. It has a light green color and a sweet and fruity but still natural aroma reminiscent of Critical Mass. With its 10% CBD content, it can be used every day and on any occasion.

Are you looking for a high-quality CBD product? Try Santa Verde-Critical Mass , you won't regret it.

8th Og Kush

It takes all its qualities from the classic Og Kush , a cannabis strain much loved both for its irresistible aromas and its relaxing effects. The buds are straight, long and light green. It has a CBD content of 10% and releases a pleasant aroma of wood, aromatic herbs and lemon with some diesel notes.

If you want to buy it online, pay attention to the THC content which should always be reported somewhere on the website, because in some cases it is possible that it is higher than the permitted limit . Check so that you can choose safely and knowledgeably.

9th CBD Critical Cure

It is one of the first light cannabis varieties from Barney Farm's , a company based in the United States. The buds are compact and long and dark green in color. The aroma is earthy and soft with citrus notes of cedar and lemon, the aftertaste is sweet on the palate, the percentage of CBD is average, we are around 8%.

It is an extremely light cannabis light variety that is still tasty and sufficiently relaxing.

10th CBD Caramel

Also from Barney Farm's, already producer of CBD Critical, this light cannabis variety looks very similar, but has a lower CBD content, 8%. The buds are rich in trichomes, which gives a bit of a frozen effect. on a beautiful bright green. A sweet-salty aroma and a formidable caramel aftertaste, for a light but tasty effect. The presence of terpenes ensures that the aroma is unmistakable. You will love the notes of sandalwood, pine and cedar.

It is a light marijuana with a high concentration of CBD, let's say the maximum possible concentration: 20% of active ingredient .

Its high percentage of CBD means that it induces the same relaxing effects as AK-47, also proving to be formidable for counteracting anxiety attacks and states of depression. It is ideal against insomnia and is an excellent ally in case of muscle pain.

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