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Draghi shock: Let's legalize cannabis

Sensational twist during the work of the latest parliamentary commission, Draghi shocks everyone "Our example will be New York".

legal cannabis

“Italy needs to grow and this pandemic gives us no respite, let's put aside political personalism and think about the future of this country. Does Italy have a drastic need to get out of this crisis? The solution was suggested to me by the latest events from overseas, a new green revolution: let's legalize Cannabis"

This is what Prime Minister Mario Draghi declared at the end of an exhausting session in the chamber, which lasted more than 12 hours and had a very surprising ending. He then added:

“Our example will be New York, the cradle of democracy, civilization and which in recent days has made the recreational use of marijuana official. As many other American states have done in recent times. And as many other nations have done.”

From 1 May 2021 the consumption of Cannabis will therefore be legalized throughout Italy.

On 28 April 2021, institutional communication will be given via the Official Journal and from 29 April it will be possible to submit the application to obtain the permit for the consumer licence .

Concluding the proceedings, the Prime Minister commented:

"We desperately need to increase our GDP, our economy has been in stagnation for a long, too long time. We need a turnaround and it doesn't matter if someone doesn't agree because this measure is for the good of the Italy"


If you've come this far, it means you're the least bit curious and you've probably already understood that today is April 1st.

At the same time: yesterday New York legalized the recreational use of cannabis, but how fair would it be, in reality, for something like this to happen in Italy too?

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