Purple Haze

PURPLE HAZE: cultivation characteristics and effects

Purple Haze is certainly the most famous of the purple marijuana strains, but it's not the only one. The great success of Purple Haze is given by the power of its effect, but also by its irresistible strawberry aroma. Certainly, the fact that it has very pleasant shades of purple color contributes to giving further charm to this type of cannabis sativa.

Given its popularity and given that we are fresh from the study because Terre di Cannabis has very recently created the first Purple Haze with CBD, here we are with a complete mini-guide on purple marijuana.

Here's what we'll see specifically:

  • Origin of the strain
  • The name among myths and legends
  • Growing Purple Haze
  • Purple Haze CBD: Stella
  • Characteristics of the strain
  • Stella's characteristics
  • Purple Haze effects
  • Purple Haze Stella Effects
  • The best Purple genetics

Origin of the strain

Between the 60s and 70s, cannabis sativa had its moment of greatest splendor throughout the world but especially in the United States. Right in California, many varieties of marijuana were hybridized and created, most of which are still famous and appreciated today.

Purple Haze has its origins precisely in that period and in that context, in which myths and legends about their origin flourished together with marijuana varieties.

It is an extremely potent sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC content of up to 30% .

Since there are no specific historical documents on the matter, the only possibility to know something more about the origin of this strain is to rely on some testimonies considered reliable.

One of the best reports on this matter comes from the Humbold Seed Organization , which says that the biggest mystery surrounding Purple Haze is its origin.

The most popular narrative says that three boys created this fabulous variety of marijuana: the Haze brothers and the famous Sam The Skunkman , a character who is credited with the creation of many varieties.

These three guys decided to travel far and wide to look for the best marijuana varieties to hybridize in order to create a new strain with a high THC content.

Apparently they succeeded by combining an extraordinary Mexican sativa with a Colombian sativa and an Indian indica . Having collected the best female plants of these strains, they would have hybridized them with a male plant of Thai origin, the famous Purple Thai , obtaining an original and extremely powerful variety of marijuana.

From that moment they would continue to work to create more stable varieties with different characteristics. The first was Purple Haze, but Lemon Haze, Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze are also known.

Among enthusiasts of cannabis sativa culture, the question is whether Sam the Skunkman and the Haze Brothers really existed. It matters little. What is certain is that someone actually planted a new cannabis seed, the result of the hybridization of these genetics.

After all, as we will see in a moment, a world has been written about the name of this variety of marijuana.

Cannabis flower

The name among myths and legends

In blogs that deal with cannabis sativa, you often come across articles that present Purple Haze as the variety of marijuana that Jimy Hendrix took inspiration from for the title of his famous song.

This is certainly a fascinating idea, but it does not correspond to reality. In fact, although Jimy Hendrix was known for not disdaining any narcotic substance and loved smoking ganja, he did not name his song that way because of that specific variety of marijuana.

Apparently Jimy Hendrix had a highly developed dream activity and used to use the contents of his dreams for his songs. As for Purple Haze, in more than one interview, including on the Rolling Stones , Charles Cross, Jimy Hendrix's personal biographer, states that the title of the song came to the guitarist after a dream , during a period in which he was reading a particular science fiction novel.

In the dream Jimy Hendrix was walking on the bottom of the sea and was suddenly overwhelmed by a purple wave. Purple Haze was released as a single in 1967 , the same year Jimy Hendrix became famous for setting fire to his guitar at the Monterey Pop festival in America.

In the same years that Jimy Hendrix became a star, some famous growers were creating marijuana strains that would go down in history. It is no coincidence that they chose the title of such a famous song, composed by a great musical innovator, to give its name to such a powerful variety of marijuana.

Finally, there are those who think that Haze is precisely the surname of the two grower brothers, who had in their hands the first Purple Haze cannabis seed that they hybridized. According to the same theory it would be called Purple because the color purple would have been a very important color for Colombian and Indian culture , from which the varieties of cannabis with which it was hybridized came.

It is much more likely that Haze was meant to refer to the " mist " (this is the meaning of the word in English) understood as the confusion caused by the extremely powerful effect of all varieties of Haze . Haze could be a metaphor for " powerful and at times psychedelic high caused by this variety of marijuana.

As for the color purple and the word “Purple”, the answer is simple. The Purple Haze plant, like other Haze cannabis varieties, has purple shades on the leaves, which can be lighter or darker and which derive from the genetics of Purple Thai , which also has purple shades tending towards mauve.

This seems to be the most logical theory. It should also be remembered that in the same historical period, probably the same growers were creating different varieties of Haze. It is therefore highly probable that they chose to give them names based on some substantial differences. The color in the case of Purple Haze, the terpene profile in the case of Lemon Haze and the relaxing, relaxing and powerful effect in the case of Amnesia Haze.

Cannabis flower

Growing Purple Haze

One of the strengths of Purple Haze is its resistance and flexibility in terms of cultivation . This variety of marijuana lends itself to being grown at very low temperatures and it is precisely in that case that it releases its purple shades more easily.

However, this type of cannabis sativa is capable of giving a rich harvest even in the presence of a Mediterranean and sunny climate . In case you want to speed up harvest cycles, know that Purple Haze is also perfect for indoors and performs particularly well in hydroponics.

Let's see what the main steps are for growing Purple Haze and any other variety of marijuana but also light cannabis:

Choose and prepare the soil :

The composition of the soil is crucial for the growth of all plants. Cannabis sativa in particular, however, needs well-drained soil to grow at its best and offer a good yield. The best thing is to prepare a potting mix, which contains a little clay, a little sand and some organic nutrients such as earthworm hummus or compost.

There are obviously ready-made soils, but it is important to check the percentage of the individual parts so that they are balanced. Cannabis sativa needs sufficiently clayey soil to ensure good drainage and adequate oxygenation .

cannabis cultivation

If you grow indoors, hydroponics is preferable. The soil in this case will be an inert material such as perlite or expanded clay . It is very important that the roots are not in direct contact with water.

Nourishment :

often the problem with those who grow cannabis sativa is the idea that over-fertilizing the plants can do miracles such as increasing the size of the flower, tripling the quantity of the final harvest and speeding up flowering.

There is nothing more wrong. Each cannabis seed was created to have and maintain certain characteristics , which will not be magically enhanced with the use of liters and liters of fertilizers. By feeding our plants more than necessary we could even risk the combustion of the roots, which would find themselves burning due to fertilizers, especially if of a chemical nature.

Instead, it is important to observe the plant carefully from week to week but also from day to day if possible so that you can promptly adapt to its needs.

If the plant is green and lush, free of yellow leaves and diseased leaves , it means that it is fine and does not need further nourishment.

To provide cannabis sativa plants with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, you need to make sure of a few things. First of all, it must have sufficient nitrogen during the vegetative phase. Secondly, that from the beginning of flowering it is necessary to reduce nitrogen or completely eliminate it from the plant's routine.

It's time to introduce potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium or manganese into the soil. Many potting soils contain so many nutrients that they don't need any additional additions, but in the case of hydroponics you will need some nutrients.

There are also pre-prepared nutrient mixtures , both for the vegetative phase and for the flowering phase. It is advisable to use organic blends and start with half the amount suggested by the package.

Alternatively, you can opt for homemade preparations such as tea obtained from banana peels , which provides a high potassium content, or crushed eggshells, which release calcium . In the vegetative phase, however, coffee grounds, which are particularly rich in nitrogen, could be useful.

A month after harvest, you may see yellow leaves. Don't worry because it is absolutely normal for the first leaves of the plant to start to yellow. However, it is important to stop any type of fertilization to avoid unpleasant odors on your grass, which is now almost ready to be harvested. One substance you can safely add to the soil during that time is a tablespoon of grape molasses and ash , which will help the buds become even denser and tastier.

Pest Control :

like any plant, cannabis sativa is also subject to aggression by parasites of various types: aphids, mites, whiteflies and fungi of various kinds are capable of attacking the plant and compromising its growth.

If not caught promptly, both outdoors and indoors, an infestation can quickly get out of hand and ruin your crop. But speaking of nettles, here are some natural remedies to help us to prepare natural pesticides . A good practice is to prepare a nettle macerate to spray on the plants every week. If used consistently, nettle macerate becomes a powerful and infallible ally.

Here's how to prepare it quickly and easily: just get about a kilo of nettle plants, well washed and cut at the base. You will then need to leave them to macerate for 48 hours in about 10 liters of water.

The ideal would be to use rain water, but tap water can also work as long as it is filtered. As an alternative to the fresh nettle plant, it is also possible to macerate dried nettle, in this case we will use approximately 100 grams per 10 litres. After 48 hours, the mixture must be filtered well and then it is ready to be used on the plants using a spray bottle.

Neem oil is also an excellent natural pesticide. Both can be used throughout the vegetative phase. During flowering it would be better to avoid any type of pesticide because whatever we spray on our purple or green marijuana will also remain on the flowers, which will then be smoked or vaporized.

It is clear that if we use chemical pesticides, we will ingest particles of those too and this is why it is highly inadvisable.

During the flowering phase, neem oil and nettle macerate could at most leave an unpleasant odor on the buds, but at least they are not toxic. This can be remedied by spraying the macerate only on the lower part of the plant, or just nearby. It is also possible to make nettle and citronella candles to place around the plants.

The smell of nettle and neem oil is so penetrating that it will repel pests even if the mixture is not sprayed directly on the plant.

Collect purple marijuana:

as with any other variety of marijuana, it is important to wait until the flowering phase has come to an end to harvest the cannabis sativa inflorescences. An unmistakable signal is given to us by the pistils and trichomes present right on the inflorescences.

The pistils are like filaments present on the flowers, which during the vegetative phase are very light in color, while during the flowering phase they begin to color with a color ranging from yellow to golden up to brown. When the pistils are brown, it's time to harvest the marijuana. The trichomes , on the other hand, which are small heads always present on the flower, when the cannabis sativa is ready, go from transparent to visible, taking on a milky white colour.

Lights and ventilation system in indoor cultivation:

if you choose to grow Purple Haze indoors, the right lights will be necessary. The best are the neon ones, perhaps even energy saving . The important thing is that they do not release heat , which could burn the plants or make them excessively fragile.

The winning key is to place the lights in a point where they illuminate the plants well without being too close, especially if we use powerful lights.

Some growers prefer to use cool light during vegetative growth and warm light during flowering . Remember that flowering will begin as soon as you change the light-dark cycle. Better not to anticipate it too much if we want cannabis sativa to grow luxuriantly and develop the maximum of its active ingredient.

For any indoor cultivation it is essential to have an adequate ventilation system that will avoid humidity stagnation with the consequent formation of mold. In this sense, cannabis sativa is particularly delicate. The ventilation system can also be very useful in camouflaging the strong and penetrating smell of Purple Haze, which could easily arouse the suspicion of neighbors and others.

Small but fundamental legal note:

at this moment in Italy cannabis sativa with a THC content greater than 0.2% is considered a narcotic substance . It is forbidden to grow any variety of marijuana, so alas, even purple marijuana. Although there is a ruling from the Court of Cassation which makes the cultivation of cannabis sativa in small quantities (up to three plants) an administrative offense and not a criminal offence , there is still no clear law on the matter and it would be prudent to avoid it.

To overcome an unstoppable desire for Purple Haze , Terre di Cannabis has designed and created a light cannabis variety inspired by and completely similar to the famous purple marijuana.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze CBD: Stella

Terre di Cannabis has been producing completely organic and natural light cannabis for many years. In addition to creating absolutely new CBD and CBG strains designed by the company's master hemp grower, one of the goals has always been to be able to recreate the terpene profile and best effects of the greatest marijuana strains in history and make them accessible to everyone . Even to those who wish to avoid the psychotropic effects of THC.

It is by following this objective that some of our best inflorescences were born. We therefore experimented extensively to recreate a marijuana strain that brings together the best of Purple Haze.

We are therefore pleased to present Stella, the first Purple Haze with CBD, one of the latest innovations from Terre di Cannabis.

It is a variety of light cannabis with a THC content of less than 0.2% , therefore perfectly legal, and a very high CBD (cannabidiol) content.

This active ingredient, free of side effects and psychoactive effects, is able to interact with our endocannabinoid system , providing our body with a series of benefits in both the short and long term.

Characteristics of the strain

Purple Haze is a hybrid of several sativa genetics (Colombian, Mexican, Thai) which have different percentages of THC and a single indica-dominant genetic (Indian) always with a high THC content.

The sativa-dominant genetics give this variety of marijuana a particular psychotropic effect, so powerful that, if taken in large quantities, it borders on psychedelia . However, the indica component helps maintain clarity and relax muscles for the duration of the effect .

These are well-known plants in the world of cannabis cultivation due to their resistance. They manage to grow at very low temperatures , protecting themselves by changing color (a ploy that they often also use to stem the attacks of some parasites) until they become that beautiful purple that we like. They also grow well in mild and Mediterranean climates and perform at their best even outdoors.

The buds of this popular purple marijuana are medium to small in size . They are extremely soft and sticky to the touch, they are very rich in white trichomes and golden brown pistils, which can be clearly seen with the naked eye. Moss green in colour, both buds and leaves can have streaks ranging from lilac, mauve to intense purple.

The inflorescences of this marijuana strain are also extremely resinous and you need a grinder to process them best.

The aroma of Purple Haze is sweet and earthy , with notes of strawberry and berries . The flavor reflects the aroma, leaving a pleasant and fruity aftertaste in the mouth.

The high THC content and sativa dominance cause an energizing effect, which stimulates conversation and creativity . However, Purple Haze is also very effective in combating chronic pain and muscle tension.

Stella's characteristics

Stella-Purple Haze with CBD is a light cannabis strain inspired in every way by the famous purple marijuana. It is designed to be fragrant, tasty, stable, resistant and particularly rich in active ingredients.

With its percentage of CBD it is able to trigger numerous beneficial effects in the human body, which make it irresistible both for consumers of light cannabis and for those of any variety of marijuana.

Stella grows in naturally drained and oxygenated soil, on the Abruzzo hills of the Subequana valley , along the banks of the Aterno. It benefits from many hours of sunshine and a favorable climate, which can reach very low temperatures in winter.

The aroma is unmistakable because its terpene profile is almost identical to that of Purple Haze. When savored it is possible to clearly distinguish the notes of strawberry and red fruits and a pleasant hint of fresh and musky grass.

The flavor is enchanting and leaves a very sweet and fresh aftertaste in the mouth.

Stella - Purple Haze is a variety of marijuana that is suitable for consumption both in the morning and in the evening. Helps with chronic pain, THC side effects, nausea and mood disorders.

It stimulates and regenerates the immune system and helps with seasonal changes and to deal with small inflammations. Stella-Purple Haze, just like all Terre di Cannabis inflorescences, is grown following natural rhythms and all the guidelines for sustainable agriculture.

The company abolishes the use of chemical fertilizers, heavy metals and pesticides and manages the entire production chain, from the strain creation phase, through cultivation, to its distribution.

This integrated and internal management of the entire supply chain allows us on the one hand to constantly monitor the product , offering very high standards of quality and safety. On the other hand, to offer it to our customers at an extremely advantageous and competitive price for the light cannabis market.

Cannabis cultivation

Purple Haze effects

Purple Haze with normal THC contents, therefore we are talking about percentages ranging from 22 to 30% , causes very powerful effects , which manifest themselves after just a few puffs. Like all sativa-dominant marijuana strains, when purple marijuana rises it goes straight to the head, immediately causing a feeling of euphoria , associated in some cases with redness of the eyes and cheeks and a slight tachycardia.

Little by little, thinking becomes more intense and perceptive and the creative ability is stimulated. In some cases, it can cause intense and unusual gab or inexplicable hilarity.

For some, Purple Haze is an excellent energizer capable of helping to carry out heavy or particularly boring work with more mental lightness, but also of stimulating ideas for a creative project and even facilitating the resolution of complicated analytical tasks.

It is one of the very few varieties of marijuana, which , if used in large quantities, can cause psychedelic effects such as the distortion of shapes or colors and a much deeper perception of oneself and the surrounding reality. Nothing to do with the psychotropic effects that can be caused by a narcotic substance such as acid, of course, but the effect is certainly stronger than that caused by most varieties of marijuana.

Everything has been said about the effects of Purple Haze, there are even those who claim that it can have aphrodisiac effects if used in the right company with the right person. What is certain is that this variety of marijuana does not have relaxing or sedative effects and does not facilitate sleep or addiction, on the contrary it is able to make us more active and receptive than ever.

On a physical level it is able to counteract both chronic pain and the pain caused by minor inflammations such as headaches, cramps and menstrual pain.

Its ability to positively alter mood and release serotonin can temporarily improve symptoms of stress and mild depression and alleviate other mood disorders . However, if you are predisposed to panic attacks or paranoid thoughts, Purple Haze should be used carefully and in small quantities, because it could cause side effects such as tachycardia, sweating and increased pulse, accentuating the agitation underlying the attack. panic.

It is advisable to use it alone, without mixing it with alcohol or any other narcotic substance. The effect lasts several hours. For beginners it is better to start gradually with a few shots,

Purple Haze Stella Effects

Stella-Purple Haze is a light cannabis variety with a very high CBD content, among the varieties produced by Terre di Cannabis it is definitely the most powerful.

Completely free of psychotropic effects , our legal purple marijuana is full of beneficial effects, caused by the ability of CBD to interact with our endocannabinoid system. Not only that, this light marijuana variety also benefits from all the active ingredients contained in the complex and well-selected terpene profile of the strain . In particular, the high percentage of myrcene enhances all the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol one by one.

This active ingredient, now appreciated by the scientific community and used for the production of new natural-based drugs, is able to counteract the chronic pain and pain from minor inflammation, just like Purple Haze. However, cannabidiol does even more and causes pleasant relaxing effects, also helping those who fight against chronic stress and insomnia.

Stella- Purple Haze helps combat anxiety, stress and mild depression. It is able to stimulate the appetite and relax the muscles. If used regularly, Stella helps strengthen the immune system.

Stella-Purple Haze can be used in the morning because it will not cause drowsiness. Indeed, if used in a business context, it could help you be more incisive and productive because it has energizing, toning and stimulating properties, just like the original.

The ability of CBD to interact with the receptors present in our endocannabinoid system, in fact, ensures that any concentration problems are alleviated and the attention span is enhanced.

Many students say they study better when vaping with Stella Purple-Haze .

It is advisable to use it with a herb vaporizer and without the addition of tobacco. In this way, in addition to avoiding combustion, it is possible to regulate the temperature of the vaporizer to take on the entire spectrum of the active ingredient . CBD should be vaporized between 160 and 180 degrees .

Stella is a variety of marijuana that is also excellent for replacing tobacco in joints but also in everyday life in place of cigarettes or rolled tobacco.

It could be an excellent ally in transforming harmful habits into healthy ones . In this case, CBD can also help regulate any side effects caused by nicotine or THC withdrawal and helps fight nausea that could be generated by the lack of the substance.


The best Purple genetics

Since the first Purple Haze cannabis seed thrown in the 1960s, many advances have been made in hemp growing and hundreds and hundreds of varieties of marijuana have been created, some of which were hybridized starting from Purple Haze and Purple Thai.

Most purple marijuana genetics created in the last decade are high in THC and should be handled with care. They all have shades ranging from lilac to intense purple through purple and wine color.

Let's see which are the best and most popular Purple genetics of recent times:

  • Purple black water : this variety of marijuana born in California is a hybrid between San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Mendocino Purps, winner of numerous Cannabis Cups. It is an indica-dominant variety, also used in therapeutic cannabis-based treatments to treat ailments like multiple sclerosis. Blackwater helps relax muscles and mind and sleep better. The THC content ranges from 20 to 28% .
  • Purple skunk : This purple marijuana has a fresh, fruity and unmistakable scent. It is a sativa variety particularly suitable for stimulating memory, concentration and analytical work. It is particularly resistant and can be grown both outdoors and indoors. The aroma and flavor are very reminiscent of Purple Haze and Stella due to the hint of red fruits, which can also be detected on the freshly discarded inflorescences.
  • Purple Kush : is an indica-dominant variety of marijuana, which contains up to 27% THC in its resinous inflorescences. It is a strain particularly suitable for combating insomnia . It was produced in the USA and contains a good percentage of the famous indicas that grow naturally in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges.
  • Purple Diesel : Of all the purple marijuana strains, this is the one most used in the morning . Defined by critics and lovers of cannabis sativa as "the ideal breakfast", it contains 70% sativa, which acts as caffeine and 30% indica which balances the effect. Just like a diesel, the effect of this ganja starts slowly and then takes off until it settles into a peaceful but active and creative mood. The aroma is a very pleasant mix of musk and lavender.
  • Purple Blue Knight: This strain is really well balanced. It is a hybrid between Purple Thai, Blueberry and Kryptonite, it has a woody and fruity aroma in which it is possible to recognize blueberry notes. The percentages of indica and sativa are mixed in a 50-50 ratio. This balance translates into an extremely relaxed but clear effect, which allows it to be used at any time of the day. The inflorescences are particularly resinous. In Holland it is often used as a base for blueberry space cake .
  • Grandaddy Purple : this variety of marijuana was designed in the United States relatively recently (2003) specifically to manage and combat anxiety and depression even in the elderly . It stands out for its very large buds, which can have orange shades, and for the richness of the harvest. The aroma is fresh and natural and the THC content is medium (between 12 and 15% ) so that it can also suit those who are new to it.
  • Purple Obama Kush : This type of purple marijuana was created in the state of Michigan . It is indica-dominant and contains the best strains of the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. Despite the sativa dominance, this strain contains enough sativa genetics to also deliver an energizing effect. It is a well-balanced weed with a THC content of 18% . Ideal for use in the evening and in moments of particular stress.
  • Purple Dream : is a variety of American marijuana appreciated above all for its intense and refined flavor, reminiscent of freshly squeezed grapes. With 70% sativa genetics , this purple marijuana is very close to Purple Haze in its euphoric effects. It improves mood and can significantly help shy people find security in social moments and conversation opportunities.
  • Purple Pineberry : a strain of Canadian origin particularly loved by cannabis sativa growers for its ease of maintenance, its resistance and its ability to develop very large and lush buds. This type of purple marijuana is able to grow even in very difficult conditions such as very harsh climates or too hot climates. The aroma is light and delicate, a well-balanced mix of pine freshness and the scent of fresh berries.
  • Ayahuasca Purple : a special variety of purple marijuana created from the genetics of the Red River Delta and subsequently donated to Barney's Farm Seeds , who hybridized it with the famous master Kush. This variety is very beautiful to look at because in addition to obvious streaks of purple color, it has shades of ruby ​​red color . It is an almost 100% pure indica genetic, which grows best in indoor cultivation or in areas with particularly hot climates. The plants remain 40 to 60 centimeters tall but have a very fast flowering period, which does not reach 50 days. The THC content is 21%. Excellent for combating insomnia and anxiety.
  • Purple Shaman : A sativa-dominant Californian purple marijuana hybrid produced by crossing Purple Thai with Early Skunk. Designed for outdoor cultivation, unlike most marijuana varieties, it is very resistant to mold and humidity. It therefore easily adapts to any type of climate. Purple Shaman produces very robust plants, which develop mainly in height. The aroma of this herb is reminiscent of freshly cut grass. The mango notes and citrus hints are evident. With a THC content of 22% , this herb puts you in a good mood and recalls the typical scents of tropical atmospheres.

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