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Eliminate THC anxiety by vaping CBD

In this article we will talk to you about the anxiety caused by THC. How many times have you heard from a friend "I get paranoid..."? In fact, it happens to many, at some point in their lives, to suffer from this disorder and many do not know that CBD can be an excellent ally in defeating this problem. Specifically, we will tell you the testimony of a boy we know very well and who has often suffered from anxiety.

Cannabis light

I don't know if you've ever heard from a friend “No, I don't smoke anymore. I get paranoid" ? I have heard it said at least five times in my life, friends or even simple acquaintances who have confided this fact to me, that they have THC anxiety . Then the other day I met one of these friends, we hadn't seen each other in a while, he invited me home for tea, accompanied by a surprising puff of light Cannabis.

THC anxiety

“I started smoking again” Marco confides to me “I smoke this now though. It doesn't have THC , which was what was causing me anxiety , that is, there is THC, but it's so low that you can't smell it.” As he shows me a pack of legal cannabis light “See, the label also says so: THC less than 0.2%, practically none of it. And when I vape I no longer get paranoid . Indeed, I have rediscovered the old pleasure of having a nice vape in the evening which relaxes me. Listen, smell the aromas."

My friend Marco continues as he smells the contents of the bag, then he hands me the package and it's actually good, I think I smell mango but also a bit of mentholated pine, I tell him “It's the terpenes, smell how good it is. An intense aroma, like an indica but it doesn't get you high. On the contrary. It really relaxes me.

It calms my nerves. Something I couldn't do before, which is why I stopped using joints for at least ten years. Good thing I can vape this now."

Legal cannabis

He says it with great frankness as he takes out a Mighty , one of the most well-known vaporizers and continues “First of all, you don't smoke tobacco with this one and I've stopped using that too. You avoid combustion, then you can adjust the temperature: I use it at 190°, a friend recommended it to me. So I vape CBD, which is one of the most powerful and healthy active ingredients ” he takes a small inflorescence tip out of the package and immediately a flush of mango returns to my nose “Did you hear that? All you have to do is take it out and it fills the room with a smell, incredible eh" then he takes a grinder and masterfully chops the bud into the tool, then I have a bit of fun provoking him, reminding him of when he "chopped" the grass by hand on our trip in Jamaica.

“Twenty years. Twenty years have already passed. Eh, once upon a time, now I can only vape CBD . I actually tried several times over the years but nothing.

Every time I smoked I got so paranoid that I wouldn't be able to do normal things anymore, then I also got scared and when I actually did it I said enough. What can I tell you. You can see that for me the THC, reacting with my cannabinoid system, did this after a while."

Light marijuana

It's true, Marco was once a real connoisseur of the various types of hemp, and was famous in the group for bringing some truly remarkable types of "weed", he was an enthusiast and seems to still be one as he loads the vaporizer with chopped light cannabis .

After waiting for the desired temperature Marco gives a powerful inhalation of the straw that comes out of the instrument, then another immediately after throwing a little steam out of his nose "Do you at least remember what you called me?" says Marco smiling and relaxed. Meanwhile he hands me the vaporizer which I accept with pleasure, I bring it to my forehead, making the sign that an old man in Manali taught us during another trip, the very trip in which he earned the nickname "Charasito" forever.

We smile, we finish talking about memories but above all we have another vape. This Cannabis light is very good.

Bye Marco, see you next time.

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