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Legal weed delivered to your home in Italy

We are in the era of home deliveries. The shopping arrives directly at home, shopping is done on the internet and is also delivered to the office, the sofa has become the father of restaurants and food delivery services are changing the world of chefs.

Have we exhausted the desire to leave the house? Let's hope not, but winter certainly doesn't help. How do I get legal weed delivered to my door? Read the whole article to find out how:

  1. Where to buy weed
  2. Cannabis at home: is it legal?
  3. Buying weed online: how does it work?
  4. What do I need to know to buy light cannabis on the web?

light cannabis Where to buy weed

What is the worst revelation, that piece of news you really don't want to hear, the piece of information that changes your evening? “ We ran out of grass ”.

Yes, finding out you've run out of weed in the middle of a 100% Netflix night will be a shock. Until some time ago this would have been a problem without a solution, except leaving the house and facing the cold and frost.

Today, however, you can have legal weed delivered to your home in just 30 minutes , as long as you are an adult. This service is essential especially for those who take light cannabis for therapeutic reasons and cannot afford to be without it.

Another new frontier in the distribution of legal weed is represented by vending machines .

They are machines similar to those used for the sale of cigarettes or condoms, which allow you to purchase your own package of light marijuana even on weekends or late in the evening, when the shops are closed. Real shops have recently been opened, made up of many light cannabis distributors, which operate without the need for staff.

Obviously there are restrictions in the administration of the product. Legal weed cannot be sold to minors, and the ban also applies to 24-hour sales : to complete the purchase , a document certifying the buyer's age must be inserted into the vending machine.

Vending machines have also arisen to facilitate access to cannabis , at times when the canonical distribution cannot be active.

In fact, the cannabis distribution network is not yet widespread and people who use it are often forced to travel long distances or, worse, to try to obtain the product on the black market , with enormous risks regarding the quality of the grass purchased.

Order light marijuana via watsapp

Cannabis at home: is it legal?

In Italy, thanks to the law of 2 December 2016 , n.242, it is possible to grow and see weakened cannabis sativa, defined as legal weed or cannabis light. Law 242/2016 in fact allows the production and sale of light marijuana , i.e. cannabis sativa almost completely deprived of THC, tolerated up to a maximum of 0.5%.

However, light cannabis inflorescences cannot be sold for recreational purposes: the law prohibits taking the substance and the packages must be perfectly sealed and - according to the law - should remain so . The inflorescences can be sold for "technical uses" only, i.e. for collecting or research purposes.

In any case, the possession of legal weed is not punished by law : it is necessary, however, to demonstrate the origin of the product through the original packaging and the sales receipt .

It is advisable to keep the package sealed until you reach home , to avoid unpleasant surprises. Despite this, Italian law does not prohibit the home delivery of light cannabis.

The news spread quickly and many "classic" retailers activated a home delivery service to deal with emergencies that had been ignored until then. Light cannabis shops have standard opening hours and are difficult to intercept last-minute smokers.

Home delivery, on the other hand, allows you to enter the scene when your competitors are out of service , moving with much more freedom and a much larger customer base.

Buying weed online: how does it work?

Home delivery is the future of commerce . Nobody has time to go to the shops looking for this or that anymore, and this is where the internet comes into play: you choose the product in the dead moments and then wait for the courier while doing your own thing. You can do the same with dinner.

Are you waiting for two friends and don't know what to eat? Order dinner at home, choose the best products around, tell the restaurant the time and watch out for your delivery.

This can also be done with light marijuana !

flying silver haze

There are many platforms that offer the hemp delivery service: some are single-brand e-shops , from direct producers who cater to the global market; others, however, are real multi-brand platforms , where we can choose the variety we like most and compare it with other genetics.

Terre di Cannabis also offers home delivery to its users, and ordering light cannabis has recently become even easier. From today you can order your products via WhatsApp , all it takes is a message!

Choose the variety of legal cannabis you like best and the quantity you want to receive. It will arrive within 24/48 hours with an anonymous package, to protect your privacy as much as possible.





From us you can buy the best variety of legal light grass , grown naturally, without pesticides, respecting the environment. We cultivate with the tradition of the past but we have the most innovative technologies.

Lands of cannabis

What do I need to know to buy light cannabis on the web?

Buying hemp sativa online is a perfectly legal operation , permitted only to adults , like the purchase of alcohol and tobacco derivatives.

With just a few clicks you can have your favorite herb delivered directly to your home , without leaving your couch.

Cannabusiness has now taken off and the brands that produce and market light cannabis are increasing day after day.

The result is that it has now become difficult to choose your favorite variety , to know if the cost is really the real one, if it was produced following the rules, if it really contains the permitted quantity of THC, if it is shipped from Italy...

In short, there are many questions, but just pay a little attention and the problem is solved.

On these sites, usually, you can not only find light hemp inflorescences, but derivative products are often also sold , such as CBD crystals and oils , cannabis-based food products and products necessary for cultivation, such as accessories and fertilizers.

The purchasing methods are identical to those of any other e-shop: each section includes specific product data sheets , which illustrate the fundamental characteristics of the selected variety , just like the cards that inform us about the size, color and composition of an item of clothing sold online.

Once the variety of marijuana has been chosen, it is necessary to select the format (usually the packages range from 1 to 100 grams of product) and place everything in the cart .

Order light marijuana via watsapp at +39 348 921 6655

Usually light marijuana e-commerce sites offer the possibility to easily compare the varieties , to evaluate the percentage of active ingredient and the flavor given by the terpenes present in cannabis. Comparing is important to make sure you have no surprises and receive exactly the product you want .

Some websites ask for a registration and account creation to complete the purchase of legal marijuana.

Don't worry, no one will come to ask you to account! Once the registration procedure has been completed, you can proceed to checkout and pay using your preferred payment method (Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, prepaid and credit cards).

Usually the goods are shipped in a short time (24/48 hours) in unbranded packages , in order to guarantee all the confidentiality necessary for the buyer. The package will be entrusted to the courier who will deliver your favorite herb directly to your home .

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