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Marijuana White Widow: what you need to know

Since it was introduced to the public in 1995, White Widow has become one of the most popular cannabis strains ever.

It is omnipresent in Amsterdam coffeeshops, even in versions created by breeders other than its real parents. It has won many awards, including the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup , the competition that sees the best breeders in the world compete with buds and seeds.

But are we sure we fully understand this extraordinary strain? Read the whole article to discover the characteristics, peculiarities and how this variety of cannabis with an unmistakable flavor is grown, we will tell you:

  1. The origins
  2. Appearance and effects of White Widow
  3. How White Widow is grown
  4. People, White Widow light

Marijuana Silver Haze

The origins

Many claim to have been the creators of the authentic White Widow, fueling the mystery surrounding its origins and its "first time". However, there is a hypothesis considered plausible and that is that the creator of the first genetics was Shantibaba, founder of the seedbank Green House Seeds .

For many, the authentic White Widow is the cross between two landraces: a Brazilian Sativa and an Indian Indica .

The genetics were initially kept unknown to avoid emulation by other cannabis growers, it is now known that the seeds for the cross come from Brazil (Manga Rosa) and southern India (Kerala). Unfortunately, the original White Widow plant was destroyed by mistake by its own creator and since the plant was sterile, because it was created from clones, the original strain is considered lost.

The Indian cannabis parent of Widow was discovered during a trip to India. Shantibaba was stopped by a man after sharing a joint with him and together they went to his farm in the mountains of Kerala.

The farmer showed him a hybrid indica that had been carefully cultivated, and grown for greater resin production. After a few days of selecting and studying those cannabis seeds, Shantibaba returned to the Netherlands bringing them with him. From those seeds he obtained the male then used to create this splendid hybrid.

Then he got the mother, the Brazilian Sativa. From this union White Widow was born, one of the best cannabis plants in the world.

silver haze Appearance and effects of White Widow

White Widow flowers tend to take on a pale green color and unite in very compact buds, completely covered in the famous white coating of trichomes , which even envelop the outermost leaves.

Being a plant with genetics inherited from native varieties, White Widow tends to be particularly resistant to temperature changes and can grow strong and healthy even in the most difficult climate zones .

This is a particularly suitable cannabis strain for novice growers who are still honing their green thumb.

Green, white and pink cannabis bud

The effects of White Widow can be complex and worthy of the best experience, depending on one's point of view clearly.

Its Sativa predominance causes an intense and euphoric cerebral high in most cases, while the Indica genetic part slowly embraces the body, leading it to relax all the muscles and relieve pain .

The testimonies that come from all over the world are proof of the extraordinary quality of White Widow.

This type of marijuana has received a lot of popularity within medical circles. It is very suitable for treating chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, stress and depression.

Medical users will appreciate its ability to lift the mind into deep philosophical thoughts, while the body receives an intense narcotic effect that can leave you couch-locked for several hours. All of this makes this strain one of the most versatile, with a real range of uses.

The smell of White Widow is extremely pungent, with hints of pine resin and notes of spices. When smoked, its delicious fruity flavor leaves a light sugary aftertaste.

Despite these particular flavors, White Widow hits with extreme violence and can cause sudden coughing after the first puff of smoke. Within a few moments of taking it, you feel a strong boost of energy and euphoria that lift your mood with extreme impetus, making you more talkative and creative.

If you suffer from anxiety or stress , you can easily forget about it after a couple of puffs of White Widow.

The high is felt gradually, gradually becoming heavier.

However, if you are not sitting comfortably in an armchair, it can cause different effects and the force with which it strikes depends on several factors: such as the method of intake, the level of tolerance towards marijuana and the drying process to which it is been subjected.

How is White Widow grown?

Even less experienced growers can get great results from White Widow.

White Widow grows extremely vigorously even without strict temperature and humidity control. Even if it encounters some obstacles along its path, White Widow shows its strength by always offering excellent productive yields , with crops composed of compact and heavy buds.

Cannabis bud amidst drying marijuana

White Widow can also be grown outdoors and, when conditions allow, can bring surprising results.

In indoor cultivation it does not exceed one meter in height , making the application of Sea Of Green ideal, a cultivation technique which consists in cultivating a large number of small plants from which a single main bud is harvested for each specimen.

Renowned for being particularly productive, White Widow can offer up to 500g/m² indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors or in a greenhouse.

If, however, you want to increase the size of the plants and obtain even more abundant harvests, you can extend the vegetative phase by a few days.

Trim the White Widow plants only once and let them grow in the vegetative phase for four weeks: in this way you will increase the number of internodes where the buds will develop, thus obtaining even higher yields.

If you want to grow it outdoors, be prepared to harvest it around mid-October .

white widow trichomes

In indoor cultivation, the flowering phase lasts approximately eight weeks , although many growers prefer to let it mature an extra week to maximize the production of trichomes, the main characteristic that distinguishes White Widow strains.

As long as EC, pH and environmental parameters remain at appropriate values ​​for cannabis growth, White Widow will not require special attention. It is a plant that copes with water shortages better than many other marijuana varieties.

So whether you grow with coco or potting soil, you can add perlite into the potting mix to increase airflow between the roots and optimize drainage. White Widow is an extremely strong strain, easy to grow and with qualities that satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

People, our White widow light

You can enjoy the wonderful features of White Widow even without flying to Amsterdam.

Over time, light cannabis producers have also refined their techniques and improved their genetics, and today many light cannabis inflorescences look and smell like their THC-infused sisters.

Cannabis light people

We at Terre di Cannabis also wanted to create our White Widow, for people over 18 years of age.

We gave life to Popolo thanks to hard work and the expertise accumulated over time, which allowed us to create a precious inflorescence . The name of this genetic comes from its being "popular", i.e. suitable for everyone.

It shares many things with white widow: the sweet and intense flavour, the compactness of the buds and the feeling of euphoria perceived after consumption. Popolo is a 100% organic flower, its shape is compact and has an intense and persistent aroma reminiscent of the smells of the forest.

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