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Chemical hunger: what should we do?

Most cannabis users know exactly what it means to feel that nagging feeling of hunger after smoking, but what exactly happens and how can we deal with it without overeating? In this article we will try to delve deeper into the topic, here is what we will see:

  1. Munch hunger: what happens in the body?
  2. How do you combat munchies?
  3. Does CBD attenuate THC effects?
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Munch hunger: what happens in the body?

As cannabis consumers are well aware, the cannabis plant produces numerous cannabinoids , most of which have in common that they are able to interact with our endocannabinoid system .

This particular system is responsible for regulating many functions that are fundamental for our organism. Including those that concern the sphere of nutrition .

The feeling of hunger induced by THC occurs because this cannabinoid is able to stimulate one of the cb1 receptors .

It can be considered one of its therapeutic properties because THC is successfully used to stimulate appetite in the treatment of some pathologies . However, when it becomes excessive and above all you are not able to control it, the feeling of hunger immediately becomes one of the side effects of THC.

In each of the two cases this mechanism, the feeling of hunger after taking cannabis, has a physiological basis.

As this article highlights, research from Yale University concluded that the cause of munchies is a group of neurons that are part of the CB1 receptor circuit present in our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for arousing the sense of hunger. in our organism.

With the intake of THC, this group of neurons is stimulated and reactivates the sense of hunger even if you are already full , it is as if the brain system dedicated to nutrition was deceived.

Furthermore, another area of ​​our brain responsible for receiving stimuli from the nose also amplifies its activity if stimulated by THC, helping to stimulate appetite.

This area is called the olfactory bulb and seems to be fundamental in causing the munchies. An experiment conducted on guinea pigs shows that the administration of THC to guinea pigs without the olfactory bulb does not cause any sense of hunger.

The munchies can be more or less intense depending on the variety of cannabis, those with a high content of active ingredient certainly have a more powerful effect also in terms of side effects.

Now that we know what the munchies are, it's time to think about how to fight them. Or possibly to satisfy her.

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How do you combat munchies? 

It can be difficult to keep the munchies at bay and overeating and indulging in junk foods is the solution adopted by most cannabis users.

Obviously in the grip of an uncontainable sense of hunger. Without wanting to give any judgement, of course. We all know how easy it is to give in to biscuits, snacks, chips and various junk food , in fact the first things we find in the pantry.

What if instead we organized ourselves to have healthy snacks on hand and exploited the sensations induced by munchies to take vitamins and nutrients?

Just slice a few carrots and blend an avocado with a little oil, salt and pepper for a super nutritious and not at all caloric snack. Another interesting alternative could be a toast with apples and salmon , or with sprouts and cherry tomatoes .

If we want something "stronger", rather than giving in to preservatives, we cook quick pancakes to fill with hazelnut cream, maple syrup or honey.

Or we prepare some shortcrust pastry biscuits in advance with cocoa, walnuts and chia and sunflower seeds. It is a delicious snack rich in good fats and Omega 3 , which we can keep in a jar and munch, without exaggerating, when we have hungry after smoking.

If after munching on something healthy, we still haven't managed to appease the feeling of hunger, it is advisable to try to rationalize and become actively aware of the fact that ultimately it is a deception of our brain .

Let's not fall into the trap, let's focus on something we like to do or have to do, consciously choosing to exploit the creative potential of THC rather than giving in to the munchies.

It can be very useful to practice physical activity regularly, so as to keep excess calories under control and lead a balanced lifestyle between moments of activity and moments of absolute chill.

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Does CBD attenuate THC effects?

Light marijuana and more precisely cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) , the two cannabinoids at the basis of light cannabis, completely devoid of psychoactive effects but a vehicle of numerous beneficial properties , are able to interact with our endocannabinoid system and if used in synergy, they can counteract the side effects of THC, such as excessive feelings of hunger.

It may therefore be useful to alternate the use of THC with CBD or CBG , but it is even better to completely avoid tobacco , replace it with light marijuana, mix the two varieties of cannabis and use a vaporizer . In this way we will have the opportunity to enjoy the properties of THC while containing its side effects.

Buying light cannabis is perfectly legal , on our website you can find a selection of our best inflorescences, grown in Italy in a natural and organic way, without the addition of chemical additives and heavy metals.

Top quality at the best price.

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