Hashish e nuvola di fumo

Hashish: how is it made?

Among cannabis derivatives, hashish is the oldest and most famous.

In the 60s and 70s it was a real phenomenon and is one of those products, although still unfairly considered a narcotic substance, which will never go out of fashion.

But how is it done? How many types of hashish can be produced? In this article we will delve into some curiosities, here's what we'll see:

  • What is hashish
  • How it is produced
  • How it is consumed
  • Types of hashish
  • Hashish effects
  • Hashish Vs Cannabis

Cannabis light

What is hashish

When the trichomes present on the inflorescences of cannabis sativa plants are concentrated all together , a sort of waxy and solid block is created: hashish, the king of cannabis derivatives.

In all varieties of hashish there is a concentrate of active ingredients, mainly cannabinoids and terpenes , much greater than that present in inflorescences and being a concentrate, it is also much more powerful

Classic hashish, therefore with normal or high levels of THC, has psychotropic effects and just like classic cannabis, it is considered a narcotic substance.

Since light cannabis entered the market, however, there are different varieties of legal hashish based on CBD (cannabidiol) or CBG (cannabigerol) , two active ingredients without psychoactive effects and side effects.

cannabis flower How it is produced

Hashish is the only derivative of cannabis, which has been produced for thousands and thousands of years. There are therefore different ways to produce it , some older and others more modern. All methods that are always valid and current, which can be applied to produce different types of hashish.

Let's see the three most popular ones.               

Rubbing method between the palms of the hands:

this technique has very ancient origins. This is probably one of the first techniques humans used to produce hashish from the cannabis plant.

The method consists of rubbing the inflorescences between the palms of the hands for a long period ( 15, 20 minutes but even more depending on the quantity of plant matter).

At that point the layer of resin that has formed on the palms is scraped and then compressed into a sort of ball . Rubbing can be done with both fresh inflorescences and dried inflorescences.

The concentration of THC, CBD or CBG, depending on whether it is classic hashish or legal hashish, is very high as it is the direct passage from flowers to resin, however it is an extremely artisanal method.

It must be considered that together with the resin, sweat will also be scraped off as well as anything on our hands, which is why it is very important to have very clean hands.

Dry sieving method:

it can be defined as the second oldest method for extracting hashish from cannabis plants, which took over when the use of the sieve was introduced.

It's a fairly simple technique that can even be tried at home. You will need to let the inflorescences dry , at which point you will just need to take the sieve (a screen printing frame or a fine mesh filter can also be used) and beat the inflorescences .

The smaller the sieve holes, the higher the quality and purity of the final product. There are those who recommend keeping the inflorescences in the freezer for a few hours before proceeding with sieving, in fact this can make it less complicated to separate the trichomes from the flowers .

Cold extraction method:

it is one of the most popular modern methods for obtaining hashish from the inflorescences of the cannabis plant.

The trichomes are separated from the rest of the plant matter by ice water . At that point, the same water is filtered through very fine mesh filters .

An extremely pure product is obtained, which retains the maximum concentration of THC.

cannabis flowers How it is consumed

To be consumed, all types of hashish must be crumbled beforehand so that they can be easily inserted into a mix for a joint. Some varieties of hash need to be heated a little to break down better.

If you use a vaporizer , it is important that the hashish is well mixed with tobacco or, even better , well ground cannabis . Even better if you have a vaporizer that is also suitable for concentrates and waxes.                                   

Obviously it can also be used in a bong or a hookah , always within a mixture of tobacco or light cannabis.

For food lovers, it is also possible to make desserts with hashish, as long as it is of good quality.

In the case of THC-based hash , it is important to remember that eating cannabis sativa has a much more potent effect than when we vaporize or smoke it, so be aware of possible side effects. Better not to exaggerate with the doses.

In the case of legal hashish there are no dangers of side effects and as it is free of psychoactive effects, you won't have to fear any nasty surprises even when eating it.

Types of hashish


Among the types of hashish it is the most widespread . It is produced by dry sieving of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants.

Depending on the fineness of the sieve mesh, it can be purer and contain a greater or lesser concentration of THC. It is actually chocolate brown on the outside and a little lighter on the inside.

It has a semi-hard consistency and needs to be heated slightly before using.


this variety of hashish is also produced by dry sifting .

It is a variety of a very refined type of hashish, which can have very high concentrations of THC to the point of "frying" when heated.


This variety of hashish was originally used in Hindu religious practices and was produced from fresh Indian hemp flowers using the hand-rubbing method.

It has a high concentration of THC and is also very powerful in terms of psychoactive effects.

It comes in the form of a ball or stick and has a soft and malleable consistency.


Among the various types of hashish, this one also stands out for its THC concentration.

It is a variety of hashish produced from indica-dominant cannabis plants grown in the Nepalese mountains.

It is a smoke that was very popular in the 70s, when the hashish boom broke out and when it was not experienced as a narcotic substance as it is today. Even today it is rather appreciated for the pleasantness of its psychoactive effects.

It is produced by the hand rubbing method followed by careful smoothing. It comes in the form of a shiny resin ball.

light cannabis Afghan:

This hash strain comes from the sativa-dominant cannabis plants that grow in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges .

It is obtained with the hand rubbing technique and subsequently processed with water and tea .

It has a high concentration of THC and an intense, pungent flavor .

Bubble Hash:

if produced with quality flowers, this variety of hashish can be very potent, containing very high THC levels, up to around 80% .

It is brownish in color and can be lighter or darker .

It is produced using the cold water and ice extraction method to separate the trichomes from the plant matter.

Legal hashish:

it is the product of the light cannabis plant.

It is totally free of psychoactive effects and has no side effects. It can be based on cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabigerol (CBG) and can be produced with all the methods we have described.

Hashish effects

The psychoactive effects of this concentrate depend on the variety of hashish and THC levels , but they can tend to be much stronger than those caused by cannabis.

This is due to the very nature of hashish: it is a real concentrate of trichomes and therefore a bomb of active ingredients and a pleasure for consumers of classic cannabis sativa.

It must be said that if the side effects of THC-based cannabis (tachycardia, anxiety, dry mouth) can be short-term, those of hashish can last long term and are more intense.

Hashish Vs Cannabis

Both cannabis and hashish are two derivatives of cannabis and despite the title of this paragraph they are never antagonists , on the contrary, they can be complementary and form a formidable mix.

The main differences can be identified in the pre-employment processing : the cannabis must be shredded with a herb grinder or shredded with scissors.

Some types of hashish, however, may need to be heated before being crushed , while others are so soft and malleable that they can be worked by hand.

Another difference is given by the effects, which as we have seen are more intense when it comes to hashish.

Depending on the variety of hashish, the levels of THC, the type of beneficial effect of the active ingredient, can change but ultimately hashish is just a more intense way to enjoy cannabis.

If you are interested in enjoying quality light cannabis, come and discover our new CBG-based inflorescences and our CBD-based varieties.  We at Terre di Cannabis are becoming passionate about legal hashish and may decide to surprise you with short-term surprises.

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