Microcoltivazione della cannabis

The micro cultivation of cannabis: tricks and secrets.

An obligatory premise.

In this space we will deal with micro cultivation of cannabis, that is, the cultivation of a limited number of cannabis plants in small environments. A domestic cultivation, at home, so to speak.

In Italy, it may be worth remembering, the Law ( Presidential Decree 309/90 ) prohibits the cultivation of cannabis that develops a THC content greater than 0.6% . From 0.6% and above it is believed that cannabis can induce a psychoactive effect in the consumer and is therefore officially considered marijuana, the cultivation of which is a criminal offense with penalties ranging from two to six years in prison.

The situation is different with light cannabis, the regulation of which has been a matter of political and public debate in recent weeks. Currently, the cultivation of seeds regularly purchased in an authorized store is permitted , but it is a good idea to keep up to date so as not to run into unpleasant news just when you have decided to try your own cultivation. Ignorantia legis neminem excusat!

Having said that, to put it simply, "that is the plant" or rather: cannabis is cannabis and the indications for effective cultivation remain almost the same , whether it is light cannabis or its psychoactive cousin.

Two rules for light cannabis

And, in most cases, there are many reasons to grow it at home! Given that CBD-based products regularly on the market (from oil to tablets) have now reached a very high quality, there are still many who, after having experienced the benefits, want to try their hand at indigenous production , as a hobby or simple whim. A bit like someone who has tasted good vegetables and longs for their own little garden, as they say: do you want to bring satisfaction?

For those who intend to grow light cannabis independently, we immediately specify the only two simple but essential obligations to avoid misunderstandings with the law.

First : it is necessary to keep the tag that will be given to you in your trusted cannabis store, with the specifications regarding the type of seeds you have purchased. There are more than fifty names of seeds whose cultivation is considered legal! And they are clearly indicated on the official website of the European Community , in the database of plant varieties allowed for cultivation (ten of which are very Italian!).
The tag must be kept for a period of at least one year, to be able to show it in case of checks and to demonstrate the legitimacy of your cultivation. For the same reason (point two ) you will have to keep the purchase receipt (or invoice) to certify the sales authorization of the manager of the cannabis store you turned to. End of the rules.

Micro cultivation has notable advantages : a cannabis plant provides a notable quantity of buds , for the needs of a single person, and unlike large outdoor cultivations, micro cultivation allows you to carefully follow each individual plant and intervene promptly in case of problems. Furthermore, the small number of plants and their placement at optimal distances makes them almost immune to the transmission of mold or parasites from plant to plant . And now: some advice for following our plants during their life cycle, from seed to flower.

How do I grow my cannabis plant?

cannabis seeds Let's take the case of those who want to start from scratch, that is: buy their seeds from a retailer and simply go home with a sachet.
First you will have to place the seeds on a plate, between two wet sheets : it can be a moistened fabric folded on itself or hydrophilic cotton. It is very important to make sure that the water does not contain chloride : fresh tap water will be fine, more generally it would be a good idea to use water with a PH between 6 and 7.

Then you will place that dish in a dark place and at room temperature.
In about three days the seed shell will be punctured and a small root will emerge. You will therefore have to bury the seed in the chosen jar about a centimeter deep, making sure to position the root facing downwards.

For this first phase, the vase must be placed away from direct sunlight. You will therefore have to lightly spray the earth with a little water, around and not above the sprout , which will actually be covered with a transparent lid to create what in technical jargon is called the " microgreenhouse effect ", i.e. a constant level of humidity and checked . They are small measures, but important.
To do this, cut the top off a plastic bottle and place it on top of the sprout like a dome - it will work great!

When the sprout has completely freed itself of its shell, the first two leaves will emerge directly from the seed. At this point you can move the pot under direct sunlight, making sure that the soil is moist but not excessively so (the shoot must not "boil" in the sun). It will therefore be better not to overdo it with water , especially at this stage: it will be sufficient to keep the top layer of soil moist.
It is also good to remember that during vegetative growth the root tends to push downwards to accommodate the descent of the water , therefore watering will be limited to when the soil is a little dry.

Between the first and second week the small seedling (in technical language it is called seedling ) should slowly and unequivocally transform into a plant with a well-known shape. When this is deemed appropriate, you can proceed to transfer it to a larger pot, taking advantage of this to enrich the soil with nutrients for the plant.

In the space of a few weeks (it could be two or three but even more) the plants will begin the flowering process , thanks to which it will be possible to identify their sex . The flowering phase does not have infallible timing, because a lot depends on the type of plant, that is: the seed from which we started.
Hairs (called pistils ) will germinate from the female plants, while the male plants are responsible for producing pollen . In pre-flowering an expert eye will be able to establish the sex simply by analyzing the internodes of the branches .

It is essential to immediately remove all male plants before the females are inseminated.

This last indication regarding male plants is completely superfluous in the case of purchase in an authorized store , which will guarantee you the exclusive presence of female seeds inside the bag you are bringing home.
At this point all that remains is to monitor the growth of the plants and wait for the plant to fully develop the buds, and voilà!

One last thing: following the notable diffusion of do-it-yourself, very advanced indoor cultivation kits have become available on the market , the most widespread of which are grow-boxes : small canvas cabins complete with LED lights and timers for regulate the light and dark cycle and activated carbon filter for air extraction. These, combined with cannabis genetics selected to develop a short and bushy conformation, are an excellent ally for those who want to grow cannabis in the guest room.

And for beginner growers or those who really don't have a green thumb, there is even an auto-flowering variety of cannabis, meaning the flowering phase of which is triggered automatically and inevitably three or four weeks after birth.
In short: with a little equipment and the right seeds, micro-growing cannabis is child's play (over 18)!

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