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Marijuana legalization: what would happen in Italy?

In Italy, light cannabis has been legal for a few years and has brought numerous benefits to the country's economy, as well as having contributed to spreading the idea that cannabis sativa is not something to be demonized, but a source of great therapeutic properties. Lately in Parliament someone has taken the trouble to open a debate and try to discuss the possibility of legalizing cannabis in general. If it happened, it could be the moment for Italy to make an economic comeback, which it has been waiting for for more than ten years. In this article we will deal with the topic in depth, here is what we will see:

  1. Legalization in Italy: an overview
  2. The advantages of legalization
  3. The example of the USA

Legalization in Italy: an overview

The ruling of the Court of Cassation of 19 December 2019 establishes that " the domestic and rudimentary cultivation of cannabis for obvious personal use does not constitute a criminal offence ". Although it is only a sentence and not yet a law, it is a fact that suggests a more open and flexible vision towards the possibility of legalizing cannabis.

Furthermore, law 242/2016 came into force a few years ago , through which the cultivation of cannabis with a THC percentage of less than 0.6% and the sale of inflorescences with a THC concentration of no more than 0.2% was permitted. %.

Light marijuana can be cultivated and regularly marketed, as long as the active ingredient does not exceed the percentage indicated above.

With the legalization of light marijuana , which, let us remember, is totally free of psychoactive effects, numerous jobs and dozens of new businesses have been created which contribute to boosting the economy at a time when Italy is in dire need of it .

Many people have tried cannabidiol (CBD) , the active ingredient underlying legal cannabis and have chosen to vaporize light cannabis instead of tobacco and in many cases, thanks to its numerous therapeutic properties, also instead of some painkillers and anxiolytics. synthetic nature.

The scientific community has become interested in CBD and its properties, introducing it into therapeutic cannabis -based therapies. Light cannabis can be found everywhere and obviously it is possible to buy weed online, there are now many e-commerce sites offering different varieties.

The advice is always to approach the purchase in an informed way and carefully select companies that clearly declare that they offer guaranteed and certified products, grown organically and naturally, without the use of pesticides and heavy metals.

100% organic and natural cultivation is our philosophy, we aim to offer top quality at a competitive price on the market. Possible thanks to the fact that we have chosen to personally manage the entire supply chain, from cultivation to distribution.

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The advantages of legalization 

To tell you about the advantages of legalization we will use some of the data contained in this article , which in a very incisive way illustrates the point of view of sociologists and economists on the topic of cannabis legalization, in support of the #iocoltivo campaign which twenty parliamentarians have joined.

We know that Italy is in a situation of great economic fragility, what is less clear to most is that legalizing cannabis could be a saving solution. Cannabis consumers in Italy are around six million. And where do these people go to buy ganja?

Well yes, from organized crime.

Marco Rossi , the director of the department of social sciences and economics, states that if cannabis were a state monopoly, exactly as happens with tobacco, it would earn the treasury around three billion euros from taxes alone.

Furthermore, according to his calculations, the State would save around 600 million a year in police and judiciary costs , which are systematically used to fight soft drugs, while also taking away resources and time to combat the spread of cocaine and heroin, two real drugs, the only ones with a capital D.

Furthermore, with the legalization of cannabis we would avoid the problem of overcrowding in prisons , often populated by harmless people, who have simply chosen to grow their own cannabis to avoid buying it on the illegal market or again, these are people in difficulty, who do not they see no other possibility than to be exploited by organized crime. It is not possible and it is unfair that these people are in prison instead of real criminals.

Furthermore, by continuing to penalize cannabis, in addition to protecting and encouraging the business of organized crime, the possibility of controlling the product is lost , thus truly putting consumers at risk.

The bigots won't like to hear this, but it's not cannabis that's dangerous, it's dangerous not knowing where it comes from , how it's been treated or what's been added (because alas sometimes they do that) to enhance bad weed.

If the State had a monopoly, the products would be guaranteed and certified , their origin, the percentage of active ingredient and the cultivation method would be known , as happens with the best light cannabis products.

The last advantage, certainly not least, which must absolutely be highlighted, is the possibility inherent in the legalization of cannabis to create jobs . We are talking about around 350 thousand jobs to create and maintain a green and sustainable production chain , from cultivation to distribution.

In short, one turning point after another... the only legitimate question is: what are they waiting for?

The example of the USA

In the USA, cannabis legalization has won in eleven states and the forecast for 2025 is 106 billion dollars in revenue . The positive effects of cannabis legalization reconfirm the desire to legalize soft drugs.

The United States has recorded a significant decrease in heroin and cocaine consumption , arrests have halved and resources have been redistributed to fight organized crime, which has lost a large part of its revenue.

Over 600 thousand jobs were created and filled, which helped thousands of unemployed people.

Cannabis was discovered and appreciated for what it is: a plant with extraordinary properties . Marijuana consumers can be confident that they are purchasing and using certified and guaranteed products . Furthermore, many of the harder drug users have successfully tried to detoxify using cannabis alone.

Research suggests that the United States is beginning to partially solve the problem of prison overcrowding and has managed to save money and resources to invest in police and judiciary to fight organized crime in a more targeted way.

Despite being the first country to spread prohibition, it seems that the United States has taken a pleasant and reputable anti-prohibition path , which is paying off. From a social point of view, with the battle won against the illegal market and the creation of many jobs. From an economic point of view, making the economy grow exponentially and giving work to unemployed people, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the population.

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