Fiore di marijuana in mano

Marijuana: myths, legends and curiosities

We know everything about cannabis sativa, cannabis plants and light cannabis plants.

We know that THC is a psychoactive substance and that CBD, on the other hand, has no psychotropic effect and can be legally purchased and distributed as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2%.

We know different varieties of cannabis, we juggle between indoor and outdoor cultivation. In short, we know almost everything about marijuana but there is no marijuana without legends, myths and true life stories.

And it is precisely the gems, curiosities and direct experiences that we will deal with in this article. Here's what we'll see:

  • Cannabis sativa: myths to dispel
  • The most incredible legends about cannabis plants
  • Marijuana without limits: the most curious curiosities
  • Legal marijuana: what you don't know yet
  • The words of cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis and cinema
  • Cannabis and music
  • Cannabis sativa according to some people

Marijuana Cannabis sativa: myths to dispel

Cannabis plants have always been the subject of conversation in public debate and over time some inaccurate or incomplete information has turned into real myths, which have little to do with the active ingredients contained in cannabis plants.

If some of these myths make you smile, it cannot be denied that others have led to the distortion and demonization of cannabis sativa and contribute to slowing down the moment of its total legalization.

Fortunately, the legalization of legal marijuana has helped to dispel some myths and delve deeper into the benefits of the active ingredients contained in cannabinoids, however there is still much to be clarified.

Let's see what the main myths about cannabis sativa are and let's dispel them one by one.

  • Marijuana is as dangerous as cocaine, heroin and synthetic drugs and causes the same side effects : although the European Union has recently established in an official document that cannabis sativa has been removed from the list of hard and dangerous drugs, according to some people it is in all respects a hard drug.

Well, these are completely different substances with effects that have nothing to do with those of cannabis sativa, a completely natural and harmless substance.

The cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants, which are rich in beneficial properties , are mainly three: CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol), at the base of light marijuana, which are completely devoid of any psychotropic effect, have no side effects and are not addictive.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which, while maintaining the beneficial properties typical of hemp plants, is certainly a psychoactive substance that gives a certain "high" to those who take it.

But the effect is absolutely not comparable to that of substances such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines etc. nor to that of alcohol , which in addition to damaging the liver, generates aggression and alteration of reality.

However high the THC content of our weed is, however strong the "high" caused by cannabis sativa is, the effect is light, there is no loss of clarity and the type of addiction that THC causes is really mild , no stronger than that caused by the much more harmful and legal nicotine .

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take it easy to avoid unpleasant temporary side effects, such as tachycardia or dry mouth, which go away quickly with the intake of a little sugar.     

  • Cannabis sativa is the first step for other drugs: false . It is another of the oldest myths, the result of a bigoted culture, which takes little account of reality.

Cannabis sativa is not a drug, cannabis plants contain cannabinoids, i.e. natural molecules also produced naturally by our body , which precisely because it produces them, is able not only to tolerate phytocannabinoids but also to benefit from them.

Furthermore, those who approach hard drugs are looking for a powerful alteration and often don't even approach cannabis. Just as often, those who start smoking marijuana at the age of 20 continue throughout their lives without feeling the need to try anything else.

grow marijuana

In countries where cannabis is legal, not only does the consumption of drugs decrease, the consumption of marijuana itself decreases.

This is because prohibitionism and bigotry confuse reality while openness and communication shape it constructively.

  • Legal marijuana and marijuana are the same thing : absolutely not. Legal marijuana is marijuana without any psychotropic substances. With THC contents lower than 0.2% it has no psychoactive effect, which is why it is legal. Classic marijuana, with normal or high THC contents, is not yet legal and causes a slight psychoactive effect.

Light cannabis and classic marijuana are always cannabis plants but they come from different seeds , which establish the active ingredients and the cannabinoid content a priori.

  • The psychoactive substance contained in cannabis sativa makes you aggressive : there is nothing further from the truth. The effect of cannabis sativa is soothing and relaxing , predisposing to sociability, creativity and tolerance. This is why it is often jokingly said that if all politicians smoked ganja there would be no more wars.

The image of cannabis plants evokes peace almost like the dove and the olive branch and this is no coincidence. Anyone who has ever taken marijuana in their life knows that there can be no surprises in terms of aggression.

It is therefore a shame that communication is sometimes distorted to avoid revealing inconvenient truths. When on the news they tell us that there was a fight and that the cause was "taking one or more joints" they are distorting reality.

It cannot be said that the problem was perhaps the fourth shot served in the place where the fight took place or simply the bad temper of the person who started provoking. No, you need a scapegoat and cannabis sativa is always the perfect one.

  • There is a kit to enhance the THC content in light cannabis : big laughs. With the spread of legal marijuana, some clever people have tried to take advantage of it, patenting and selling a fake kit, which, thanks to a little butane gas, would allow the THC to be extracted and concentrated, obtaining illegal cannabis.

This myth, or rather this hoax, was debunked by a professor of Pharmacy at the Federico II University of Naples who, for research reasons, deals with cannabis in everyday life.

cannabis cultivation

The professor states that to create a gram of illegal cannabis starting from light cannabis, therefore starting from THC contents equal to or lower than 0.2%, approximately 750 euros would be needed.

Furthermore, you would get a completely altered herb from the point of view of the terpene profile, with an unacceptable flavor that would make it unusable.

  • There are odorless cannabis strains suitable for indoor cultivation : this myth deserves a good preventive laugh. Of course, believing it can be less fun and lead to quite a few problems.

To sell, you invent everything and one of the most hilarious ideas of some marketers is that with certain special seeds, your gang won't go crazy . Never believe it. There does not exist (or at least not yet and unlikely to exist) an odorless variety of cannabis, because in addition to cannabinoids, cannabis plants are full of terpenes and therefore necessarily strongly aromatic .

If you intend to grow light marijuana, you just need to keep the THC content below 0.2% and you won't have any problems even if the police show up at your door because of that intense smell...

In the case of THC-based cannabis plants, remember that they will never be odorless but for now they remain illegal.

  • Cannabis sativa causes psychiatric pathologies : on the contrary, the active ingredients contained in cannabis plants are able to interact with our endocannabinoid system, which has the function of regulating all our main psychological functions , including mood . This is why the scientific community continues to research THC and CBD, putting them at the top of the list as basic active ingredients for new natural medicines.

Just recently, a CBD-based drug capable of combating epilepsy was patented, proving that the interaction of cannabinoids with our neurological system is absolutely positive and could actually help us overcome the psychological difficulties of the past 2020.

It is also clear that if a patient suffering from significant psychiatric pathologies and therefore under drug therapy, takes high THC contents, he may have side effects , but not for THC. The reason is the interaction between substances and also applies to alcohol, which should never be taken if under psychotropic drugs.

  • Overdosing on marijuana is possible : completely false. To overdose on marijuana it would be necessary to consume around 800 kg of cannabis with very high THC contents in around twenty minutes. Impossible ? Obviously.

What if we ate something that was created from the THC produced by cannabis plants? Doesn't ingesting it triple the effect?

Surely the ingested THC can be absorbed earlier and more powerfully by our body, but even in this case we would have to ingest 50 grams of cannabis all together , which is quite crazy given that 2 grams of ganja will be enough for a one kilo cannabis cake .

As for light cannabis, we're not even talking about it, it's not a psychotropic substance and has no side effects even if used in massive quantities in therapeutic cannabis-based treatments.

For an alcohol overdose, however, a single bottle of spirits can be fatal.

light cannabis The most incredible legends about cannabis plants

In addition to the myths to be debunked, various legends circulate around cannabis sativa, some older, some more modern, some plausible, others decidedly less so.

Whether they are pure legends or stories with a grain of truth, what is certain is that we have always talked about cannabis sativa, forever.

Let's see together what the main legends circulating around marijuana are:

  • The queen of cannabis sativa : it is said that around the 10th century, when cannabis sativa was already widely used for ceremonial and recreational purposes, in some agricultural cities there was a belief in the Queen Cannabis . The Cannabis Queen would have been a deity covered in female inflorescences, therefore with ganja flowers. She would have moved from one cultivation to another to control the cannabis plants, her daughters. She could be invoked and made to appear every year, after the harvest.

Legend has it that one day some boys chased her and began to tear the flowers off her to take the psychotropic substance.

She fled and cast a curse: “there will come a day when cannabis will be forbidden to you, generations and generations will suffer.”

Is it the Queen of Cannabis' fault if we still can't legalize marijuana in 2021?

What can I say, that the Queen supervises light cannabis , but only that which is grown with respect for the environment!

  • A curious legend about cannabis sativa circulates among biologists and biology students . It seems that in China, two mice escaped from a laboratory that cultivated cannabis plants and tested the effects of the active ingredients on guinea pigs. When running away, they took some cannabis seeds with them.

A few months later, in the laboratory garden, cannabis plants were found that had never been sown by the researchers, who only practiced indoor cultivation.

Observing that spot in the garden for a long time, the researchers noticed two mice slipping into a burrow between two hemp plants.

They would thus have remained to observe, detecting the presence of a small and efficient village of mice , which in addition to living among the cannabis plants, drew nourishment from the hemp seeds .

They also noticed that the mice separated the female inflorescences from the rest of the plant matter. With the inflorescences they kneaded a sort of mush mixed with food scraps found around.

Instead, they had built their beds and protected the shelter with leaves and branches of hemp plants.

Mice are very intelligent animals, so is this a true story? Maybe.

  • Cannabis sativa and a father's love : it seems that for his sixteenth birthday, a boy from a small town asked his father for two tons of cannabis sativa as a gift, just for fun. The boy didn't know that his father was in the middle of a big weed traffic and his father, to please him, would bring home the two tons of ganja in a giant package. Then the boy would invite all his friends and have a ganja party whose smoke would get all the inhabitants of the village high for more than a week.
  • It would seem that despite there being a hereditary dictatorship and being a country in which any form of leisure, entertainment or exchange with the rest of the world is prohibited, marijuana is legal in North Korea. Not only that, cannabis sativa would be used across all social classes of the population, from the richest to the poorest, from professionals to farmers, everyone would enjoy the benefits of cannabis plants. Well, at least those! Of course, it's a little hard to believe. It may be that the first person to spread the news confused a tobacco cigarette with a joint. Who knows, for now it's legend.
  • Cannabis plants in the sewers of the Big Apple : this legend has it that an extremely potent cannabis sativa grows in the sewers of New York . These cannabis plants would grow spontaneously from seeds flushed down the toilet by growers during police raids. They would find sufficient nutrients in the waste liquids to complete the vegetative phase and flowering phase.

This herb, never receiving sunlight, would be completely white and would cause an incredible psychotropic effect.

Without any doubt, albino grass could be the dream of many. Too bad that in the sewers of New York, always listening to urban legends, there are also huge and not too friendly alligators... What do you think? Everyone in New York?

light cannabis Marijuana without limits: the most curious curiosities

In addition to technical notions, such as the percentage of active ingredients or indoor cultivation techniques or the resistance of hemp plants, there are endless curiosities about cannabis sativa that are worth knowing.

For example, did you know that:

  • In the Vedas (Indian sacred books that tell of exploits, conquests but also religious practices and rituals) the first references to cannabis sativa for medicinal but also recreational purposes can be identified . The priests, following the guidelines of the Vedas, used to offer and share their marijuana during ceremonies and then pray and meditate together. However, the availability of cannabis sativa was unlimited for everyone, given the quantity of cannabis plants that could grow undisturbed with the rest of the vegetation.
  • The harvest festival : until more or less ten years ago in the main Italian and European social centers, every year in April, the legendary "harvest festival" was organized, a party dedicated to cannabis sativa in which cannabis plants were given away but also ready-made joints or packets of inflorescences for tasting.

All to the rhythm of reggae and dancehall and with the possibility of consuming only non-alcoholic drinks.

In the heyday, rods and kits were thrown right at you. A colorful shower of ganja, papers, filters, cannabis lollipops and information leaflets on the active ingredients of marijuana.

At this precise historical moment, such a situation would be unthinkable. Yet, according to some people, festivals as beautiful as harvest festivals no longer exist.

Grandparents and cannabis sativa :

In the United States, cannabis sativa is becoming a common habit among the elderly , who resort, always after consulting their doctor, to the therapeutic properties of cannabis plants to resolve some age-related ailments such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and to lift the mood and counteract the mild depression that can be typical of age.

The incredible thing is that many also use it for recreational purposes, within cannabis clubs where they also find a social dimension, of exchange and comparison, which helps to improve the quality of life.

The longest joint in the world is legal marijuana :

In 2018 in Milan, 80 willing rollers worked hard to roll the largest joint in the world, which officially entered the Guinness Book of Records, setting a new length record.

We are talking about 33 meters of joint with more than two kilos of marijuana inside.

It was an initiative to promote cannabis light, inform about the beneficial properties of cannabis and raise awareness in a friendly and effective way about anti-prohibitionism and the legalization of cannabis sativa.

Здесь нету конопли посевной (translation – no cannabis sativa here-):

It's true, in Italy and many other countries cannabis with normal THC contents is still illegal and growing it or being in possession of it can lead to trouble with the law.

All in all, however, unless you are in the middle of trafficking of a certain magnitude, if in our country you are found in possession of some cannabis plant, you will find a way to avoid ending up in prison.

Did you know that in Russia, however, being in possession of more than 6 grams of weed (already an administrative crime, which can lead to up to 15 days in prison )  it can be considered a very serious criminal offense, which cannot be easily solved.

If you go on holiday to Russia, don't even try to mention marijuana or legal marijuana, because you could find yourself in serious trouble without even realizing it.

light cannabis

Berlin is marijuana friendly :

According to some surveys among cannabis consumers who travel frequently for work, Berlin pushers can be considered among the most generous in Europe but also in comparison with the United States.

Furthermore, the quality of the grass would be remarkable, thanks to the proximity to Holland.

All in all , there is quite a bit of openness about cannabis in Germany . In some parks there are even areas marked in pink, intended for dealing in cannabis (and not hard drugs, which are mostly sold in stations).

There are many parks in Berlin and they are very popular with families and children, who certainly aren't shocked by a bag of grass.

Returning to the generosity of the pushers, it seems that with 30 euros you can have what we would pay 100 here . Obviously we are talking about classic cannabis, as far as light is concerned, no particularly advantageous shops have been found.

To buy legal marijuana and be satisfied wherever you are, it is always better to rely on a trusted online shop that guarantees you a product grown naturally and not contaminated by chemical additives or heavy metals.

The best cannabis sativa :

Every year in Amsterdam, with the aim of proclaiming the best cannabis varieties and the best growers, the largest festival in the world dedicated to cannabis sativa is held, founded in 1988 by Steven Hager . Let's talk about the very famous " High Times Cannabis Cup ".

Cannabis sativa and genus :

The effects of consuming cannabis sativa can be different depending on gender. It would seem that women are more resistant and tolerant to marijuana, even in the presence of high THC contents.

This difference is to be found in the role of female estrogens . Despite being more tolerant, at least in Italy there is a higher incidence of male cannabis users.

Cannabis sativa in unsuspected pockets:

In 1989 the vice-president of the council ( Martelli ) was boarding a plane bound for Kenya for the Christmas holidays, when he was found with a joint already rolled in his jacket pocket.

It may be that poor Martelli was afraid of flying and wanted to relax with some cannabis sativa.

However, it was a small scandal, in which the vice president of the council denied it and Craxi defined the whole thing as cheerful rascality. With that event, in Italy there was talk again for a while about the possibility of legalizing cannabis sativa.

We trust in the presence of new Hammers with joints in their pockets.

Apparently among cannabis consumers there are many international VIPs who take the side of marijuana without fear of declaring its benefits and fighting for legalization.

Among the most famous are not only those who can easily be imagined as the rapper Snoop Dogg or the rebel Brad Pitt , but also unsuspected ones such as Kirsten Duns t, Elijah Wood known for playing Frodo in the Lord of the Rings and Justin Timberlake . Lady Gaga and Kirsten Steward could not be missing from this list of friends of cannabis plants.


it is a religion originating in Jamaica that developed from an interpretation of Christianity around 1930 .

For Rastafarians, cannabis sativa is not only therapeutic but also sacred and indispensable during prayer and meditation to achieve spiritual catharsis and inner peace.

Being a religion in all respects, in some cases it has avoided the arrest of people found in possession of cannabis sativa or hashish.

Legal marijuana: what you don't know yet

Although light cannabis is now widely known, there are still small things that are not known or that are worth clarifying.

Let's see together the main ones and those that may be useful to know.

Many light cannabis growers work closely with the scientific communities and under precise guidelines , they also grow therapeutic cannabis plants.

CBD and CBD , the two cannabinoids completely free of psychoactive effects contained in cannabis plants and at the basis of cannabis light, can also be useful for our pets .

Dogs and cats, in fact, like us and like all mammals, have an endocannabinoid system that cannabidiol (Cbd) and cannabigerol (Cbg) can adequately stimulate.

CBD oil and CBG oil can be excellent remedies to help our friends solve small problems such as arthritis, muscle spasms and gastrointestinal pain in a natural way .

They can also be useful in strengthening our pets' immune system and rebalancing their mood if necessary. Of course, it is always advisable to consult your trusted veterinarian first.

Legal marijuana does not cause side effects , but it is important to stay away from light cannabis varieties grown with pesticides and heavy metals, because they can cause an unpleasant experience and make our intake of cannabis sativa less safe.

It is also better to buy from a producer who directly grows his own cannabis plants and manages the entire supply chain, you will have a guarantee of total control over the product.

Sometimes it happens that the herb is artificially scented, perhaps because it is of poor starting quality. To avoid scams, it is better to rely on shops that offer organic and certified cannabis varieties.

Having a weed vaporizer and legal marijuana on hand during a panic attack can be life-changing.

The simple gesture of preparing a vaporizer together with the calming and relaxing properties of CBD and CBD can be a way to instantly calm down and regain immediate contact with reality.

Light cannabis has proven to be an excellent tobacco substitute for those who have given up nicotine forever to switch to something totally natural. Many have also chosen it to replace tobacco in classic joints.

Furthermore, according to some people, legal marijuana is better assimilated with a herb vaporizer , which avoids combustion and releases its beneficial active ingredients without altering its properties in the slightest.

There are light cannabis inflorescences inspired in every way by the most famous classic cannabis varieties .

Of these varieties, the terpene profile, aroma and flavor, even some of the main effects, can be recognisable, with the obvious exception of the psychoactive effect.

As of 2019, legal marijuana has created more than 300,000 jobs in the cultivation and processing of cannabis. As this article highlights well, it could create many more with the legalization of classic cannabis, which in a historical moment like this, in addition to give work to millions of people, it would bring the State a significant income, helping it to recover from the public debt.

We are talking about around 3 billion euros a year in taxes , not to mention the savings in professional resources (judiciary and police) that could be used in the fight against truly dangerous drugs.

The words of cannabis sativa

Saying cannabis opens up a world of words. There are many ways to refer to marijuana, they often vary from country to country, they are influenced by dialects or some English spellings .

There are many words in common use that take on another meaning among cannabis consumers.

Let's go in order. First of all, let's clarify that cannabis sativa and hemp are the same thing, therefore whether we are talking about hemp plants or cannabis plants, we are referring to the same species, that of the Cannabinaceae.

What changes is the common use of the two words over time.

Hemp is associated with industrial hemp in which in fact by law, the THC contents must remain within 0.2% as for legal marijuana. Cannabis is associated with high THC contents and recreational use of the psychotropic substance.

However, cannabis and hemp are the same thing.

And what do we call what we smoke if we're not using a weed vaporizer?

In Italy the word cane is the most commonly used (first example of a word with another meaning associated by similarity - bamboo cane -) and there may be variants: cannetta, cannon, cannino.

Then there is the rather inflated word joint , the word bomb (borrowed in its original meaning to emphasize the potency of the psychoactive substance.)

The word jolla , which derives from the portmanteau between joint and rollare . There is the word tube , little used but often heard especially by the 70s and 80s generations, accustomed to wide, straight and solid rods.

Moving internationally we have the classic joint, the spliff (also understandable in Germany and France), the Spanish leek , the American cigarette jazz , etc.

Then there are terms to indicate the state we find ourselves in after taking marijuana with high THC contents: typical ones are stoned and stoned , from the English stoned and high .

It is worth mentioning some surrounding terms, such as mista and mistiera which respectively indicate the inflorescences chopped and mixed with tobacco or light cannabis and the small bowl in which we make the mix.

Or the term scottino , which refers to the last two hits left by a greedy smoker to the waiting smoker.

Or even terms related to the cultivation of cannabis such as the vegetative phase , the period in which cannabis plants put down roots and foliage, or the flowering phase , the period in which the plants are ready to produce flowers.

The term female inflorescences, for example, often raises questions. These are flowers coming from female-only plants, therefore absolutely seedless.

We could continue endlessly, talking about the bong for example, a typical tool for taking marijuana without tobacco, but also citing famous names of cannabis varieties that have made history such as Ak-47 or Purple Haze .

light cannabis

The interesting reflection of this speech is of a socio-linguistic nature: it seems clear that the proliferation of all these words, of all these synonyms that contaminate each other, is proof of the incredible diffusion of cannabis in the world.

Diffusion that with the entry of light marijuana onto the market, it is increasingly a commonly used substance due to its pleasantness, its innocence, its possibility of being shared.

Cannabis and cinema

Cannabis plants have often been the protagonists of the plot of light and funny but also unforgettable films and there is nothing better than a film about cannabis while you are enjoying your marijuana , better if legal marijuana, even better if completely organic and biological.

It may be that you have seen the very famous " Grace's Grass ", a film that hit the box office in 2000: the hilarious and poetic story of a middle-aged widow, who, to cope with economic problems, begins to cultivate success cannabis sativa. Some people say it's the best marijuana movie ever made.

Also noteworthy although less known is “ Half Baked ” in which the three protagonists find themselves forced to deal ganja in order to pay a friend's bail.

Brothers in the Budding ” from 2009 is another comedy about cannabis sativa that should be watched to regain a good mood. It tells of two brothers, one of whom pretends to be dead to lure his brother to his cannabis plantation and get help in a heist.

And again, we cannot fail to mention " The Big Lebowski " in which the famous protagonist Dude does not disdain his joints or " Aprile " by Nanni Moretti in which one of the longest joints ever seen in cinema is told.

There is also a hilarious documentary on the psychotropic effect of marijuana that is inspired by "Super Size me" and is called " Super High me ". You may find yourself wanting to be in the protagonist's shoes.

Finally, although not explicitly, we find some unmistakable references to the psychotropic effect of cannabis, even in cartoons.

Remember the last elephant from Captain Hathi's march in The Jungle Book? He chews grass and has the red eyes of a real stoner. And Pinocchio in Toyland, who takes a big drag on a suspicious cigar that seems to give the effects of a psychotropic substance.

In the Tom and Jerry of the 1940s, the two happy and relaxed protagonists often pass a suspicious wooden pipe to each other . Even in “ Asterix and Obelix ” there is a magic pipe, not to mention the caterpillar in “ Alice in Wonderland”.

If you like, you can watch the documentary that tells the story of the birth of our company:

Cannabis and music

Cannabis sativa has been widely appreciated by many musicians, who in addition to using it, have praised the qualities of cannabis plants in their songs, some have associated a real lifestyle with cannabis, for example Bob Marley who everyone we know.

All reggae music praises cannabis sativa and its therapeutic potential in terms of soul and spirit, but even if the most obvious it is not the only musical genre to have done this operation.

Quasimoto , Madlib's alter ego, is a multi-instrumentalist music producer who boasts wonderful international collaborations and a very particular sound, which can be recognizable anywhere.

And in his raps he does nothing but talk about the infinite possibilities offered by the fruit of hemp plants and its active ingredients.

Even the Beatles didn't give up on dedicating a song to marijuana, "...Mother Mary comes to me..." in Leti it be is clearly a reference to mother marijuana, which all the band's musicians widely used at the time.

Even in Italy, Articolo 31, 99 Posse, Bondabash have thanked and praised the qualities of ganja in their songs. But also Stefano Rosso and Eugenio Finardi.

Today, especially in rap and trap, it is very easy for the lyrics to talk about cannabis, but often associated with hard drugs or alcohol in an unbridled consumption aimed at self-destruction.

This image is not very realistic and does little good for cannabis sativa, which has nothing to do with the "high" described by trappers.

Cannabis sativa according to some people

Valeria, 37 years old, agricultural entrepreneur

I welcome your request to talk about my experience with cannabis sativa.

I chose to talk to you about legal marijuana not because I don't like marijuana with higher THC content, but because light cannabis has revolutionized my family's existence.

My brother and I had a house and a mill to renovate on a rather large piece of land but we couldn't decide because work in the office took up most of our time.

When they legalized light cannabis, my brother proposed that I produce it using our land. We started with indoor growing while preparing the soil and then continued.

Today we have our own variety of light cannabis that we sell with reasonable success. We also have beehives and we have also managed to build an oven where we produce bread, pasta and biscuits with hemp flour.

According to some people we were crazy, but we feel we made the right choice for us and we couldn't be more satisfied.

Carla, 43 years old, architect

According to some people, professionals shouldn't smoke pot and I'm actually a professional (laughs). Yet, I have been smoking for 20 years, every day, at 9.00 in the morning, 3.00 in the afternoon and 10.00 in the evening.

Cannabis sativa is part of my daily routine and I couldn't do without it for the creative process or for sleeping.

Every morning I have a long sweet and savory breakfast, with lots of fruit. At the end of breakfast I make my cannon and work quietly until lunch.

Then I take a break, have lunch and instead of coffee I have a herbal tea and my joint. I smoke the third before going to sleep with my partner to unwind and help me fall asleep.

For the rest I don't smoke, among other things when I was a kid I did a mixture with weed and tobacco, now I only use weed and instead of tobacco I use legal marijuana.

Sara, 40, cartoonist

My history with cannabis sativa saved my life. I like this phrase because a musician I adore called Willie Nelson also used it.

Anyway, I'll tell you. After graduation I was in a complete mystical crisis about what to do when I grew up, so my mother sent me to Holland to work in my father's (her ex-husband's) pub.

The “pub” turned out to be a coffee shop (my mother still doesn't know this) and the first week I broke my foot, so I spent the remaining three in bed, among the cannabis plants, with my leg in a cast, lots of grass all to myself, a notebook and a pencil.

It was in those days that I started making comics, today it's my job and I still smoke, for a few months I've also been alternating with legal marijuana because it tastes amazing and it helps with headaches after hours and hours on the graphics tablet .

Camillo, 29 years old, specializing student

I am a specialist in anesthesia and I would like to also deal with pain therapy with medical cannabis.

I have always smoked marijuana with reasonable THC contents and among other things, it has helped me keep chronic pain at bay due to a hernia which I would like not to operate on.

When I started working long hours in the hospital, I began to notice that by smoking in the evening, in the morning I was still stoned and definitely too tired.

I stopped for a while but the chronic pain returned, so I tried cannabidiol, also under the advice of a doctor friend of mine. It's perfect for pain and to relax in the evening without weighing me down too much.

light cannabis

Thanking and respecting the privacy of those who kindly offered their contribution, we conclude this article with our story, that of Terre di Cannabis, a company that has invested recent years in the study and research of light cannabis and its principles active.

An Abruzzo company, which has chosen to enhance its land, choosing to grow cannabis plants respecting ethics.

Our legal marijuana flowers (high in CBD) come only and exclusively from our hemp plants, grown naturally and organically .

We grow our marijuana without using heavy metals and chemical additives. We rely on the goodness of our soil, which we keep naturally drained and use only organic nutrients such as manure, earthworm humus, sewage and compost.

All our inflorescences are rich in trichomes and therefore extremely rich in active ingredients.

Every single variety of cannabis that we offer, even those inspired by the most famous and sought-after strains, is the result of the research work of our master hemp grower, who has invested and continues to invest in research and experimentation.

We manage our entire supply chain internally in order to guarantee a high quality product at a competitive price.

We ship our legal marijuana to Italy and abroad , respecting your privacy and security. If you want to purchase 100% organic and Italian light cannabis, take a look at our inflorescences.

If the article was of interest to you, share it on social media with the rest of the Community, every single share helps us support our blog and keep you 360° informed on the world of Cannabis.

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