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Growing or buying marijuana risks and differences

Most people who use cannabis or light marijuana have asked themselves this question at some point. Is it better to grow or buy weed? In this article we will look for the answers together, specifically we will see:

  1. Differences between cannabis and cannabis light
  2. Growing cannabis is a risk
  3. Growing light cannabis is a risk
  4. Buying cannabis is a risk
  5. Buying light cannabis is a risk
  6. Grow or buy?

Differences between cannabis and cannabis light

Most people who know little about the subject associate cannabis only with the psychotropic effect of THC . So to speak "normal" cannabis contains more or less high quantities (from 10 to more than 30%) of tetracannabiniol or THC, a cannabinoid used for both its therapeutic and recreational qualities.

In fact, its psychotropic effect, more or less intense depending on the variety, is what provides the "high" that alters, albeit in a natural way, our senses and our perceptions.

However, cannabis plants contain various cannabinoids, many of which without any psychotropic and psychoactive effect, but with great beneficial and therapeutic properties. One of the best is cannabidiol or CBD , a cannabinoid completely free of psychotropic effects, so no "high", no anxiety, nothing that can get out of your control.

It is the active ingredient underlying cannabis sativa inflorescences, absolutely legal as long as the plant has THC limits of less than 0.2%. The so-called legal marijuana .

Only some variants of therapeutic cannabis can have higher THC levels and can be used: …only in the case of chronic pain and that associated with multiple sclerosis as well as spinal cord injuries; to nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, HIV therapies; as an appetite stimulant in cachexia, anorexia, loss of appetite in cancer patients or those suffering from AIDS and in anorexia nervosa; the hypotensive effect in glaucoma; reduction of involuntary body and facial movements in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome . "

This is stated in the ministerial decree of November 2015 , specifying that in these cases a medical prescription is necessary following a specialist diagnosis.

Summing up:

  • Cannabis: contains high levels of THC , has therapeutic properties but also has a powerful psychotropic effect: it gets you high. It is not legal in Italy and in many other countries around the world.
  • Cannabis light: contains high levels of CBD and a THC content of less than 0.2%. It has therapeutic properties but no psychotropic effects: "it doesn't make you high". It is legal in Italy and in many other countries around the world.
  • Medical cannabis: contains CBD and THC . THC may be higher than the limit set by law for light cannabis. It must be prescribed by a specialist doctor after an accurate diagnosis.

Growing cannabis: what do I risk?

With the epochal ruling last December, there was certainly a significant step forward on the topic of marijuana cultivation . The United Criminal Sections of the Court of Cassation decide that: " small-scale cultivation activities carried out domestically do not constitute a crime. Cultivation activities which, due to the rudimentary techniques used, the small number of plants and the modest quantity of obtainable product appear intended exclusively for the personal use of the grower ."

This means that growing a marijuana plant on your balcony shouldn't cause any complications, but are we really sure this is the case?

First of all, there are no specifications regarding the size of these plants and above all the permissible THC content, so you will understand well that the concept of modest quantity becomes subjective . Furthermore, it is a ruling from the Supreme Court, not a law , so although it gives us hope for a new regulatory path, nothing at present guarantees us that we will not run into problems.

Growing cannabis with a high THC content is risky in Italy as well as in many other countries where the legalization of this active ingredient is still a distant mirage.

grow cannabis

Growing light cannabis: what do I risk?

If we wanted to launch into a botanical experiment with cannabis seeds or even think about a hypothetical business, light cannabis is certainly the best choice.

In Italy and many other countries, it is possible to grow industrial hemp and light marijuana, as long as the THC levels contained in the cannabis plants are less than or equal to 0.2%.

If THC levels exceed this percentage, plants must be reported for sampling. If the percentage remains less than or equal to 0.6% , nothing will be charged to the farmer. Otherwise, cannabis plants no longer fall within the THC content required by law and therefore they are no longer in the legal sphere.

It is very important when purchasing seeds to make sure they are certified and have a quantity of THC equal to or lower than the limit set by law. Buying seeds is delicate, don't do it blindly and if you have any doubts, have a part of your plant sampled before someone else takes care of it. It is absolutely necessary to keep the tags of the seeds purchased , which must belong to the certified seeds table. Aside from the legal issue, know that growing light marijuana is challenging, requires care and consistency.

By growing one or two plants at home and then perhaps also experimenting with the creation of herbal teas, decoctions or soaps based on marijuana leaves, you will have a lot of fun. If the idea is instead to start an industrial or more substantial cultivation, you will need time, study and dedication.


Buying cannabis: what do I risk?

In Italy, as in other European and non-European countries, it is forbidden to sell cannabis, therefore it is not legal to buy it either. We need to understand what quantities we are talking about, if they are small quantities for personal use, if we don't have anything at home that signals drug dealing activity such as a scale, we shouldn't have any particular problems.

Yes... but will they catch me with buds in my pocket? The tops can be requisitioned and a report could also be triggered with an invitation to a psychological interview. If it involves larger quantities the risk increases.

In addition to the legal question, which usually concerns sellers more than buyers, there is the question of quality .

Buying marijuana is not like buying fruit, unfortunately we cannot touch, smell or even try the buds as we would with datterini tomatoes at the market (indeed, given the hard times, it is better to say as we once would have done). There is a risk of finding yourself with chopped dried mary leaves in your hand and it cannot be ignored.

If you choose to buy cannabis, buy only small quantities, possibly from someone you trust, who works only for himself and not for criminal organizations and who perhaps can guarantee you grow cannabis in a totally natural and organic way

Buying light cannabis: what do I risk?

One of the advantages of buying light marijuana is the absence of risk from a legal point of view. We said that selling light cannabis with a THC quantity of less than 0.2% is perfectly legal .

It goes without saying that so is purchasing and consuming it. It is equally legal to buy cannabis online and receive legal weed delivered to your home , a trend that has become particularly popular this year and continues to have great success.

From a legal perspective, there is really no risk for the consumer to take into account. Rather, we will need to become good at recognizing quality light marijuana.

The buds must be full, compact and rich in trichomes , the aroma intense but natural, the aftertaste pleasant but not excessively strong and the relaxing and soothing effects guaranteeing a high CBD content . Furthermore, it is important to try to identify certified organic crops so as not to consume products that contain pesticides and heavy metals.


Grow or buy?

When it comes to cannabis, growing it is not advisable because in this historical period it is illegal . We all hope that the Supreme Court ruling of December 2019 brings positive changes, also because, as Roberto Saviano claims in this article , legalizing cannabis would not mean bringing consumers of soft drugs closer to other harder drugs, on the contrary it would simply mean allowing them to use them without sanctions. At the same time, a change of this type would also help the country from the point of view of controlling organized crime , which currently also holds the monopoly on cannabis.

Buying marijuana, as long as it is in small quantities and for personal use only, is a choice worth considering as long as you have someone you really trust and know how to take care of and manage their marijuana cultivation . The ideal would be to know a small farmer who does everything himself, so as not to incentivize and support the various criminal organizations with his own money.

To remain legal, it is possible to grow light cannabis . As we were saying, however, unless we are talking about very few plants, it is a real job, which requires perseverance, passion and above all time.

If you don't have any, you are definitely better off buying light cannabis , taking care to select a company that offers the best products with a high CBD content , coming from natural, organic and certified cultivation. And this can be done for both physical and online stores.

For us at Terre di Cannabis , this is a real mission and... we send our legal weed to your home, hemp seeds and much more in complete anonymity.

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