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Cannabigerol, whose abbreviation is CBG, is not a new cannabinoid. Despite having been discovered several years ago, however, it has only recently been valorised. It is likely that between now and the next few years we will hear about it more and more often, because CBG actually has great potential and could be a revolutionary element in the world of light cannabis. In this article we will try to learn more about cannabigerol and compare it with another cannabinoid that we know very well, CBD. Here's what we'll see specifically:

  1. What is CBG
  2. Effects of Cbg
  3. Differences between CBD and CBG

What is CBG

We must admit, hemp flowers do nothing but give us pleasant surprises, all contained in its cannabinoids , i.e. the compounds developed by hemp flowers.

Although we know very few of them, a cannabis sativa plant contains more than sixty cannabinoids , which come from a single substance: CBGA .

During the growth of the cannabis sativa plant and specifically with decarboxylation , i.e. the exposure of the plant to heat, CBGA is synthesized into other molecules called CBDA, THCA and CBG.

The plant will grow again and these molecules will be further synthesized into THC and CBD . That's right, cannabigerol or CBG is nothing more than the first cannabinoid that develops in the cannabis plant and is in some way the precursor and active agent in the synthesis of all the other cannabinoids including CBD and THC.

In fact, when the plant is ready, all that remains is a rather low percentage of CBG. This is precisely because the rest has been transformed into the other two active ingredients. Since its discovery in 1964 by Israeli scientist Y. Gaoni and his team, research has shown that cannabigerol has important and surprising therapeutic qualities , many of which are shared with CBD.

Furthermore, having no psychotropic effects, cannabigerol is completely legal , it is not included in the list of the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances and it is not even prohibited by the " Controlled Substances Act " of the United States. 

Since it is in fact what is called the "stem cell " of cannabinoids , interesting therapeutic varieties and new, never-tested hybrids can be created starting from cannabigerol. Research and experiments have started almost everywhere, even if they are progressing slowly.

Even in this sense, however, many steps forward are being made with the aim of creating plants with a high CBG content or valid hybrids with a high CBD and CBG content, with a THC percentage below 0.2% or even non-existent (with cannabigerol everything is possible).

In short, it is clear that starting from this fantastic mother molecule, extremely powerful therapeutic varieties could be obtained in terms of efficacy and benefits.


Effects of CBG

As we have already said, CBG has no psychoactive effect but exclusively therapeutic properties. So if we were looking for a recreational or "high" effect, cannabigerol won't give us any help.

If, however, we are rightly interested in the beneficial effects that this cannabinoid can have on the body, we are spoiled for choice. Cannabigerol has proven to be particularly capable of treating the nervous system . It interacts wonderfully with serotonin receptors therefore it is indicated in cases of depression and mood disorders.

CBD flowers

In general, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it a good supplement for strengthening the immune system. Of course, just like all supplements, it cannot be a substitute for a balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle, but it can certainly provide good overall help even against oxidative stress .

It helps stimulate the appetite and thanks to its inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it is also effective against some skin disorders such as psoriasis, contact erythema or the spread of fungal bacteria . Furthermore, its effectiveness in controlling intraocular pressure has been demonstrated, making this molecule a valid aid for the treatment of glaucoma .

It is also used in cases of overactive bladder and last but not least it has no side effects, exactly like CBD, provided, of course, the hemp flowers are guaranteed, certified and of high quality.

Cannabis light

Differences between CBD and CBG

We often wonder what the substantial differences are between CBD and CBG and whether one is somehow better than the other. The truth is that there should be no real competition between these two active ingredients which are much more alike than they are different.

The main difference between these two molecules lies in the fact that, as we have seen, CBG is somewhat of the parent of the other cannabinoids, without which not even CBD could be synthesized.

Furthermore, as we now know well, a small amount of CBG matures in a cannabis sativa plant. Instead, the CBD molecule is present in a much more abundant percentage, we are talking about around 40% .

Except for these macro-differences, the two molecules have several things in common. First of all the fact that it does not have any psychoactive effect , secondly the fact that it can be successfully used for therapeutic purposes.

We already know cannabidiol, i.e. CBD. We know that it has relaxing properties and that it can relieve muscle pain, migraines and menstrual pain. Some varieties with a high CBD content can also be indicated in cases of anxiety or mild depression.

Cannabigerol is also successfully used to treat pain . Various research has also shown that both CBD and CBG work excellently for the treatment of intestinal inflammation and to fight infections of some super bacteria considered hyper-resistant, including the famous penicillin-resistant staphylococcus.

Both substances have been used to treat multiple sclerosis and some serious neurodegenerative diseases . Both CBD and CBG can prove useful in counteracting the side effects of THC in the case of excessive intake or perhaps in the case of unwanted reactions from novice smokers.

The particularity and greatness of cannabigerol undoubtedly lie in its being the precursor cannabinoid, in its opening up possibilities for new hybridizations and experiments. However, the "little child" CBD has nothing to envy of it in terms of therapeutic benefits. Indeed, the revolution could be to create new varieties for therapeutic purposes using these two active ingredients.

We at Terre di Cannabis are also experimenting with varieties with a high CBG content , in the meantime we continue to offer you our certified varieties, all with a high CBD content and grown in an organic and natural way.

Remember that in compliance with the law we do not sell to children under 18 even if our hemp flowers are completely legal, with a THC content below 0.2% as required by current law.

You will be pleased to know that by accepting our privacy policy you will be in the clear, because Terre di Cannabis uses your data only and exclusively to improve the service offered to you.

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