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Lands of Cannabis: how we grow cannabis light in Italy.

We at Terre di Cannabis have chosen to focus on the quality of our products, to offer buyers the best legal Cannabis inflorescences that can be found on the market. To do this we have developed constant research for our crops, which takes advantage of the collaboration directed by the best growers , geneticists and specialists in the sector. We pay particular attention to all phases of cultivation and we want to share with you some of the secrets of our legal cannabis plantations through the words of Luca , our cultivation manager in Abruzzo, to whom we asked:

How did your experience as a hemp grower come about?

“My experience with hemp was born when I realized the enormous potential this plant had, especially on a therapeutic level, even without the famous psychoactive principle called THC. I did much of what I learned as a self-taught person, with personal research on the web and studying manuals, but my true great teacher and inspirer was Mark Smith , who came from Australia to teach us this profession of " grower ", and I am very proud to have had the opportunity to support him for some periods during this season.”

How is the land prepared for cultivation?

“The fields were first of all plowed and milled. Along the border of the land we positioned a low voltage electrified fence to keep away animals that could trample on the plants. We then prepared the irrigation system, starting from large tanks, a large 50mm main pipe and laying 16mm drip lines with self-compensating holes at 1 meter intervals. On these tubes we positioned a plastic sheet for mulching and we drilled at the height of the dripper, where the seedling must be positioned during transplanting.

How does the sowing process happen?

We sow by hand, seed by seed, initially growing the seedlings in a nursery (small greenhouse for the growth of young plants) with controlled temperature and humidity. Once they reach a length of approximately 20 cm, we transplant the plants by hand in the open field, using a classic manual transplanter.

How do you control the life cycle of the plant?

During growth we irrigated with pH-controlled water, with specific orders for each plot of land (calculating the liters of water per number of plants). For thorough cleaning of the soil under the plants that remains uncovered, we mill at weekly cyclical intervals with a motor cultivator, while once a month we move the soil by hand with a small hoe near the stem of the plant, to allow the hemp to grow without problems, without weeds and obstacles. In the first part of the cultivation we used a bamboo cane as support for the cannabis seedlings , then we positioned pine poles every ten meters and pulled long steel cables at two heights (approximately 1.70 and 2.20 metres) so as to be able anchor the plants on it. We then placed nylon nets on both sides so as to be able to wrap the plants, and at the same time making the branches enter the holes in the net to provide support to the buds which, as the days went by, became increasingly heavier, in the waiting for flowering.

How does the flowering period take place?

Flowering occurs with the change in the photoperiod and the lowering of the hours of light, in short, from the moment of the summer solstice (June 21st) the hours of light gradually decrease and the cannabis plants slowly begin the transformation. In a first stage there is the transition phase, of lengthening also called "stretching". In the following weeks, white pistils or pre-flowers will be seen forming, which are very important for understanding the sex of the plant. For our purposes it is very important that all plants are female because otherwise we would face pollination, resulting in seed production and poor CBD production. Very important in this regard is to periodically turn and check the field, possibly carefully removing the "male" plants. Afterwards, the female flower forms and the plant focuses most of its energy on generating flowers, stunting its growth. As the weeks pass, real "buds" form which, as the plant matures, will fill with trichomes and resin, developing odors also known as terpenes that are truly very intense and pleasant. In that period it becomes a real pleasure to smell wandering through the fields.

What problems have you faced?

Fortunately, few but mostly because we adopt a safe technique: we prevent. Knowing how to act ahead of time represents a guarantee of quality, especially for the finished product, it is fundamental in our work and fortunately we have people in our team with strong experience and a great ability to manage certain situations, especially problematic ones. There are many factors that could cause problems, for example there is a species of beetle called Oziorrinco (Otiorhynchus) which can cause lesions to young leaves, compromising the growth of the seedling. We faced the problem as always, anticipating the phenomenon , we knew when and where it could attack, and in the areas where it actually happened we defended the plants by applying a layer of cardboard with sticky material to their base. And so for everything else: let's prevent.

How do you select the flowers to pick?

Given that not all plants ripen in the same period, the harvest is done manually by making a careful selection plant by plant, based on our observation and thanks to the analyzes carried out in the laboratory which indicate the maximum level of CBD that it can reach. Great care must be taken during this phase because the large flower buds should not be crushed or "scrambled" too much, as they could be ruined and lose all the hard work done up to this moment.

So we are very delicate at this stage, even those with big hands.

How do you rate this harvest season?

“It was a unique experience because when the inflorescences are excellent it means that you have worked well, and this year the harvest was truly exceptional, we are really very satisfied. The work was hard because we make considerable sacrifices: it is manual work at the same time but it is also mental work, where a lot of energy is wasted to stem and anticipate problems. We are always "on the ball" and cannot afford periods of relaxation, then we have specific skills in the various sectors, which make the quality of the entire work flow very high.

We work as a team and we compare ourselves a lot, always holding small project meetings, and this from my point of view is the real secret: the union of intent that characterizes us as a working group and the mutual exchange that makes us grow day by day day. Because in the end when you see these inflorescences it's really a great satisfaction. Not only pleasant in appearance but with truly excellent CBD concentrations. Beautiful, good and good for you.”

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